Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and a popular tourist destination in the Nordic region of Europe.

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How long to fly Copenhagen to Paris?

Departure point: Copenhagen, Denmark

Destination point: Paris, France

Estimated flight duration: 1 hour, 37 minutes

Is there a left luggage locker at Copenhagen grand central Station?


The address is:


Reventlowsgade 9, 1651 København V

open mon tru fri. 10 to 12 AM and 12:30 to 3 PM.

Telephone: (+45) 33 54 56 81

How many airports are there in Copenhagen?

one... Copenhagen airport in Kastrup, its a small city

Why does Copenhagen have so many six story buildings?

In the document "State of Australian Cities" (URL below), it appears to be a way of limiting population density in the city. In this document, search for "800m", "six" and "six pack set back rules" to find the relevent information.

How far is Copenhagen to Soeborg?

Note that the place name Søborg is used many places in Denmark. If you mean the Søborg just North of Copenhagen the distance is 8 km.

What sea is the city of Copenhagen?

I assume you mean "what sea is it located by" as Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark:

Copenhagen is located by The Sound ("Øresund" in Danish) which is a strait between the Kattegat and the Baltic Sea

What cruise terminal does Princess Cruises use in Copenhagen?

It is Copenhagen Freeport, "Frihaven", Flexpladsen, Berth #245. Copenhagen, Demark (same as Royal Caribbean cruise).

What are the famous buildings in Copenhagen?

I dont REALY Know but the capital is Copenhagen

Is Copenhagen an expensive city to visit for a tourist?

When you compare to the rest of Europe... Copenhagen is outrageously expensive!

How do you spell Copenhagen in Danish?

København (ø = oe if you are limited by an English language keyboard)

In what continent is Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark, which lies in Europe.

Where is Copenhagen located?

The capital of Denmark has these coordinates : 55° 40′ 34″ N, 12° 34′ 6″ E

It's bridging the eastern part of the big island of Zealand ('Sjælland' in Danish) and the Northern part of the small island Amager.

How do you drive from hamburg to Copenhagen?

Go by A24 and A1 towards Puttgarden. In Puttgarden take the ferry to Rodby in Denmark. Then from Rodby follow E47 towards Copenhagen.

How far is the Copenhagen cruise port from the Copenhagen city center?

If you mean "Langelinie" where all the cruise ships come in, only about 5-10min in a bus or taxi