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The installment starting in 1988, Chucky has earned many rewards across the world. Chucky is a serial killer possessed by the spirit by Charles Lee Ray focused on getting his revenge on all the ones from his past. Chucky was written created by Don Mancini.

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Is Chucky real?

The possessed doll 'Chucky' from the Child's Play movies is not real. He is a fictional character. Replica dolls for novelty purposes have been made, and are available for purchase.

For more information on real possessed/haunted dolls, see the discussions page.No, the doll Chucky is not real. He is a character in the Chucky movie franchise.

How do you watch child's play 2 online and free?

go to youtube and type in child's play 2 (FULL MOVIE) and all the parts will be there and also go to MoviesFoFree's channel because she has a playlist with Child's Play 2 on it.

Was the movie child's play inspired by Charles Manson?

Not in the least. Don Mancini who wrote and directed the film based his story more so on Cabbage Patch Kids and the craze that they used to induce in the young when they first came out. His original script was going to be more of an analytical statement about the effects of television advertising with children and the ramifications of that as well as he wanted it to be ambiguous if it was actually Chucky committing the crimes or if it was in fact Andy, and it was all a delusional fantasy that the doll was actually committing the crimes and not him. Ultimately, this all got scrapped really, but in the end Charles Manson had no part to play in the film or the choice of name.

Will there be there a child's play 6?

yes, well a remake of the first child's play set be released July 2011

Is Tiffany from the Child's Play movies real?

No, she is not real, and neither is Chucky. Although the Child's Play movies were inspired by a real case of a supposedly haunted doll (see the Related Question below), Chucky and Tiffany are fictional characters. There is no "true story" of a dead serial killer's spirit inhabiting a child's doll.

What chucky doll movie is better the bride of chucky or the seed of chucky?

For as bad as "Bride of Chucky" was, "Seed of Chucky" was a complete piece of comedic trash.

Is chucky's wife still alive?

Child's Play wife of Chucky is a doll, and a fictional character. She was never alive.

Will there be anymore Child's Play movies?

I've heard that there will be. But the date is unknown.

How tall is the chucky doll from the movie childs play?

By comparison to the size of Andy in the film, one can deduce that he is about 2' tall, and the fact that most of the replicas that you can find online that are listed as half scale models are usually 12". I've tried maddeningly to find the name of the person(s) who created the original doll, but I cannot find this information anywhere.

Why does chucky have scars on his face?

auctally its true in childs play 1 and 2 the faces were regular until in the third movie he got his face sliced and got thrown into a fan which shredded him into pieces and tiffany stiched him back together and thats why he has scars

Who dies in child's play?

Andy's babysitter,Chucky's friend's last name is caputo) and Chucky when in the end he is thrown in a fire and shot in the heart

What happens in the movie child's play?

this little boy named Andy his birthday is coming up and there was a recent killing at this toystore where Andy wanted this toy. the toy was called a good guy. his mom didnt get to get him one, but she finds this hobo and he has one so she buys it and his mom had to work late his birthday so her sister watched Andy. Then chucky (the doll) turns on the tv and the sister goes into the bathroom where Andy was brushing his teeth and tells him not to do that again.after that chucky knocks the sister in the head with a hammer and she falls out the window.........theres much more in it but i don't feel like typing it all. but its mainly about this doll that got posesed and wants to kill people....................

What is the name of the evil doll from the childs play series?

Chucky's Voice is played by Brad Dourif!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many Child's Play movies are there?

  1. Child's Play [1988]
  2. Child's Play 2 [1990]
  3. Child's Play 3 [1991]
  4. Bride of Chucky [1998]
  5. Seed of Chucky [2004]
  6. Curse of Chucky [2013]
  7. Cult of Chucky [2017]

Is child's play good for 9 year olds?

Not really. It has violence and some imagaes that will leave children under 12 with nightmares.

Does glen die in seed of chucky?

No but he is strangled by his dads arm.

What is meant by your inner child?

it's that part of you (your mind) that remembers and still wants to react just the same way you did when you were much younger:

part memory, part old reactions.

What is chucky's spell from child's play?

Ada Due Damballa, Give Me The Power I Beg Of You

Leveu Mercier DePou Shiou

Sacouse Entiene LeDevou DeMobocheu

Adaleu Bwaseu Damballa

This translates to English as;

To the almighty Damballa, give me the power I beg of you!

To the mercy of my soul

To the point of my death

Hear me out of from my condemned voice