David Bowie

David Bowie is a singer-songwriter, actor and record producer. In the music and movie industry for five decades, Bowie has garnered many awards including a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a Knighthood, two Grammy Awards, two Brit Awards and several more. All questions about his life and music can be found here.

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Why is David Bowie called the dame?

I believe its a result of his acceptance of the title given to him by who he refers to as wags ie the tabloids, where they referred to him as Dame David of Bowie.


He was given the name in the 80's by Smash Hits, a music magazine. As well as "Dame David of Bowie" they gave many other people silly names, among them Paul McCartney (Paul "Fab Macca Wacky Thumbs-Aloft" McCartney), Madonna (Madge) and Patrick Swayze (Patrick Swizzle).

Did David bowie write lets dance?

Yes, David Bowie wrote his song "Let's Dance"

What is space oddity about?

The song is about the launch of a rocket containing astronaut Major Tom. A problem develops during the spaceflight and Major Tom is stuck in orbit, unable to return to Earth.

Where can you get the song 'Hanging by the Telephone' by Cat Power?

Cat Power's recording of "Hanging on the Telephone" is not available outside of the Cingular Wireless television commercial in which it features. Originally recorded by the Nerves in 1976, "Hanging on the Telephone" is most often associated with Blondie's 1978 recording from their Parallel Lines LP.

How did David Bowie die?

David Bowie died of cancer on January 10, 2016.

80's remake of space oddity?

Its either by Peter Schilling or Shiny Toy Guns, I'd go with Shiny To guns for the new Car commercials, Peter Schilling for the 80's version

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Who is major tom in space oddity?

Major Tom is a Fictional Astronaut in David Bowies song(Space Oddity) who travels into space never to be found. Or so we think...In another song by David Bowie,Ashes to Ashes, Major Tom reports to ground control that he is happily floating in space. But then in Peter Schillings Song,Major Tom (coming home), Major Tom attempts to return to Earth.Later in the song Tom says give my wife my love and then when ground control attempts to communicate he does not respond. This was sadly the last song directly affecting MAJOR tom. Except, Granddady released the song "He's Simple,he's Dumb,he's the pilot".It does not mention Major Tom but if the pilot is him then Major tom returns to Earth safely.The next song about Major Tom was released by K.I.A which is about his wife waiting on Earth for his return. No more songs were about anything in Space Oddity, but Elton John's Rocket Man may be a reference to Tom. No more songs have been referencing to Major Tom. So Major's Tom fate is still undetermined, leaving a mystery to be solved.........

How old was David Bowie when he died?

David Bowie was 69 years of age when he died on January 10, 2016.

Did James bowie create the bowie knife?

James Black, a blacksmith, created the bowie knife for Jim Bowie himself. After Jim died at the alamo, everyone said they wanted "Jim Bowie's knife." So James started to make them behind his leather curtain, keeping the process from everyone, even though on his deathbed he wanted to share the process with a friend, but couldn't remember how he made it. To sum everything up, No. Jim Bowie used the knife that James Black made, and the knife became popular after Bowie's death at the Alamo. Bowie fanatics (including me) love the knives, and feel like it is an amazing part of Texan history. Bowie's heroism caused the knife to become well known across the country, and that is why the name is the "Bowie knife," because it was the knife Jim used the most.

Who made the bowie?

James bowie made the bowie knife.most people call James bowie Jim bowie. so keep that in mind

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Does David Bowie die in the movie The Hunger?

Technically since his character is a vampire of sorts, he's dead when the film begins.

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He becomes ill. Catherine Deneuve boxes him up and puts him in the attic. But at the end of the film, the boxee's have recovered and it's Deneuve that's boxed.

Did David Bowie record a Christmas song with Bing Crosby?

Yes, For Christmas 1977, David Bowie joined Bing Crosby, of whom he was an ardent admirer, at the ATV Television Studio in Herts England to do "Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy", a version of "Little Drummer Boy" with a new lyric.

Who wrote major tom?

David Bowie wrote lyrics about his fictional (autobiographical) character "Major Tom" for the songs Space Oddity(1969 & 1972) and Ashes to Ashes (1983). Later, Peter Schilling's Major Tom (Coming Home) (1985) hit song pays tribute to Bowie's invented character. Since the introduction of Major Tom in 1969 there has been many references to the character in sitcoms, movies and songs from other artists. It was presumed that Elton John's hit song Rocket Manalluded to the character, a belief that gained some validation when Bowie's live performance of Space Oddity included the lyrics "Oh, Rocketman!".