Known as the "Finding Nemo" fish, the Clownfish is bright orange saltwater species native to warm water coral reefs where they live in anemones.

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Is the clown fish a carnivore?

They are carnivorous omnivores. They feed primarily on zooplankton but also eat bottom dwelling invertebrates, and algae They also nibble on the tentacles of their host anemones at times. Clownfish are protandrous hermaphrodites, meaning that they all mature as males but have the ability to change their sex to female.

How do clown fish survive in their habitats?

They survive thanks to the mutual symbiosis with anemone, which protects clown fish among its poisonous tentacles.

How big can a wolf eel grow?

5 to 14 feet

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What is a young clownfish called?

Young fish in general are referred to as a fry, or fingerling.

What group of animals does a clownfish belong to?

Clownfish belong to the family of fish called Pomacentridae (poma + CENTRI + die/dee), which also includes the damselfish.

Fish of this family typically live in shallow tropical waters, near coral reefs, and are very brightly coloured. During the breeding season, males clear an area for the female to lay her eggs, and then guard that area against predators.

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What are migration patterns of a clown fish?

Clownfish (genus Amphiprion) do not migrate very far from the place were they are born. Clownfish are natural found in shallow water in the Pacific and Indian oceans where they live in a symbiotic relationship with anemones. Eggs are laid at the base of an anemone, which offers them protection and they are looked after by the male, who fans them to create water currents which keep the eggs oxygenated. When the fish hatch they will swim away in search of their own anemone, where they will live.

Since Amphiprion fish usually only live in association with a few species of anemones, it is thought that they recognise a potential host by chemical signals in the water.

What do clownfish eat?

A clownfish will feed on the leftovers of a fish on the anemone in which it lives; the anemone catches the fish and the clownfish eat the leftovers. Clownfish are immune to the anemones' predatory ways because of a mucus that covers their bodies and protects them from the anemones' stingers.

Plant-based foods on which clownfish feed may include copepods, isopods and zooplankton. The clownfish may also eat molluscs, planktonic crustaceans and algae that inhabit the reef, or eat away at debris, nibbling off the dead tentacles of its host anemone. They are essentially omnivorous and will eat almostly anything edible.

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What eats clownfish?

Clownfish get eaten by sharks and larger fish. Such as Dolphins, Whales, Rays, Skates...etc.

How big of a tank do clown fish need?

A clown fish needs at least a 10 gallon tank. In addition, a clown fish is a saltwater fish and needs anemone in the tank as well.

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Are Clownfish bony fish?

Yes, they are bony fish. Some fish, like sharks and rays, don't have a cartilaginous (like your ears or nose) skeletons.

What is the habitat of a Clown Fish?

Coral reefs in the ocean. Clown Fish live in the anemone, where it cannot be harmed by other fish. Fishes know that they are safe in this region. if you wan to know more about artificial fish habitat then do check

Does clown fish need oxygen?

clown fish are just like other fish and need oxygen

What kind of fish do crayfish eat?

Small fish found in the rivers they live in, anything from small darters to baby smallmouth bass and trout. Also they are known to eat some plant matter too.

How many different types of biology is there?

Biology is a branch of science that characterizes and investigates living organisms. That is the name of the study of all living things.

There are many branches, such as molecular, macro, organic, plant (botany), animal (zoology). cellular, evolutionary, marine, anatomy and the list goes on and on. Everything scientists can possible study concerning living things gives rise to a "new" branch.

How often does a clown fish lay eggs?

every five minutes including when its asleep

What is the symbiotic relationship between damselfish and sea anemones?

The symbiotic relationship between the damselfish and the sea anenomie is that the anenomie provides protection for the damselfish because of the poisonous nature of the anenomie that the damselfish is immune to, and at the same time the damselfish helps provide a food source for the anenomie due to food scraps the damselfish leaves behind.

What clownfish eat?

clown fish will eat blood worms, mysis shrimp, brine shrimp, flake food, and pellets.

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Are clownfish vertebrate?

in order to be a vertebrate you need to have a back bone. and because clowfish do have back bones they are there for vertebrates.

How does the sea anemone help the clown fish?

The sea anemone helps the clown fish by providing protection. It provides a safe place to return and the anemone helps the clown fish to get food.

How does a sea anemone benefit from a clownfish?

the anemone doesnt benefit. This is an example of commensalism where one organism benefits (clown fish) and the other is not harmed (anemone).

Where do clowns live?

If you are asking about the "Nemo" type clown or anemone fish, they live in the tropical coral reefs with or around a sea anemone in a symbiotic relationship.