Daniel Hale Williams

Daniel Hale Williams not only preformed the first open heart surgery in the United States, he also opened the first non-segregated US hospital.

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Is Dr Daniel Hale Williams black?

yes he was he wasn't famous just for the operation on James cornish. he was also because he was black too. PS [not too be races because im black too]

Was Dr Sidney Gottlieb Married?

Yes, he met his wife Margaret Moore while attending Cal Tech, I believe it was in the early 1940's. They had 4 children.

How does Daniel Hale Williams diying impact on people in the world?

the were very sad because he did a lot of very successful open hear surgery

How old is Oren Williams?

Oren Williams was born on Januray 1st, 1992. That would make him15 years old.

Does Oren Williams have a girlfriend?


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Daniel Hale Williams Quotes?

Any thing is possible When Its done In love And In everything You can do should be in love or it will fail.

Where was Dr Daniel Hale Williams born?

Dr. Daniel Hale Williams was born on January 18, 1856 in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania.

Who is Daniel hale Williams?

Daniel Hale Williams was an african-american inventor.He died in 1930.

Daniel Hale Williams was the first doctor to perform open heart surgery in 1893. He also co-founded the National Association of Medicine.

More facts about dr Daniel hale Williams?

He performed a heart sergery that saved a man's life for 20 years

Did Daniel Hale Williams make any contributions?

well because he perform the first surgery on the pericardium, the sac surronding the heart in 1893.

Who is the best colorectal surgeon in US?

Robert Jacobsen, M.D. / Baylor University Hospital, Dallas, TX. Many procedures for my deep horseshoe fistula following abcess drainage. Very conservative approach with 3 year long recovery, but no incontinence! Important for a 40 year old female.

What did Daniel hale Williams do?

Daniel Hale Williams was an African American surgeon who was the first to successfully complete open-heart surgery.

Dr Daniel hale Williams is credited with what?

he was a surgeon. he was the first man to do a sucessful open heart surgery. and he was ''colored'' (black)

When did Daniel Hale Williams live?

Daniel Hale Williams was born on January 18, 1856. He died on August 4, 1931.

How Did Daniel Hale Williams get into Science?

Daniel Hale Williams got into science when a physician went through his town, which convinced Daniel to follow that career path.

What are some quotes from Dr. Daniel Hale Williams?

What obstacles did he overcomeWho is the person? My person is Daniel Hale Williams. He was born on January 18, 1856 in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania. He was the fifth of his six brothers and sisters and was born to Daniel and Sarah Williams. Daniel’s father made his living as a barber. He moved the family to Annapolis, Maryland. Daniel’s dad died of tuberculosis when Daniel was 11. Daniel’s mom could not financially and physically take care of the entire family so they were sent off to relatives and friends. Daniel was sent off to a shoemaker in Baltimore. Daniel ran away from the shoemaker to his mother in Rockford, Illinois. He then moved to Edgerton, Wisconsin and met up with his sister. He also opened a barbershop. He then moved to Janesville and became interested in a physician, Dr Palmer. Daniel applied to Northwestern University Medical School and was accepted. After graduating he opened up a medical business in Chicago, Illinois. What did they discover/invent? Daniel Hale Williams was the first physician to perform a successful open heart surgery. This open heart surgery happened in 1893 when a young man by the name of James Cornish had been rushed to the hospital because he had been stabbed. Dr Williams was unaware what to do to him and he knew he was getting worse each minute. Finally he decided to perform surgery on him. He saw the damage around his heart. He stitched it and cleaned it and sewed his chest back.