Daytona Beach

Situated on the Atlantic Ocean, Daytona is a Florida east coast beach. It is world famous as a mecca for spring breakers.

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Best route atlanta to Daytona beach?

  1. Take I-75 SOUTH to I-10 to JACKSONVILLE and TALLAHASSEE at EXIT 435 in Florida. You want I-10 EAST to JACKSONVILLE. On I-75 in Georgia, bypass Macon, GA by taking I-475 (EXIT 177 off I-75).
  2. Take I-10 EAST to I-95 SOUTH to ST. AUGUSTINE via I-295 around Jacksonville. (Exit at EXIT 356 off I-10 to get onto I-295 SOUTH, then exit at EXIT 61A off I-295 to get onto I-95 SOUTH.)
  3. Take I-95 SOUTH to Daytona Beach.

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How many miles between Tallahassee and Daytona beach Florida?

The distance between the starting point and the destination is 244mi, ( 408.7km), and will take approximately 3 hours 57 minutes of driving time.

Are there Dachshund races in Daytona beach Florida?

why would anyone want to make poor little dachshunds race? ____________________________________________________________ An excerpt from BARBERVILLE, FL – July 30, 2008 — Anticipation is building for the first ever Barberville Wiener Nationals when Volusia Speedway presents the Dog Days of Summer Night on Saturday, August 2. Fans will be treated to free hot dogs (while supplies last). Wiener dogs (dachshunds) will take to the track for special racing excitement during intermission. A large showing of the short-legged canines is expected for this event. Florida Short Track Report is on board with the action offering a special $20 bonus to the winning dog so he/she can be treated to something special – “a cheeseburger, or chicken strips”, suggests Tom Sherrill. Along with all the Dog Days fun, Volusia Speedway welcomes Mini-Stock division sponsor, RBC Bank to the Speedway. Hot weekly racing will include not only the RBC Bank Mini-Stocks, but the Daytona Dodge Chrysler Late Models, Taylor Racing Products Sportsman, UMP DIRTcar Street Stocks and Aerotec Aluminum 4-Cylinder Pure Stocks. As part of the Dog Days promotion, racers will be able to make use of the “Lucky Dog” concept used for lapped cars in NASCAR racing during the feature races. And don’t forget that coming up on Saturday, August 9: Rasslin and Racin at Volusia Speedway. FWA – Florida Wrestling Association wrestling begins at 5:30 followed by racing on the south’s fastest ½ mile at 7:30. One $12 ticket for two big shows! Bring the entire family for the best value in family entertainment in the area. Children ages 10 and under are always admitted free. Regular weekly adult admission is $10 , students ages 11 to 15 are $5. Gates open at 5:00 – racing begins at 7:30. Volusia Speedway Park is located 15 miles west of Ormond Beach, FL on State Road 40. Additional information and updates will be available on the website –, or call 386-985-4402.

Does Daytona Beach have taxis?

Yes, there are several taxi services in Daytona Beach, including Yellow Cab and Southern Komfort:

From the Airport:


Companies serving the airport include: A1A Cab Inc. (+1 386 252 9999), American Taxi (+1 386 253 0303), Southern Comfort (+1 386 252 2222), and Yellow Cab (+1 386 255 5555). Aristocrat offers taxi/bus service (+1 386 299 9999) and limo service (+1 386 253 1959).

What is the distance from cambridge UK to Daytona beach?

4,295.60 miles

6,913.09 kilometers

22,680,749.62 feet

6,913,092.49 meters straight line according to Google earth

What is the elevation of Daytona Beach?

The field elevation of the Daytona Beach airport is 34 feet above mean sea level.

How much are the tolls on IL Toll Roads?

They vary. You can find a table here:,1495185

Driving distance between Orlando and Daytona Beach?

The driving distance from Orlando, FL, USA to Daytona Beach, FL, USA is about 55.09mi / 88.65km

I'm 16 turning 17 in 2 months I live in Daytona Beach Florida and Ive been dating a 23 year old for 1 year now How can we get married without him getting into trouble with the law?

" can' you have to wait a are still young even if you did get married you would end up getting a divorce, you are too young to be thinkin about that can still date him....but live for a little while before you make a huge commitment, go to college get a job, LIVE, you are still a baby, act like one!"

I love how on all of these that i have read, everyone who answers is like aww your so young you dont know anything. live and be a baby. im not trying to diss the older wiser people. but perhaps you should open your ears and get off your high horses.

What is Daytona Beach famous for?

Daytona Beach is famous as a vacation destination and for stock car racing. The Daytona 500 race is the first race of the NASCAR season.

Who serves the best breakfast on Daytona Beach?

The Cracked Egg Diner in Daytona is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How far is Daytona to Madeira beach?

Daytona Beach to Madeira Beach is 3 h 5 min (166.6 mi) via I-4 W

Is spring break in Daytona Beach good?

Of course! Daytona Beach is definitely the place to be for spring break. Everyone here is friendly, and there's never a night with out a party!