Chloroform (CHCl3) is a liquid compound. It is used as a solvent to extract ingredients for other processing. It is used to make morphine from poppies and dyes from other plants. It used to be a common anesthetic, but was phased out as medical technology advanced.

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How do you dispose of chloroform?

The only possible way is to put it into special container and hand it over to specialists who have special equipment to incinerate it. These people deal with destroying also other harmful substances..

Other ways (burning, pouring into waste, and even letting it evaporate into atmosphere) are PROHIBITED by law and pose a serious threat to ecology and nature. Really!

Chloroform is one of the halogenated hydrocarbon and immiscible with water, thus extremely dangerous and harmful if wasted in standard way

Is toluene more polar than Chloroform?

yes toluence is more polar than chloroform

Can chloroform evaporate at room temperature?

Yes. If the chloroform is in a confined space, only a small fraction of it will evaporate, but if gas circulation sweeps away the chloroform vapor from contact with the liquid chloroform and there is an adequate supply of heat from the environment to maintain room temperature, eventually the entire sample will evaporate.

Is benzene and chloroform mixture a good eluent?

A good eluent is one that gives good separation between your target compound and impurities. Use a TLC plate to get a feel for the effect of the eluent on your purification. If this is your first time purifying this reaction, a good Rf to aim for in regard to your target compound is 0.2 - 0.25, and impurities should have at least an Rf difference of 0.1 - 0.15 compared to your target compound. Benzene is rather toxic and should not be used for eluting large quantities of compound. But if your reaction is around 2g scale or less, benzene should be ok.

Which one is more polar iodoform and chloroform?

Chloroform is CHCl3 and Iodoform is CHI3 .

Since, chlorine is more electronegative than iodine, it should be able to attract electrons more towards itself.

Therefore, chloroform is more polar than iodoform.

Give the formula for chloroform?

The molecular formula for chloroform is CHCl3.

What is the pH of chloroform?

pH is refers to the extent of acidity of basicity of aqueous solutions by comparing the concentration of H+ or OH- ions present.

Chlorofoam (CHCl3) is a colorless liquid at room temperature, and is considered insoluble in water. Thus, pH cannot be measured because it cannot be found as a solution. Plus, it will not ionize in water to form H+ or OH- ions, so no reading can be taken.

Thus, we there is no answer to your question.

Why is Chloroform is dangerous?

Doses of chloroform as small as 10ml can cause fatal cardiac arrhythmia (death by heart attack), or respiratory failure. It can also cause liver damage as it metabolizes into phosgene, a toxic gas that was used as a chemical weapon in WWI.

Some cough medicines contain small amounts of chloroform, although these appear to have no immediate side effects, they are banned in some countries (notably the US).

Chloroform is mainly used as an industrial solvent and as a precursor to refrigerants.

Chloroform exposure has been shown to increase the risk of birth defects in lab rats.

What will happen when chloroform reacts nitric acid?

When chloroform reacts with nitric acid,nitrochloroform (chloropicrin) and water are formed.

Would chloroform float on water?

The density of chloroform, CHCl3, is 1.483 g/cm3 so it would sink and water would float. Water has a density of 1 g/cm3. The solubility of chloroform is less than 1.0 g/ 100 mL

Why is the boiling point of carbon tetrachloride higher than chloroform?

Both chloroform and carbon tetrachloride have the same tetrahedral molecular geometry - there are 4 atoms attached to a central carbon atom. In chloroform, there are 3 chlorine atoms and 1 hydrogen atom. In carbon tetrachloride, all 4 atoms surrounding the central carbon are chlorine atoms. So the difference between the two is simply replacing the 1 hydrogen atom with another chlorine atom. In essence, by doing this, the density of the compound is increased, due to the increase in mass (remember a chlorine atom has an atomic mass of 35 and hydrogen an atomic mass of 1). The density of chloroform goes from 1.48 g/mL to 1.58 g/mL when you replace chloroform's hydrogen with that chlorine atom. Since there is an increased mass in a given volume (1 mL), it takes just a little more energy (thermal) to get carbon tetrachloride atoms from the liquid state to the gas state, which is why CCl4 has a bp of around 76 (while chloroform's bp was around 62). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boiling points are based on intermolecular forces. Stronger the forces, lower the vapor pressure, higher the Chloroform has mostly dispersion forces and very, very weak dipole-dipole. The reason Carbon tetrachloride has a higher boiling point is because the combined effect of all the dispersion forces are stronger than the intermolecular forces that exist in chloroform. Dispersion forces increase with increasing molecular weight and # of electrons.

Is there a chloroform spray for public sale?

er, ah, what do you want it for?

chloroform cannot be put in aluminum or tin container and aerosol cannot be filled in glass container. so think how its possiable. but there are some ways to make with illegal.

What did Colin Simpson invent?

Colin Simpson invented CircuitLogix, which is an electronics lab simulator

How do you make chloroform from bleaching powder?


Acetone gets oxidized by bleaching powder. Chloroform is one of the products of the reaction.

What bleach is used in making chloroform?

chlorine bleach available in chamical store

How do you buy chloroform in Pakistan?

Normally they arew not for sale. But you can find it in laboratories.

Who invented chloroform?

Samuel Guthrie in 1831. James Young Simpson first used chloroform during childbirth.

Did Colin Simpson invent CircuitLogix?

Colin Simpson pioneered the development of electronics lab simulation and holds several patents in simulation technology. He invented CircuitLogix as well as another electronics simulator called 3DLab.