Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. It is prepared from roasted seeds of the coffee plant, which grows on trees in more than 70 countries around the world.

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How you increase the sales?

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There are a great many ways you can increase the sales for your business. You could lower the price for example.
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Why is coffee called "joe"?

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There's no consensus on how coffee got the nickname "a cup of joe," but there are a bunch of theories, some way more plausible than others. The most likely is that other nicknames for coffee—"java" and "mocha"—got smushed into one word, "jamoke," which got shortened to "joe" over time. The next theory in terms of plausibility is that "joe" has a long history of standing in for the common man, and since coffee came to be the common, everyday beverage, the two were a natural fit. There are other popular theories—like the one claiming "joe" is an homage to Josephus Daniels, who banned alcohol on Navy ships in the early 1900s and thus sparked an uptick in coffee consumption among the crews—but they're not very well proven.
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Who found the coffeebeans?

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kaidi who Ethiopian. he is called "a legend"

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