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Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate chips, chocolate ice cream... Chocolate has been a favorite confection throughout the ages. Ask or answer questions about this sweet treat.

Cassandre Gibson asked in Chocolate, White Chocolate, Candy

How does white chocolate differ from other chocolates?

It doesn’t contain chocolate’s hallmark ingredient. Some purists (and the Encyclopedia Britannica) don’t even consider it chocolate. To explain, let’s start on common ground: cocoa beans. When you dry, ferment, roast, and shell a cocoa bean, you wind up with a chocolate nib; grind that nib into a paste, and you get chocolate liquor; separate the liquor into its two components, and you get cocoa solids and cocoa butter. True chocolate contains cocoa solids; white chocolate,...
Asked in Chocolate

How did the europeans learn about chocolate?

After they discovered cocoa frowns powder
Asked in Chocolate, Dark Chocolate

What is the Target market for dark chocolate?

everyone who love dark chocolate
Asked in Chocolate, Candy, Candy Bars

Where can you buy Mars candy bars?

CandyBar.us sells Mars Bars.(http://candybar.us/Mars)
Asked in Cooking Techniques, Chocolate

Which chocolate melts faster?

the chocolate that melts faster is the milky way chocolate. research says its because of the humidity. ...
Asked in Chocolate, DIY Projects, Chocolate Chips

How do you separate peanuts chocolate chips and rasins blindfolded?

No, you need to use tongs to take the different ingrediants out. Therefore, you can not do it blindfolded. ...
Asked in History and Origins of Foods, Chocolate, Hershey Company

Where were Hershey Kisses invented?

Hershey kisses were invented at Milton Hersheys house.
Asked in Chocolate, Hershey Company

Are Hersheys kisses hollow?

No they're not bite it and find out!
Asked in Desserts, Snacks, and Treats, Chocolate, Hershey Company

How much do Hershey's kisses cost?

Hersey kisses cost in a one pound bag is $3.00
Asked in Chocolate, Dark Chocolate

Is dark chocolate really better for you?

Yes, they have more antioxidants than milk chocolate.
Asked in Chocolate, Dark Chocolate

Is milk chocolate or dark chocolate healthier?

Dark Chocolate because milk chocolate have more sugar than dark chocolate
Asked in Chocolate, Candy Bars

Who makes Royale french mint chocolate bars and where do you find them?

Laura Secord used to make them and sell them in drugstores and their own boutiques. They have since stopped calling them "Royale", and you can buy the closest thing to them in a Laura Secord boutique. It's just a "French Mint chocolate bar" now, and it's just as delicious! ...
Asked in Desserts, Snacks, and Treats, Time, Chocolate, Candy

Will crunch bar Hersheys bar or a Reese's cup melt the fastest?

i think s reeses cup will melt the fastest because it has less chocolate and because of past experience reeses has always been the one to eat 1rst because i knew it would melt the fastest ...
Asked in Food Science, Chocolate, Candy Bars

What brand of chocolate bar melt fastest in the sun?

i think hersheys will melt the fastest because it is made of all chocolate and that is what im focusing on. ...
Asked in Chocolate

Who manufactures the world's most expensive chocolate?

Not sure of how extravagent your pocket wants to be but to the best knowledge, you would be looking for Knipshildt. It is known that they have chocolate worth around $2,600 per pound!There is also Noka at $854 a pound, Delafee at $508 a pound, Godiva (much more reasonable) at $120 a pound, and my best find Vosges Haut Chocolat at $69 a pound. If your girl is someone who loves to eat healthy too, get her the most cacao possible,...
Asked in Chocolate

How often does the chocolate need to be replaced?

Chocolate may have a high sugar content, but in room temperature, chocolate needs to be replaced after 1 year from the production date. Another sign you can look for is mold. ...
Asked in Chocolate

Where can I rent a chocolate fountain?

There is a website called Sweet Fountains. You can rent fountains from as low as $129 for a basic 19 inch (semi-service) fountain to as much as $459 for what is considered a full-service 35 inch chocolate fountain. Each fountain rental is for two and a half hours of service not including their arrival and set up time. The 19 inch fountain comes with set-up and take down directions. This method is called the semi-service. ...
Asked in Chocolate

What's a great website to buy heavenly tasting gourmet chocolates?

The Godiva Chocolates website has luxury gourmet chocolates. They have chocolate covered pretzels. They have gift baskets and boxes of chocolates. They sell for $85 to $365. ...
Asked in Chocolate

Dessert Does not Have to Be Sinful to Be Yummy?

Dessert can be a vice to any diet, but that does not have to be the case. There are plenty of simple, fast, and healthy dessert recipes that can satisfy a sweet tooth and provide nutrition at the same time. One of the best ways to get rid of a sweet craving is with fruit. It is healthy and naturally sweet. If more is needed however, fruit can be the base for many healthy dessert recipes. During these times, try adding a...
Asked in Chocolate

Super Moist Pound Cake Recipe (like your mom used to make -- only better)?

When you bake at home, you want to use proven recipes that are delicious enough to be worth the effort. Our moist pound cake fits the bill and still manages to be an easy project. It's tasty to the last crumb and makes such a nice presentation that it's a good selection for a pitch-in at work or a holiday get together. Before we get to the ingredient list, you may be interested in the origin of the term "pound" cake....
Asked in Chocolate

Delicious Ideas for Homemade Pumpkin Bars?

Although many people think of cakes and cookies when they think about sweets, there are tons of bar cookies that are perfect for any occasion. Regardless of your favorite flavors, you can surely find a bar cookie recipe that is perfect for you and your family, and one excellent option to try is a pumpkin bar recipe. Pumpkin bars are wonderful treats for the fall and winter, and they don't have to be difficult to make. In fact, you shouldn't even say...