Collective Nouns

A collective noun is the word used to label a group of nouns as a whole. For instance, a group of fish is collectively called a school.

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What is the collective noun for stamps?

Collective nouns for stamps are:

  • a roll of stamps
  • a sheet of stamps
  • a book of stamps
  • an album of stamps
  • a collection of stamps.

Stamp collecting is called philately.

What is the collective noun for scholars?

Examples of standard collective nouns for scholars are:

  • an academy of scholars
  • a class of scholars
  • a cohort of scholars

Other collective nouns that are or have been suggested for scholars:

  • a party of scholars
  • a roll of scholars
  • a register of scholars
  • a footnote of scholars

Collective noun for trawlers?

The collective noun is a fleet of trawlers.

What is the collective noun for the group of musicians?

The collective nouns for musicians are:

  • a band of musicians
  • an orchestra of musicians
  • an ensemble of musicians
  • a score of musicians

A collective noun can also be a noun for the number or players:

  • a duo of musicians
  • a trio of musicians
  • a quartet of musicians
  • a quintet of musicians
  • a sextet of musicians

Are countries collective nouns?

The word countries is simply a plural noun for the singular noun country. A collective noun is a word for a group of people or things. Some collective nouns for countries are a union of countries, an alliance of countries, an organizationof countries, etc.

What is a collective noun for organizers?

There is no standard collective noun for a group of organizers.

A collective noun is an informal part of speech. When there is no standard collective noun, a noun that suits the situation can be used, for example, a committee of organizers, a crowd of organizers, a clump of organizers, etc.

What is the collective noun used for cotton?

Collective nouns for cotton are:

  • a tuft of cotton
  • a ball of cotton
  • a bale of cotton
  • a bolt of cotton (fabric)

What is barren a collective noun for?

Barren is a collective noun for a barren of mules.

What is the collective noun for soldiers?

Collective nouns for soldiers are:

  • an army of soldiers
  • a battalion of soldiers
  • a brigade of soldiers
  • a company of soldiers
  • a corps of soldiers
  • a detachment of soldiers
  • a division of soldiers
  • a formation of soldiers
  • a legion of soldiers
  • a parade of soldiers
  • a phalanx of soldiers
  • a platoon of soldiers
  • a regiment of soldiers
  • a squad of soldiers
  • a squadron of soldiers
  • a troop of soldiers
  • a unit of soldiers

What is a collective noun for sailors?

The standard collective nouns for sailors are:
  • a crew of sailors
  • a watch of sailors.

Collective nouns for actors in a play?

Collective nouns for actors in a play are:

  • A cast of actors
  • An ensemble of actors
  • A troupe of actors
  • A company of actors

What is the collective noun for dishes?

A collective noun for dishes is a set of dishes.

What is the collective noun for singers?

The collective nouns for singers are:

  • a choir of singers
  • a chorus of singers
  • a harmony of singers

What are 100 examples of collective nouns?

Examples of collective nouns:

  1. abandonment of orphans
  2. absence of waiters
  3. army of ants
  4. army of frogs
  5. ascension of larks
  6. bag of tricks
  7. bale of turtles
  8. band of angels
  9. band of coyotes
  10. band of gorillas
  11. band of muscians
  12. band of pirates
  13. bank of elevators
  14. barrel of monkeys
  15. barren of mules
  16. bask of alligators
  17. bed of oysters
  18. bench of magistrates
  19. bevy of beauties
  20. bevy of quails
  21. blessing of unicorns
  22. block of flats
  23. board of directors
  24. body of pathologists
  25. bouquet of flowers
  26. brace of ducks
  27. brace of pheasants
  28. brood of hens
  29. bunch of grapes
  30. bushel of corn
  31. bushel of crabs
  32. caravan of camels
  33. chain of mountains
  34. charm of finches
  35. charm of hummingbirds
  36. chest of drawers
  37. class of students
  38. cloud of grasshoppers
  39. cluster of stars
  40. clutch of eggs
  41. collection of stamps
  42. colony of ants
  43. colony of beavers
  44. colony of penguins
  45. company of actors
  46. company of owls
  47. congregation of crocodiles
  48. congress of baboons
  49. convocation of eagles
  50. coven of witches
  51. covey of quail
  52. crew of sailors
  53. den of thieves
  54. fleet of cars
  55. fleet of ships
  56. flight of cormorants
  57. flock of birds
  58. flock of sheep
  59. flock of tourists
  60. gaggle of geese
  61. gang of hoodlums
  62. group of onlookers
  63. herd of buffalo
  64. host of sparrows
  65. kindle of kittens
  66. knot of toads
  67. litter of puppies
  68. mob of kangaroos
  69. murder of crows
  70. murmuration of starlings
  71. nest of snakes
  72. network of computers
  73. pack of wolves
  74. pack of cards
  75. pack of cigarettes
  76. pack of gum
  77. pack of lies
  78. pack of wolves
  79. panel of experts
  80. pod of porpoises
  81. pod of whales
  82. posse of lawmen
  83. pride of peacocks
  84. pride of lions
  85. school of fish
  86. sedge of cranes
  87. shoal of minnows
  88. stable of horses
  89. string of ponies
  90. swarm of bees
  91. swarm of eels
  92. swarm of flies
  93. team of mules
  94. team of oxen
  95. team of players
  96. troop of scouts
  97. troop of soldiers
  98. troupe of acrobats
  99. troupe of minstrels
  100. warren of rabbits

What is the collective noun for a group of sailors on a ship called?

The standard collective nouns for sailors on a ship are:

  • a crew of sailors
  • a watch of sailors

What is the collective nouns of soap?

There is no standard collective noun for soap. However, collective nouns are an informal part of language, any noun suitable for the situation can be used. Examples:

  • a bar of soap
  • an eyeful of soap
  • an bowl of soaps
  • a selection of soaps

Note: The plural form of the uncountable noun soap is used for 'types of' or 'kinds of'.

What is the collective noun for rice?

Some collective nouns for rice are a field of rice and a sack of rice.

A collective noun for the plural form is a selection of rices.

What is the collective noun for teeth?

Collective nouns for teeth are a set of teeth or a row of teeth.

What is the collective noun for stones?

A group of monumental stones is called a henge of stones.

A mound of stones is called a cairn of stones.

Other, more general collective nouns can also be used, such as a pile of stones, a row of stones, a truckload of stones, etc.

What is the collective noun for a group of stars?

Collective nouns for stars are:

  • a galaxy of stars
  • a cluster or stars
  • a constellation of stars
  • a host of stars

Is a set of arrows a collective noun?

The word 'set' denotes a collection of objects, which is a collective noun. The usual collective noun for arrows is a 'quiver of arrows'.

What is the collective noun for hay?

The collective nouns for hay are:

  • a bale of hay
  • a bundle of hay
  • a stack of hay
  • a truss of hay

What is a collective noun for workers?

The collective nouns for the noun 'workers' are:

  • a crew of workers
  • a staff of workers