Cue Sports

Cue sports refer to various games of skill commonly played with a cue stick and billiard balls over a felt-covered table with rubber cushions. The three major subdivisions of cue sports are carom billiards, pool and snooker.

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How do you pot in billiards?

You get a snooker stick and you hit the cue ball into the object ball in line with one of the pockets.

How to play billiards?

There is a billiards tutorial at the related link. The game is a cue game and the object is to score points. These can be gained by potting a ball, by allowing the cue ball to go "in-off" the object ball and also in-off your opponents ball. Cannons also score points.

How do you play billiards?

There is several forms of billiards. I'll go over the most popular.

8 BALL: The object is to sink all the stripes or solids followed by pocketing the 8 ball in the pocket you called or marked.

9 BALL: The object is to pocket the balls in order from 1 to 9, whoever makes the 9 ball in first wins.

14:1(Straight Pool) The object is to pocket balls until you are the first to reach a pre-determined total.

What is a jump break billiards cue?

A jump break cue is a cue that billiard players use to break with and also the same cue breaks down into a jump cue. Traditionally, a break cue is a heavier cue that has a stiff shaft to transfer power from the player to the cue and ultimately to the racked balls on the other side of the table. There is a notion that a thinner shaft will give a "whip" action. this "whip action ismilliseconds after the hit on the cue ball, the shaft is temporally deformed and in another couple milliseconds, the shaft violently returns back to its original straight form. The violent return to its original form is the whip action.

The jump portion of the cue is the shaft and the front prong (front 12" of cue behind the shaft and before the handle of the cue) of the cue that separates from the rest of the cue.
Legal jumps in billiards are strikes on the upper half of the cue ball. The action of the cue ball is pressed down onto the table and as a reaction, the cue ball squirts in an upward motion leaving the table surface.

Jump cues need to be light in weight as to make contact with the cue ball and be off of the it so the milliseconds it takes for the cue ball to respond, it won't be restricted by a jump cue that is still in the way of the cue ball's jump.

What is the diameter of a cue ball?

On average, the balls are 2.25 inches in diameter and all balls weigh 5.5 oz except for the cue, which weighs 6 oz.


How many colored balls are there in a game of billiards?

The game of English Billiards has only 3 balls. Your opponents cue ball, your cue ball and the object ball which is red. There is thus only 1 colored ball. White, Spot White & Red. (The spot white is simply a white ball with spots on it to make it different to the plain white).

Pocket Billiards may use any number of balls from 8 to 22, with one being the white cue ball, which may have colored dots.

How many red balls billiards?

In true Billiards there is only 1 red ball. In snooker there are 15 reds.

Where did billiards originate?

The country where billiards originated is disputed by historians. Several countries (China, England, France, Italy, Spain) played billiards as early as the 14th century. Click on the 'Billiards' link on this page to read more about the history and the games (eight-ball, nine-ball, snooker, etc.) that are considered billiard games.

What is a masse billiards shot?

It's a shot in pool where you hit the ball, much like cutting a carrot, making the ball spin around (masse) the obstructing ball. It's an art and takes practice. Some hit the masse pointing the cue vertically.

How do you straighten the shaft of a billiard cue?

One method - fasten the shaft to a straight pole. It should follow a new shape now.(the pole). Apply moisture and hair dryer as often as possible. In a weeks time, depending on the humidity of the country your in, it should keep the cuestick straight.

You can also add a SMALL amount of vinegar to the water to help the wood become flexible (until dried). Vinegar can discolor the cue though, and you may have to remove some of the finish to get the moisture into the wood of the shaft.

Second method - Hang the cue - hangers can be purchased or made using string and rubber bands - a hanging cue will be straighter than one against a pole because the shaft has a taper (cue shafts do not have a straight side). Use the moisture as described above.

How do you burp on cue?

my sister can burp when ever she wants to. She had braces and she said that's how you can or somtimes this works. You drink a whole can of sprite in 2 minutes than you burp burp burp

What are billiard balls made of?

Originally they were ivory, now they are a composite man made polymer

How long has billiards been played for?

The basic forms of the game have been around since the 1400's - so 600 years (or more). Its 'modern' form only dates back to the late 1800's (although that is arguable as well).

What is the highest score in billiards?

HAMILTON,New Zealand--English-born Singaporean billiards master Peter Gilchrist has set a new world record break in Hamilton.

On the first day of the New Zealand Open Billiards Championships at the Hamilton Cosmopolitan Club yesterday, he shot a break of 1346, easily surpassing the previous world record of 1246.

How can you clean your billiard balls?

i would think alcohol would do the trick. just make sure they're dry before putting them back on the table Depending on their composition, the material that the balls are made from, alcohol could permanently damage the balls. Assuming you are using modern balls made from any of a various type of phenolic material currently on the market, the best product I have found is a ball polish made by Karseal. The second best is Turtle Wax car polish. Both do an excellent job. Do not use products such as Windex, Brasso, or Nu-Finish car wax, as each will leave a film on the surface of the balls which will affect their playability. I know of someone who thought Rain-X would be good. He quickly found that was a horrible mistake and also found it difficult to get the resulting film off the balls.

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Jackie Robinson, who began his career with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947, was the first known black to play major league baseball in the modern era after 1900. Moses Fleetwood Walker, who played for the Toledo Blue Stockings of the old American Association, is credited with being the first black player in major league history.

Can you jump a ball in billiards?

It can be done, but because the cue ball left the table, the other player is up, and has ball in hand.

What makes sport so enjoyable?

I think what makes sports so enjoyable is that actually getting out there and putting in some work for your body and that brings up your health but slows down your energy. If you mean in the stands or at home watching,take football for example like watching people hurting each other then that would be the perfect thing to watch if you wasn't the one to get hurt.

Significance of 4137 points in billiards?

Lindrum's grandfather, Frederick William Lindrum I, was Australia's first World Professional Billiards Champion having defeated the English master, John Roberts, Sr., in 1869. Walter's father, Frederick William Lindrum II, was an Australian Billiards Champion at the age of 20.

His record break of 4137 was made in a match he lost against Joe Davis at Thurston Hall, London on 19 January 1932.[5] Lindrum occupied the table for 2 hours 55 minutes, for about 1900 consecutive scoring shots.[1] He also holds the record break for each country that he played in, the fastest century break (46 seconds) and 1011 points in 30 minutes.

Are there billiards in the Olympics?

Billiards is not currently an Olympic sport. However, the ultimate goal of the World Confederation of Billiards Sports (WCBS) is to have billiards included in the Olympic Games. The WCBS applied for inclusion in the 2004 Summer Olympics, but after some consideration, the Greek Olympic Committee ultimately decided against them.