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Which body system are affected by tuberculosis?

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TB or Tuberculosis most commonly affects the lungs – what’s known as the body’s pulmonary system. But it affects other organs too, what’s known as extrapulmonary TB. Other organs that can be affected include the lining covering the lungs called pleural TB), the central nervous system called TB meningitis, bone and joints called musculoskeletal system, lymph nodes, abdomen – where the liver, spleen and the intestines can be affected called abdominal TB, kidney and bladder called urogenital TB), and blood too.
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Can rickets be spread?

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No. Never. It is not an infection. It is a nutritional deficiency disease, caused by vitamin D deficiency. Not at all contagious.
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What is the difference between chronic diseases and communicable diseases?

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communicable diseases can be spread from person to person whereas chronic disease is something that may be treatable, but not curable, fibromyalgia, athsma, diabetes