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Coca Cola is the universal soft drink and one of the most recognizable brand names in the world. The recipe of this soft drink is locked in a vault in Atlanta, Georgia.

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How much sugar is in a bottle of cola?

A 12 oz. can of coca-cola contains 39 grams of sugar. Sugar accounts for 8% to 13% of this product. ...
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Can Coca-Cola really dissolve a tooth overnight?

Not even close. Although teeth submerged in a cup of soda do eventually dissolve because of the acid present, this process takes several days. This myth likely originated from a 1950 Congressional testimony by a Cornell University professor named Clive McCay. He was trying to convince a committee of House representatives that soda could cause cavities, and he claimed teeth submerged in Coke would soften and begin to dissolve in two days’ time. His claims, though,...
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Does Coke stop your growth?

Too much sugar instead of vital nutrients certainly can. Thus, limited amounts are best for the human body, depending upon caloric intake, body mass, and exercise. ...
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What things do you do at the coca cola factory?

When you work for Coca Cola you could be doing many things on the job. You can work in the office answering phones or assisting office staff. You can work in the bottling area putting drinks in bottles. You could be working in the warehouse loading trucks or delivery. ...
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What are the locations of Coca-Cola factories?

The coca cola factories are located in north east Philadelphia. Also there's another location in Atlanta too as well. They also have locations in Europe too. They have locations everywhere throughout the world basically. You can find more locations on the website called All the information will be there. ...
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Can I use a coke coupon to purchase sprite?

Yes, you can use a coke coupon to purchase sprite. You could use a coke coupon because Coca Cola is the company that makes both coke and sprite. If the coupon was made specifically for coke then no you cannot. ...
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Where can I purchase diet coke ingredients online?

Colca Cola products are on sale online but the ingredients are top secret and are kept in a safe at an unknown location. They are not available online to look or to purchase. ...
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early access to w2 ?

coke cola enterprizes
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Is Coca Cola the most popular drink people have in their fridge or is it Dr. Pepper?

Dr. Pepper was introduced before Coca-Cola by one year. However, Coca-Cola is the most popular soft drink that people have in their refrigerator. ...
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Are there any companies in the US that can repair classic Coca Cola fridges?

It's unlikely that a repair shop would be well educated on repairing a machine such as this, but if you do some research, you may find what you need. It also depends on the type of repair needed. You can email the Coca Cola company, and find you answer there as well. ...
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Do the USB Coke coolers sold online work very well?

Yes, USB coke coolers can work very well. They will keep you soa chilled anywhere! ...
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Is there such a thing as International Marketing?

Yes there is. International Marketing is for large corporations like Coca Cola who need to market to more than one country. Ads often must be tailored to match each society. ...
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What is the most collectable drinkware available today?

Coca Cola collectibles are the most famous and popular drinkware. Really the older glasses and collectibles are the most valuable, but there are plenty of new items made. ...
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is the coca cola C2 still in production I was unable to find in over one year in Naples, Florida. Where can I buy it Thank you,

The Coca Cola company replaced it C@ when the product didnt seel as well as expected.Then when the company came out with Coke Zero,C2 seemed to disappear from store shelves entirey.The company claims to have not stopped making the product,but cannot give a specific location for where it can be purchased. ...
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i have a cocacola machine serial number is #3312. can you fine me abook on this machine please.?

Try Vintage Coca-Cola Machines Volume I & II. These books are out of print and you might have to resort to Amazon or ebay to find a used copy. ...
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What's The Difference Between Coke and Pepsi?

Coca-Cola and Pepsi are both colas, but they have different recipes and ingredients. Nevertheless, many consumers can't tell the two sodas apart. Let's start with the basic differences: Pepsi contains citric acid and has slightly more caffeine than Coca-Cola. A 12-ounce can of Pepsi has 150 calories, while a 12-ounce can of Coke has 140. A can of Pepsi contains 41 grams of sugar, while Coca-Cola has 39 grams. With that said, the drinks share more similarities than differences. Both contain caffeine, high fructose...
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Why coke help mold growth?

Coke is loaded with sugar, a food that mold grows rapidly on!