Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot is a video game series that was originally created by Naughty Dog Inc., but is now owned by Activision.

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How do you get crash bandicoot 1 to work on ps2?

Buy the original game and not a burned copy of the Playstation game.

Are there cheats for crash bandicoot flash?

Yes, they Crash Bandicoot does have cheats! Here they are!

Cheat Description

HUDABEGA - Hear Aku Aku theme sound.

No5SHINE - All 5 Gems will be collected

GotZOOKA - Weapon (Wumpa Cannon)

- (S) Pull out/Put Away - (Use mouse) Aim

OLYMPICS - The Power of Crash Dash

- Hold (D) to rub full speed

HALELUYA - Adds 1 life (Warning: If lives are less than 98)

AutoLife - Adds 10 lives (Warning: If lives are less than 89)

NO,U!>:C - Adds 30 lives (Warning: If lives are less than 69)

Where can you download Crash Bandicoot games?

go to the PSN and go to PS classics go down 2 c and it should be there

How many mutants are in crash bandicoot?

Depends... technically, Crash is a mutant.

If you're referring to 'Titans', the creatures that you can jack in Mind Over Mutant and Crash of the Titans, there are 12 in CotT.

In MoM, there are 10 basic Titans, 6 'hero' or 'boss' Titans, and at the end you can jack Cortex.

How tall is crash bandicoot?

I don't know the accurate height, but my guess is 1.60m tall

Why did the Crash Bandicoot series stop?

it hasn't actually stopped there was 1 not to long ago crash of the titans or something and then they made another one and are trying to improve it again, but because crash is such an awesome game they don't want to change to much (big problem)

Is there a crash bandicoot game coming out in 2012?

There was ment to be one coming out in 2011 near christmas but acording to the there is a new crash game coming out I'm A HUGE CRASH FAN!!

What is the name of the dog from crash bandicoot?

If you mean the crazy blue dog with the spiral eyes and hanging out tounge, that's Ripper Roo. Unfortunately he never appeared in any crash game after his last moment at the beginning of crash twinsanity. Hopefully he'll come back!

How do you get the keys in crash bandicoot 1?

On the levels 'Sunset Vista' and 'Jaws of Darkness' you must collect 3 Cortex tokens, then reach the end of the bonus level to collect the keys.

What is the last crash bandicoot game?

The latest crash game is crash mind over mutant. Thats only for a console but if you mean mobile then Crash 3d Kart.

Have you got any cheats for crash bandicoot 3 warped?

I completed the game (and yes, by that I mean I got 100% Warped) and I have never heard of any cheats.....hmmm....

Was Crash bandicoot released in 1997?

It was first released in the United States in 1996

How do you do the Big Shooter achievement in crash bandicoot mind over mutant?

I know How to use big shoot.

Only big shoot used by mask in co-op mode

Use spin RS when mask flash green grow Will press square can shoot it Only you have two controller.

:D i have learned.

In crash bandicoot warped how do you get the yellow gem?

Well you have to get about 15 reliques(the ones you price when you pass a world on a determinated time) then on the middle of the "warp"(the place where you chose in which world enter) will apear a stone, if you step that stone it will take you to another level with 5 worlds more, one of then is the danger zone where you get the yellow gem.

Sorry for my grammar but i´m from Mexico and i´m doing my best XD

Does Crash Bandicoot Have Autism?

Technically yes, Crash Bandicoot has ASD and he cannot talk even when he is older. He's just don't talk and don't understand any speech.

Why did Cortex create crash bandicoot?

he was meant to turn him into a miyon but the experiment went wrong and crash was let loose and fell out of the window of the tower leaving his girlfriend tanya behind

Will they have a crash bandicoot cartoon show?

If they believe it will make money for them, yes.

Which Crash Bandicoot games are good?

Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped

Crash Bandicoot The Wrath of Cortex

Crash Twinsanity

Crash Team Racing

Crash Nitro Kart

Crash Tag Team Racing

All the other Crash games are (in my opinion) not worth playing. On the other hand, I do recommend getting the Crash games listed above. They are all for PS1 and PS2, so if you own a PS2 you can play them all.

How do you unlock crash bandicoot in Super Smash Bros. brawl?

Crash Bandicoot is not a playable character in any Super Smash Bros. game.

How do you get diamonds in crash bandicoot?

Break crates, find colored gems, and beat time limits in the water areas.