Coffee Makers

Coffee makers are a cooking appliance used to brew coffee. Typically, grounded coffee is added into a paper or metal filter in a funnel above a glass or ceramic coffee pot. Cold water is added into a separate chamber, which is then boiled and automatically directed to the funnel, producing fresh, hot coffee.

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Are coffee filters biodegradable?

Well you can find biodegradable ones online if you search on google. Most coffee filters are paper. They are light paper, so they will biodegrade.

In fact, using biodegradable filters (or filter paper) removes a substance called cafestol, a cholesterol-elevating substance. You can read more on the link below.

What is the difference between a latte and a cappuccino?

The difference between a latte and a cappuccino is very simple, the shot of espresso is exactly the same. That doesn't change. It's the milk.

For a latte the milk is not frothy although a tiny bit can be added to the top for decoration. A latte is a coffee beverage prepared with 1/4 espresso, 1/2 steamed milk, and 1/4 of milk foam on top. Flavors are also sometimes added.

Latte = 2 shots + 8-10oz steamed milk + dollop of foam

A cappuccino is a coffee beverage prepared with 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk and a 1/3 milk foam. Cappuccino's can also be made "wet", meaning with more than the usual amount of steamed milk, or "dry" meaning with more than the usual amount of milk foam.

Cappuccino = 1 shot (2oz) + 1 ounce of foam + 1 ounce of steamed milk

Please remember, each store may make it slightly different.

*In Italy, a Latte is a cup of steamed milk and a cappuccino is 2oz of espresso and 1oz of foamed crema.

How do you clean regal ware poly perk coffee maker?

Every time you use it, rinse out the inside and the basket until the water runs out clear. Then fill it with water until the bottom 1/4 inch of the basket is immersed. Run it. Whenever it gets a stale taste anyway, get some baking soda (it'll be a lot).

Put about 1/4 inch or a bit less into the basket, fill the pot to right below the max fill line, and run it. Repeat until the water runs out nearly clear (it'll be quite a few times, so you'll need more than one box of soda). Then, to get rid of the baking-soda taste, fill it to above the bottom of the basket with water. Add 1/3 to 1/4 capful of vinegar. Stir it with your finger into the water, put it in the basket, and run it. This will react away the last of the baking soda residue-- don't worry about any white powder that remains. Finally, run it with empty water. It will be nice and fresh. This is quite harmless and can be repeated any time your percolator tastes stale.

Where can you buy descaler for your Tassimo coffee maker?

Canadian Tire; in the same isle as the Tassimo

Bed Bath and Beyond

How is descaling a coffee maker done?

DO NOT USE THAT MUCH VINEGAR! Put a tiny bit of vinegar in the carafe and fill carafe the rest of the way with water. Run that vinegar/water through machine. Using another container, fill machine with plain water and run that through. Repeat until the vinegar taste is gone. If you do not run lots of plain water through the machine after, your coffee will taste! Also, use a spell-checker before improving this posting.


To clean hard water deposits from a coffee maker use distilled white vinegar. You may need to use as much as a gallon if the scale buildup is really bad. Fill clean coffee pot one half full of vinegar and run through machine as if making coffee. Repeat this process several times using fresh vinegar until it comes out clear. Do this once a week and your maker will work much better. **************

Use citric acid or LEMON JUICE CONCENTRATE instead of vinegar. It cleans just as well but doesn't leave the funky odor that vinegar does. You can run enough water to get rid of the vinegar taste, but the odor will linger for days or weeks. Much better to use lemon juice concentrate (no pulp!!) or one of the commercial products like the one available from Starbucks.

What does error 2 mean on Kitchen aid coffee maker?

it means that you have did some thing rong and you are sopose to start over or you will gget a lower score.

Can you use muriatic acid to clean drip coffee makers?

To clean drip coffee makers I have always used white vinegar. Just fill it with vinegar & turn it on. Muriatic acid might be to strong and damage the coffee maker.

How does filter paper work?

it has holes that are bigger than water but smaller than what they filter

How do you prepare a cup of coffee?

There are a great many ways to brew a great cup of coffee.

The basics, however, are universal.

You've heard it before... maybe you've even said it. " I make terrible coffee!" Don't panic. Brewing delicious coffee isn't difficult, you simply need to mind a few details. The following tips cover most every thing you need to know.

Buy whole bean coffee. Buying and storing our coffee in whole bean form keeps delicate oils and aromas where they belong - in the bean - safely locked away from their primary enemy, oxygen.

Store unopened bags of coffee in a cool, dry place. After you open the bag, store unused beans in an air-tight canister.

Don't buy more coffee than you'll use in a matter of weeks.

Always grind your beans just before brewing... and be sure to choose a grind appropriate for your brewing method. Grind coarsely for use in a coffee press, less so for a vacuum pot. Grind the beans fairly fine for auto drip.

Always use fresh, good-tasting, cold water. Brewed coffee is about 98% water, after all. Measure your coffee. Tastes vary widely, but a good place to start is between 1 and 2 tablespoons for each 6 ounces of water. Too little coffee won't make a weaker brew... it'll make a bitter brew. If your coffee is stronger than you like, you can always dilute it with additional hot water. Brew your coffee using clean equipment. Whatever your method of brewing, start with sparkling clean gear. Enjoy your coffee immediately... or store it for an hour or two in a thermal carafe. Don't let your coffee sit on a warming plate.

How should you clean your coffee maker?

== == == == * 1 part Lemon Juice to 4 parts water * 1 part White Vinegar to 4 parts water * 2 table spoons Citric Acid to 4 cups water * 1 part baking soda Mix 1 cup warm water and 1/4 cup * Commercial products Out of the list, white vinegar is the most commonly used cleaning agent. It is not necessary for you to purchase a commercial product. However a commercial product that contains dual cleaning agents, one for oil and the other for minerals, may give better results.

# Mix the cleaning agent with water in the pot or carafe that you use to make the coffee in. # Pour the cleaning mixture into your coffee machine in the normal way you add water # Insert a filter into the coffee machine basket. Do not add coffee. Without a filter hot water may splash from the machine and leak through the basket. The filter will also catch any dirt or calcium that is cleaned from your machine. It is OK use a permanent filter as long as you want it to be cleaned too. # Before you start, you may want to move the coffee machine to a well ventilated room. Depending on the cleaning agent, the cleaning process may create an unpleasant odor. # Turn on the coffee machine and run it through its normal brew cycle. TURN OFF THE HOTPLATE as soon as the brew cycle has completed. # Leave the cleaning agent in the pot for 10 minutes to allow it to remove stubborn stains. # This step is very important: You must run the brewing process using clean water a MINIMUM of two more times. This will remove any residual cleaning agents from your machine. Any residual chemicals in your coffee machine will make the next pot of coffee you make taste bad. Most coffee machine models will have specific instructions listed in their owner's manual for cleaning. Try looking up the manual for your coffee machine here on YouserGuide. If you use these instructions to clean your coffee machine, you can help out your fellow coffee lovers by taking some photographs and submitting them to be added to this article! For more tips on how to make great coffee, take a look at the article 'How to Make Better Coffee'. Other coffee-related articles can be found under the following pages Coffee Machines and Espresso Machines Enjoy your delicious tasting coffee!

How many cups of coffee will a pound of coffee make?

A pound of coffee makes approximately 32 eight ounce cups of coffee depending on if you make it weak or strong. If you spend $10 for a pound of coffee and make it at home, you save about $30 over buying 32 tall coffees at Starbucks! Think about that during the current recession.

Directly from Starbucks website: 1 pound yields about 45 - 8oz cups.

The number of cups of coffee you can get from a pound of coffee varies, but you knew that. It depends primarily on the strength of the brew and the size of the cup, as you might have guessed. The range is 30 to 35 cups on the bottom, and 45 to 50 cups on the top for an approximately 8 ounce cup.

How much ground coffee do you use per cup in a coffee maker?

That's a difficult question for a few reasons. First off, I like coffee quite strong, not everybody does. Secondly almost every coffee carafe has different 'cup' measures. My current one tells me a 'cup' is about 140 grams or 5 ounces. In my opinion a 'cup' is 226 grams or about 8 ounces. That said, I put in 1 tbsp (about 15 grams ) of coffee for each of MY cups. The scoop that comes with most large cans of coffee is about 1tbsp. I would suggest starting on the low side and building up to where you like the taste

How long do you perk coffee on top of the stove?

# Yes if your using and old style percolator the one with the glass dome on top, when it starts to perk, you can tell how strong it is by how dark the coffee is getting. The usual amount of time for perked coffee is about 5 minutes. Give or take depending on how strong you like it

What is in coffee?

Coffee contains very similar chemicals whether made from beans or instant powder/granules. Various chemicals are dissolved and leached from roasted beans, precsiely what they are depending on the level of roast and the source of the bean. A major constituent is caffeine, but the characteristic taste and smell come from various oils, acids and caramelised compounds that are also present in a cup of coffeee. Sometimes people add milk and/or sugar to add taste to the coffee, how much sugar and milk they add depends on the person, A Black coffee is a coffee with no milk in it, this makes it a darker colour, than if it had milk in it.

What coffee makers have stainless steel reservoirs?

You can try Capresso. The MT500 has a stainless steel-lined heating system. It is available at Kitchen Kapers, Bed Bath and Beyond (by order) and online.

How much coffee is needed to brew six cups?

This depends on how strong you like your coffee. I use one tablespoon per cup.