CSI: Miami

CSI: Miami is a spinoff of CSI, a CBS forensic drama. It premiered in 2002 and features a South Florida forensic team investigating crime.

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Is CSI new york better than CSI Miami?

It really comes down to your own personal opinion. Personally, I detest CSI Miami for the horrible acting and overdose of effects and find CSI New York more realistic and funny.

Why did Eric Delko leave the CSI Miami team?

Because he was involved on a crime scene which he was taking illegal drugs. He admitted to Horatio that he stole the marijuana. Because of that, he was fired by the team leader, Horatio Caine.

What evidence is at Diego's Villa in the CSI Miami game?

there is evidence in the fireplace on the far right, a gunshot hole at the far left, the water in the swimming pool outside, that you can reach by going through the door on the far right, there is glass fragments there as well, his laptop and the bottle.

When is csi Miami filmed?

Well CSI Miami is not actually filmed in Miami it's actually filmed in parts of California

Who is the father of callie's baby from csi Miami?

No one Calleigh isn't pregnant on the show ...but Emily Procter was preganat ..but already gave birth During December to a baby girl :)

Does Calleigh Dusquene die in csi Miami?

Not that we know of. As of the end of season 7, she's still alive and well

What episode of Degrassi the next generation was Jonathan Togo in?

He visited the set with Brendan Fehr but wasn't in an episode (I'm pretty sure).

Will Sara be coming back to as a cast member on CSI?

She will for sure for be back, but she will not be a cast member in season eight. Perhaps, if there is a season nine she will assume her role as a CSI again, but in an interview, Jorja said she has many dreams she still wants to pursue before completely returning.

Did the character Speed leave CSI Miami of choice?

Rory Cochrane(Tim Speedle) asked to be relieved of his duties as Speedle because he did not like the long-hours shooting schedule that a regular main star has to have.

Is Jonathan togo from csi Miami related to Eric szmanda from csicrime scene investigation?

No, Eric Szmanda and Jonathan Togo are not realted once so ever. People say that Jon and Eric look alike, but they dont. In an interview even Jonathan Togo said people got him mixed up with Eric Szamanda. And he announced he was NOT related.

Which CSI Miami stars are dating?

Well there is rumors that Emily Procter who plays Calleigh and Jonathan Togo who plays Ryan might be dating they spend alot of time together and are always messing and joking around on set and Emily says that Togo and I are very good friends and we have alot of fun together.

Is CSI a real job?

Of course! The show "CSI" is a fictional dramatization of what a real Crime Scene Investigator does.

What is the name of the song on the episode of Miami Vice where the went to Bimini?

Voices by Russ Ballard. Try for episode summaries. It should be under Calderone's Demise

Is Jonathan Togo Jewish?

No, Jonathan Togo is not considered Jewish by traditional views; however, his father was Jewish and he was raised with some synagogue attendance.