Daniel Boone

The life of frontiersman, Daniel Boone, is depicted as a mix of facts and myths gathered from fiction and non-fiction books and movies. For example, rather than a coonskin cap, which Daniel Boone reportedly thought was in poor taste, he wore a beaver hat along with his favorite attire, fringed hunting shirt, leggings, and moccasins.

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Daniel Boone

Was Abraham Lincoln related to Daniel Boone?

Yes, but distant

Daniel Boone is the 1st cousin of wife of half 1st cousin 2x removed of Abraham Lincoln

Daniel Boone, Squire Boone, George Boone,

then james boone, Anne Boone who married Abraham Lincoln, who was child of Mordecai Lincoln, and grandchild of Modercai Lincoln,

father of John Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln.

For more information please try

Hazel Attesbury Spaker, The Boone family:: A Genealogical History of the descendants of George and Mary Boone who came to America in 1717 (Rutland, Vermont: The Turrle Company, Publishers, 1922), 64-65.

Daniel Boone

How did Daniel Boone die?

He died on September 26, 1820 at his son's (Nathan) home in St.Charles County, Missouri.

Daniel Boone died of natural causes at the peaceful age of 85. He was a brave man to go on all those explorations! He was one of the greatest pioneers who moved west into Kentucky. He was remembered by a national forest called," Daniel boone's national forest."

Daniel Boone

What are 6 nouns that describe Daniel Boone?

Nouns are not describing words, Adjectives describe nouns; Daniel Boone is a noun.

Six adjectives that may describe Daniel Boone are historic, iconic, legendary, adventurous, multi-talented, long lived.

Six nouns for Daniel Boone are frontiersman, explorer, merchant, surveyor, military officer, state assemblyman.

Daniel Boone

What is the value of a chrome Daniel Boone double barrel shotgun?

Daniel Boone Gun Company: Trade name used by the Belknap Hardware Company of Louisville, Kentucky on firearms they retailed, 1900-1935. It may have been nickel plated from the factory, but not chromed. A fully functional 12 gauge double should bring $200-$250 in most areas.

Daniel Boone

Why was the wilderness road important to Daniel Boone?

well someone had too and it wasnt going to be me thats for sure

Daniel Boone

Who was Daniel Boone?

daniel boone did not have a dog

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How did the Founding Fathers take a stand?

As Ben Franklin so famously said "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately."

The founding fathers literally put their lives on the line to take a stand against King George. Many of them lost families, homes, fortunes and more in order to take a stand and help to create the United States.

Daniel Boone

Where was Daniel Boone the tv show filmed at?

The television show "Daniel Boone" was filmed entirely in California and Kanab, Utah. :)

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Daniel Boone

When did pat Boone die?

Pat Boone is still alive.

Daniel Boone

What is a Daniel Boone shotgun?

Daniel Boone Gun Company was a trade name used by the Belknap Hardware Company of Louisville, Kentucky on firearms they retailed, 1900-1935. They were made by a variety of manufacturers.

Daniel Boone

Where was Daniel Boone born in 1734?

berks burrow, Pennsylvania

Daniel Boone

Where in Kentucky did Daniel Boone live?

Boones Borough

Daniel Boone

Did Daniel Boone fight at the Alamo?

No, Daniel Boone was not at the Alamo. He died on his homestead in Missouri in 1820.

Davie Crockett and Jim Bowie died at the Alamo.

Daniel Boone

What is facts about Daniel Boone?

Daniel Boone (November 2, 1734- September 26, 1820) was an American pioneer, explorer, and legendary frontiersman.

  • in 1775 Boone blazed his Wilderness Road through the Cumberland Gap in the Appalachian Mountains from North Carolina and Tennessee into Kentucky.
  • He founded the village of Boonesborough, Kentucky, one of the first English-speaking settlements west of the Appalachians.
  • More than 200,000 European people migrated to Kentucky/Virginia by following the route marked by Boone.
  • Boone was captured by Shawnee warriors in 1778, who after a while adopted him into their tribe.
  • Boone was elected to three terms in the Virginia General Assembly during the Revolutionary War.
  • In 1799 Boone emigrated to eastern Missouri and died there .
  • Boone was the inspiration for a long-running TV series starring Fess Parker.
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Daniel Boone

What is the value of a 16 gauge Daniel Boone shotgun?

I also have a Daniel Boone shotgun, 12 guage. Do you know who made this gun? I need to replace the stock. Daniel Boone Gun Company: Trade name used by the Belknap Hardware Company of Louisville, Kentucky on firearms they retailed, 1900-1935. It is most likely a single shot or double barrel. The first would be worth $40-$80 and the second $150-$250, depending on the condition, if you can find an interested buyer (the name may generate a little interest). Finding a stock might be possible if you can determine the actual manufacturer's model. If there is a model number on the gun, it might be in Numrich Gun Parts' cross reference list, but all the Belknap guns listed are Springfield/Stevens/Savage models, so you might look for parts for their models 67, 87N, 87J, 94C, 94D, 120, 745, 940E, 947, or 947B.

Daniel Boone

Is Pat Boone related to Daniel Boone?

My 1st cousin's grandmother said Pat Boone was related to her. Elsie was a DAR and is listed in the "Book of Boones" and was raised in Boone, Colorado. That much I have direct knowledge of being correct. You know how these things go in family histories, he said, she said. However, Elsie (Eleanor maybe?) Was very sharp and not prone to exaggerating.

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How did Daniel Boone's son Nathan Boone die?

He died after being kidnapped and tortured by the Shawnee tribe.

Daniel Boone

What are the lyrics to the Daniel Boone theme song?

Daniel Boone was a man. Yes a big man.

With an eye like an eagle and as tall as a mountain was he.

Daniel Boone was a man. Yes a big man.

He was brave, he was fearless and as tough as a mighty oak tree.

From the coonskin cap on the top of ol Dan to the heel of his rawhide shoe

The rippin'est roarin'est fightin'est man the frontier ever knew.

Daniel Boone was a man. Yes a big man.

And he fought for America to make all Americans free.

What a Boone. What a doer. What a dream come'a truer was he.

Daniel Boone

Is Daniel Boone still alive?

Uuumm no he lived around when the Indians were here

Daniel Boone

Did Daniel Boone have any hobbies or special interests?

Yes, banging you're mom.

Daniel Boone

What town did Daniel Boone settle?

he settled the town of boonesborough

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