Dashes Hyphens and Slashes

Dashes are used to stress a certain point or to indicate an interruption in thought. Hyphens are used to separate a single word’s syllables or to join words. Slashes are commonly used in dates, fractions and to indicate “or”.

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How do you hyphenate transportation?

You mean at the end of a line?

Well it depends on how much room you have hyphenate at a syllable is probably best. If you have little space before the end of the line don't hyphenate a word.

You could hyphenate like this trans-


Is preselected hyphenated?

No, hardly ever.

Sometimes words that would have a double e might be hyphenated, like re-elect just to make them easier to read (reelect).

What is a hyphen?

A single dash used to connect two words to create a compound word.
A hyphen is like a "dash". It is used when writing numbers (like forty-two) or in words such as mother-in-law, ex-wife, and president-elect. Often, it is hard to say whether or not a word is hyphenated. When in doubt, check a dictionary.

Can you hyphenate handmade?

Can you, or should you? You can hyphenate it if you're moving between lines in a paragraph and need to break up the word. You shouldn't hyphenate it normally.

Should ongoing be hyphenated?

No it shouldn't be hyphenated. It is one word.

What is an 'em dash'?

"Em dash" is a printing/typesetting term, and it refers to a dash the width of the capital letter "M". The shorter dash is similarly referred to as an "en dash." There is also the hyphen, which is usually smaller than the en dash. With some modern day fonts, there wouldn't be much difference between the en dash and hyphen.

Em dash can be represented numerically using in HTML, or '\u2014' in Java.

En dash can be represented numerically using in HTML, or '\u2013' in Java.

Does warm up need a hyphen?

If you are using it as a verb, you would never hyphenate. "She will warm up as soon as she reaches the cabin." When used in other ways, you might find it hyphenated or as a compound word, warmup. When used with the sense of warm-up exercises, I would usually use the hyphenated form.

Does semimonthly need a hyphen?

No , it's just semimonthly. Kinda like biweekly .

Hope this helped :)

Why when you enter a WikiAnswers lookup search does it save your history and re-enter what you put when you type similar letters?

Actually, when it "re-enters" or highlights your history search you can press the Delete button on your keyboard and delete the highlighted history and it is going to delete it.

Though, I must say that it's only going to delete that and nothing else. If you want to

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AnswerThis isn't part of WikiAnswers, it's a function of your Web browser.

Internet Explorer, for example, saves the history of everything you enter in Web site forms. It's supposedly a benefit for you.

In IE, you can erase your history like this. Click on Tools > Internet Options > Content > Auto Complete > Clear Forms.. it also is a web form with a lot of information>

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Does the word 'outpatient' have a hyphen?

No. Through common usage, the words inpatient and outpatient no longer use the hyphen that characterized early spellings.

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Would the names of drummer boys who were around 11 years old or so be listed on regimental rosters?

Yes. There were some exceptions in cases in which the drummer was not formally enlisted (and was more of a regimental mascot) but, in the vast majority of cases, any drummer, fifer, or other musician was carried on the regiments rolls as a full-fledged member of the unit, and was entitled to pay, uniform, allowances, pension, etc. The published regimental rosters were derived from the regiment's muster rolls, and would list each member of the regiment regardless of age.

Did you put a hyphen between the words hard and working?

Yes. "Hard-working" is a compound adjective, and therefore requires a hyphen between the two words. It is also correct to omit the hyphen and use the single word, "hardworking."

Do you hyphenate 'mid century'?

  • The hyphen would be located between the mid and the century.
  • 'Mid-century'.

Does mid range have a hyphen?

Yes, mid is not a word in itself, but acts as a prefix and so must be connected to the word following it, usually with a hyphen (although there are exceptions such as midday)

How do you hyphenate the word communicate?

You shouldn't, since it is one word. For hyphenating over two lines, follow the normal rules; separate the word where a syllable ends. The places for this word are comm-un-ic-ate.

What is ndash?

An en dash is a mark of punctuation, like a hyphen, but longer. A hyphen is very short, an em dash is long, and an en dash is in between.

"En" is a measure of size. An en dash is half the width of an em dash. They are named for the capital letter M, which is the widest letter in a typographic font and thus sets a standard of the font, and the capital letter N, which in traditional type measure is half that width. Ens and ems can also measure spaces. For example, a bulleted list might be set with an em space after each bullet and before the start of text.

In use, an en dash is most commonly used for ranges such as with numbers and years. You might see the dates of a person's life listed as, for example, 1875-1960, meaning born in 1875 and died in 1960. In proper typography, that dash between the dates would be an en dash and not a hyphen. Likewise, a range of ages (children 6-8 years old), grades (K-12), sizes (fits size 9-10), and so on would normally be separated by an en dash.

Other uses that occur in print are typically more subtle and probably not necessary to understand unless you are interested in publishing conventions.