Days Of Our Lives

Days Of Our Lives is an American soap opera that has aired weekdays on NBC since 1965. The drama details the events in the fictional town of Salem and focuses on two main families - the Bradys and the Hortons.

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Is the Brady Pub on Days of Our Lives real?

No, The Brady Pub is a fictional dining establishment owned and operated by Caroline Brady. Before becoming The Brady Pub, it was The Brady Fish Market, also owned and operated by Caroline and Shawn Brady.

How old is rafe on days of our lives?

Galen Gering, who plays Rafe Hernandez on Days of our Lives, is 40 years old. He was born February 13, 1971.

Who was sami's real mom on Days of Our Lives?

Sami's real mom is Dr. Marlena Evans, and Sami's dad is Roman Brady. Sami also has a twin brother, Eric.

Watch today's episode of days of our lives?

Full episodes of Days of our Lives are available on and on

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How old is Marlena on Days of Our Lives?

Deidre Hall, who played Dr. Marlena Evans, was born on October 31, 1947. As of her last birthday, she is 65 years old. She gonna turn 66 in October. And in Days her character is from 1951, also from October, so Marlena is gonna turn 62 this year.

Are there any couples on Days of Our Lives that are dating in real life?

Bill Hayes and Susan Seaforth Hayes who play Doug and Julie Williams are married in real life and on the show.

How old is Days of Our Lives Diedre Hall?

Diedre Hall, who played Marlena on Days of our Lives, was born on October 31, 1947, which makes her 63.

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How many actors have played Bo Brady on Days of Our Lives?

The character of Bo Brady has only been played by two actors. Primarily, Peter Reckell has played the role from 1983 - 2011. However, there was a period from 1992 - 1995 in which the role was played by Robert Kelker-Kelly.

On friends tv show When Phoebe becomes an extra on Joey's show Days of Our Lives who must she save?

When Phoebe is an extra on the show 'Days of our lives' with Joey, she is a nurse and she must save a man wearing an eye patch.

What Channel is Soap Net on?

AnswerSoap channel on Direct TV is on 262.

on dish it was 188 but change to 252

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How long has Days of Our Lives been on air?

Days of Our Lives first aired on November 8, 1965.

What happened to Ciara on Days of Our Lives?

Ciara was kidnapped by a dirty cop, his girlfriend, and her brother. They held Ciara for ransom, which Bo refused to pay. Ciara was found safely by her parents, but the fact that Bo refused to pay the ransom caused a severe rift in the couple's marriage.

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Who is Stefano Dimera's father on Days of Our Lives?

Stefano's father was Santo DiMera who was portrayed in flashback form by James Scott, who plays E.J.

Why is john black in a wheelchair on Days of Our Lives?

John Black is in a wheelchair because back in 09 when he didn't have any memories due to Stefano, he started going to therapy to try to regain his memory and his psychiatrist was a crazy lady who hated Marlena and tried to inject Marlena with muscle relaxants. John walked through the door and was injected by accident. He ended up being paralyzed neck down, but has feeling back because of his rehab in "Switzerland". He is in the wheelchair because he is still weak. He has been out of it for a while now so thats good!

How many actors played Bo Brady in Days of Our Lives?

Peter Reckell (1983 - 1987, 1990 - 1992, 1995- present)

Brandon Lawrence (1997 in flashbacks)

Robert Kelker-Kelly (1992 - 1995)

Micah Bedrosian (1990 in flashbacks)

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