Cycling is a sport that uses a bicycle. There are many different types of cycling such as track cycling, road cycling, time trialing, and cyclocross. All questions about bikes, bike racing, bike tricks, or any general questions about bikes should be asked here.

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How far is a 5 k race?


Calorie Count

How long it takes to burn 500 calories on a bike?

It depends on how hard you're working, and a bunch of other things. But around 45-60 minutes if you're working hard enough to sweat.


How old do you have to be to not have to wear a helmet?

The laws for helmets and bicycle riding are different from place to place, so w/o knowing where you are the question can't be properly answered.

Some places, you are free to choose when you're 15. Other places require all riders of all ages to wear helmets.

But ignoring the law, anyone who thinks their head is worth protecting should wear a helmet regardless of age.


When is the 2010 Amstel Gold race?

The 2010 Amstel Gold Race took place on Sunday 18th April 2010. It was won by Belgian Philippe Gilbert of Omega Pharma - Lotto


How do antibiotics affect athletic performance?

Antibiotics can slow an athletes performance down.

Bicycle Racing

What is a short race called?

A sprint

Slogans and Mottos

What is a slogan for sports?

"Feel every emotion in sports. Come and Try"


What does pulling mean in road cycling?

Pulling is when a rider takes a turn at the front of a "paceline," or group of riders in a row. While the rider at the front will experience full wind resistance, the drag of the riders behind is reduced by up to 40%. Maintaining high speed while pulling is an extremely exhausting activity, so each rider will "pull" for 30 seconds to a minute, signal the rider behind, and then move to the side and coast to the back of the paceline. The rider behind then "pulls," and rotating through the group in this manner keeps everyone fresh and maintains high speed.


Where are indoor cycling tracks located?

indoor cycling tracks Velodromes are located in Manchester,London,Glasgow in the UK for a different country be specific.


What is a dog leg in bike race?

a dog leg is a turn shaped like a dogleg!

see link

(this is more of a hairpin though!...bad example, they are not the same..)
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Mountain Biking

Where are the best places to go mountain biking in Malaysia?

F.R.I.M (Forest Research Institute of Malaysia) has a couple of intermediate tracks.

Bukit Kiara has a various array of track for all capabilities.

T.T.D.I has many track from downhill to XC, for all capabilities too

Bicycle Racing

What are some cycling tactics?

If you're in a multi-stage event, and someone tries to break free, you only give chase if that rider is close enough in the standings to you to be a threat. If he's from way down in the ranking you save your energy and stay with the pack instead. The pack is much faster than a single rider, so you stay with the pack as long as possible. If you want to break out, try to get some other riders with you to share in the effort. If it's a long, hilly stage, dump your water bottle(s) before you begin to climb, then have a crew member hand you filled ones at the top before you begin the descent.


Are the famous cyclist Marco Rullo and Ms Fitness America related?

Yes! Rullo, a native of Valstagna Italy, is the first cousin of the 2011 reigning Ms. Fitness America, Jupinko.


How many people bike to work?


wrong, there are actually 375,352,425 people that ride to work each week:)
Less than one half of one percent. Exception exist but that is considered the best figure on a national average. Ralph Nader and a few people around Boulder Colorado, parts of Oregon and Washington may also fit that profile. There is at least one 80 year old reported around Boulder with a claim to have never been in an automobile, train, plane, derigible or balloon and still commutes to work daily on a 1950 Scwinn but that may be an Urban Legend.


Can you wear compression shorts under cycling lyatex shorts?

Cycling shorts are usually worn closest to the skin, to get the best benefit from not having any seams that can chafe directly between the skin and the saddle. Putting compression shorts on first would kinda kill off the big idea about the cycling shorts in the first place. But for a shorter ride, or a seasoned rider it'll probably be OK.

If you really like compression shorts, put them on outside the cycling shorts. Or get a combination garment that's BOTH compression and cycling shorts.

Cycling shorts, also known as period, or bicycle pants, are leg wear that individuals use while cycling. They've a good- cool off the biker and try to reduce the air-resistance, defend your skin of the biker, wick the water from your skin and fit style the same as cycling tops and tighten the feet to maintain the cyclist lively. The majority of this important cycling clothing were made from black wool in your day. The crotch and chair regions include synthetic chamois. They designs and are available in a variety of types. Women's and men's biking shorts also vary. Many individuals use them alone without any underwear beneath it. Some contain several cell plus they fit better, however they are more costly.

There are very different types of cycling shorts. One of these is bib pants by which suspenders are accustomed to endure in the place of a waist. Elastic waist could cause distress towards the cyclist. They look into skin and might be too limited. That is why many professional individuals choose bib kind to low-bib type. Cotton and spandex are utilized for making of those products. There's also loose pants for cycling. Also have a slimmer style compared to other forms of pants and they're considered more stylish.

As stated before, biking pants keep the top of calf muscles (quadriceps) restricted by wrapping around them. It doesn't affect the blood circulation, however the wrap offers more strength for the cyclist.

Just how to use bicycle pants?

Lycra ought to be round the bellybutton, when you set the them on. You fold it down around sides and may possibly keep it there.

Just how to select best cycle shorts?

You have to ensure that they've great help within the seat area, when selecting them. Padded types supply the assistance required to remain relaxed during cycling, particularly in long trips. Ensure that you change them inside out to determine their sewing. The support should be sewn properly. The solution cycling shorts are thought good, too. The solution inside isolates the vibrations plus they offer convenience for the cyclist. It's also possible to purchase personalized varieties (also called specific bike pants for males and for females) because of the fantastic choice that Internet provides.

Calorie Count

Which burns more calories walking a mile or cycling a mile?

When it comes to burning calories, your heart rate is much more important than what it is that you are doing. If you can reach and sustain the same heart rate for the same amount of time you will burn pretty much the same amount of calories regardless of activity.

For the same length of time, riding flat out will burn more calories than a casual walk, while walking briskly can burn more than a casual ride.

When you have a set distance, cycling will burn less calories than walking at the same level of effort, as the higher speed of the bike means you'll finish the distance faster.


What is the best gear arrangement on a cycle bike?

That's an impossible and pointless question, as the answer would depend on your sfitness level, preferences, intended usage, experience and allowed cost, neither of which you're telling us.


Should you clean your SunTour shocks or rock shox on your mountain bike or does it matter?

Yes you should, and yes it does matter. If you don't keep them clean you'll shorten the life of the seals, which can let dirt into the shocks, which can damage them.

Mountain Biking

What is a giant boulder mountain bike worth?

I bought my 2009 Giant Boulder Mountain bike for $319 in Dallas. The Giant website says the average price is about $275, but varies due to shipping costs.

Chrysler PT Cruiser

What is the best bike rack for a PT Cruiser?

If you do not have a hitch you can go with the Thule Backpac 973. This will work, but can cost more than your bike. Also, because of the cost, virtually no Thule retailers will have this item on stock. You will most likely have to order it from Thule on-line. It may be easier just to get a different car.

Example Sentences

What does drafting mean in cycling?

Its the same thing car racers talk about, and it boils down to science. Riding behind another vehicle, a bike in this case, eliminates much of the drag that you would otherwise face head-on. You can hide in their trail, avoiding wind resistance from the air, and go faster.

Rules of the Road
UK Law and Legal Issues

Can you ride a tricycle on road in UK?

You can ride a peddle tricycle on a UK road.

If you mean a powered tricycle then you can, provided that it is taxed, registered, MOT'd and insured.


What is the cultural heritage of the world famous cyclist Marco Rullo?

Marco Rullo, born 1976, of Valstagna Italy. He is a full blooded Italian and nothing more. His mother is named Marta. His father is Ronaldo, his brother is Nico, his grandfather is called Giorgio. Marco moved to USA in 2002, and settled in Portland region in the northwest.


What is lance armstrong's top speed in mph?

Simple question with more complicated answer. I assume you mean solo as apposed to traveling in the peloton of racers or, say, descending a mountain (when riders will hit 65 mph+).

Looking back to the last TdF that LA competed in his average speed for the prolog stage of 19km (11.8 miles) was over 54 kph (33.5 mph).

Looking at a longer time trial stage, he won the 55km (34 mile) stage at an average speed of 46.4 kph (28.8 mph).

Now these are averages over a certain distance - if he needed to simply max out speed you could shorten the distance further for some increase in speed. Let's just say 35mph+ shouldn't be too difficult. Could he break 40 mph unaided on the flat? I'd say based on these figures it's pretty likely even if just for a short time.

Fast huh? This is true. Track cyclists like Marty Nothstein hit well over 40 mph. The world record for the kilometer is 58 seconds. So you can calculate the speed from that, imaging that is from a standing start. The world record for a 200 meter flying start is about 9 seconds. Using these times and multiplying to the equivalent of 1000 meters comes out to 9 x 5 = 45 seconds for the kilometer which is 0.625 miles. That works out to 72 seconds for a mile. Now take 60 minutes (1 hour) and convert it to 3600 seconds and divide by 72 seconds to get the mph. Answer is 50mph!! Wow! That is a cyclists top average speed over 200 meters. Logically, a sprint specialist could hit slightly above 50mph when he hits the line. Say 52mph! Lance is not a pure sprinter. He is a road and time trial specialist, so his numbers are probably 5% lower.

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If Camelback bottles contain unidentified copolyester Triton do the plastic interiors of Camelbacks backpack water reservoir also contain it?

Eastman Tritan co-polyester is the brand name of the plastic. It is a polyester blended with something else. This is the only identification you're likely to get because they are protecting their formula. Eastman Chemical makes it and you can download specification sheets on their website. Eastman claims it is BPA free and does have a sheet on the bio-compatibility of Tritan. Tritan is a rigid plastic. While I don't know what their packs are made of, Camelback is claiming to be completely BPA free. If you contact them, most likely they will give you the material brand name for the backpack researvoir. Then you can google the brand name to find the specification sheet and chemical name.


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