Chopsticks are a pair of long very thin eating utensils made of wood, ivory, or plastic. Held together in one hand, they are used to pick up and eat food.

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How did chopsticks impact on Chinese society?

because of the chop sticks nobody used spoons or forks anymore

Does a wooden chopstick float on water?

Of course! It's density is less than that of water.

What phobia is the fear of chopsticks?

The name of the phobia related to the fear of chopsticks is Consecotaleophobia. See Web Links for a list of all phobias and their names.

What does it mean when you are eating with a chopstick and your chopstick broke in half?

There is no hidden message in breaking a chop stick by accident. Like anything else it could be a pure lemon and had a weak spot in it. Chopsticks are very sturdy and seldom break. Even if you didn't know how to use chopsticks (learn to use them because it's not that hard) you'd have to do something very drastic to break it.

How to use chopsticks?

1. Hold the top one between the thumb and the middle and index fingers as you hold a pen. 2.Hold the bottom one between the thumb and the ring finger. 3. move the top chopstick to pick up food.

How do you use chopsticks?

It takes practice to use chopsticks. And a short video is probably a better way to pick up the information than reading about it. Use peanuts, dried beans or even tiny marshmallows to practice. (Watch out that you don't end up eating a bag of tiny marshmallows in the process!)

What can you do with chopsticks?

1)eat 2)poke people 3)clean your ears 4)shove them in your hair 5)brain surgery 6)use them as wickid cool vampire teeth 7)a magical wand that makes cupcakes 8)whack people 9)drumsticks 10)antennas 11)and wallrus tusks of course!!!!! 12)make bunny ears 13)SWORD FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who composed Chopsticks?

The tune was written in 1877 by the British composer Euphemia Allen.

What is the difference between Chinese and Japanese chopsticks?


The Japanese one's thinner, rounder and shorter and Chinese ones are thicker and squarish, if you're beginner you should start with the Chinese kind.

More input from Wiki contributors:

  • The Japanese are rounded near the bottom while the Chinese ones are more flat.
  • Japanese chopsticks are smaller, lighter and easier to use!
  • Chinese chopsticks tend to be broader and more uniform in width throughout their length, whereas Japanese chopsticks tend to be thinner and taper to rounded tips
  • The difference in shape may have been influenced by different eating customs; thinner, pointed chopsticks make it easier to pick up smaller, more delicate, pieces of food where wider and flatter chopsticks make it easier to move food from a bigger serving dish to a smaller eating dish

Can you eat sushi without chopsticks?

The proper way to eat sushi is with chopsticks.

However, you can eat sushi with a fork if you must.

You can eat it with your bare hands at home, but I do not recommend it.

When was chopsticks invented?

The exact date is unknown, but chopsticks has been used over 5,000yaers ago.

When did the Chinese start using chopsticks?

Because they didnt know about knives and forks

What simple machine are chopsticks?

Chopsticks are simple machines. It falls under the category of third class levers

Can you bring chopsticks through airport security?


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Which foods can be eaten with chopsticks?

The food you should eat with chopsticks are:


Noodles ( I prefer Ramen )


Egg rolls

Some vegetables


Hope this helps!

( I am from South Korea BTW :D )

Why do Koreans use metal chopsticks?

Not all Koreans use metal chopsticks. I saw many Koreans use wood chopsticks. However, metal does not wear off like wood so it is not prone to wear and tear, so it is sort of a standard household item.

How were chopsticks invented in ancient china?

A Cinese man picked up 2 sticks one day and asked himself....what can I do with these? So he started to pick up food with them. The rest of the world rubbed them together and made fire