Cyclops (X-Men)

Cyclops is also known as Scott Summers. He was one of the first heroes of X-men. His power is the ability to shoot lasers out of his eyes. Since he is not powerful enough to control his own powers, he has to wear shades to choose when he want to use his powers.

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What were some x men couples?

Scott and Jean.[Jean died]

Wolverine and Jean.

Scott and Psylocke.

Scott and Emma Frost.

Colossus and Kitty.[Shadowcat]

Gambit and Rogue.

Beast and Storm.[not a couple anymore]

Wolverine and Storm.

Angel and Psylocke.

Elixir and Wolfsbane.

Magyk and Cannonball.

Magneto and Rogue.[alternate universe]

Gambit and Marrow.[Alternate universe]

Forge and Storm.

Beast and Dazzler.

Iceman and Northstar.

Havok and Polaris.

What are characteristics of X-Man Cyclops?

he has a great strategic mind, which makes him a great leader.

How can you kill Mister Sinister in X-men?

Mister Sinister is a mutant wit the abilities of mini laser,Hypnotysm on small animals , teleportation , blood-soaking nail and gamma ball. We cankill him by just giving him a dose of laser or andamatanium.

In X-Men is cyclops blind?

No, he does see things all in red when wearing his ruby visor.

What glasses did cyclops wear in X-Men Origins Wolverine?

Not sure about the brand, but the style of the glasses are Aviator style.

What weapons does the X-Man Cyclops use?

he normally uses his mutant power: optic blasts, which can burn through almost anything and have a radius of 2,000 feet

Will X-Men Destiny be on PC?

No the only platforms are Wii, Ps3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Ds.

Does the Cyclops in X-Men have a birthday?

Nope, because he was never actually born.

I kid. Of course he has a birthday.

How did cyclops find jean in x-men last stand?

she came out of the water when he went to the place where she died. he shot his rays into the water because he got mad or upset and she came up and killed him. :(

What x-men comics will kitty and lance appear as a couple?

In the comics, Kitty and "Lance" (whose real name is Dominic Szilard Janos Petros) have never appeared as a couple and never will. Not only are they virtual strangers to each other, but Lance is already married to a woman named Helen Petros and is twice Kitty's age.

How old are all the X men?

The ages of X-men change from story to story, from writer to writer. It's very hard to pinpoint how old they are since very, very few are given solid birthdates and age at different rates.

What clothes does the Cyclops in X-Men wear?

he normally wears everyday clothes, plus his x-men uniform, which has changed over the decades.

Why is not nightcrawler on x men 3?

In X-Men: The Official Game Nightcrawler left the X-men. This is the commonly cited reason for Nightcrawler's unfortunate absence from the third film, but X-Men: The Official Game is not considered Marvel canon. That being said, it may have been a bad move to fail to feature the blue-skinned hero in X-Men 3: The Last Stand. The decison is not popular among serious X-Men fans. Another reason he was left out of the film was because his part in the movie was limited, and it would not have been cost-effective to cast him and go through the labor of his complicated make-up.

How do you kill cyclops in X-Men?

He's not invulnerable, so there's a whole list of options available. Shooting him could work.

Who played Magneto in X-Men?

Ian McKellen portrayed adult Magneto in the first trilogy of X-men movies. In the second trilogy, he is currently being portrayed by Michael Fassbender. Brett Morris played the teenage Erik in X-men (2000).

How do you save both X-Men in Marvel Ultimate Alliance?

You can't possibly save both x-men and who you save will alter the ending sequence.


This isn't true.If you download the character mods,and get Magneto,you can.If you have Magneto at that scene,you can save them both.


How did Scott Summers die?

Scott Summers, aka Cyclops, has not died in any of the cartoons or comics except in alternate futures, in which he has died too many times to count. In the movies, Cyclops was supposedly killed by Jean Grey as Dark Phoenix in 'X-men: The Last Stand', but since we never see a body, some fans like to suspect that Jean didn't kill him and he is still alive, despite what the directors say.

Does Cyclops in the X-Men Comics have a girlfriend?

Yes, and her name is Emma Frost. He is still technically married to Jean Grey, but she's dead and they were ending things anyways.

Does the Cyclops in X-Men have any brothers and sisters?

yes, he has two younger brothers: Alex Summers aka Havok and Gabriel Summers aka Vulcan.