Dead Sea

Also known as Salt Sea, Dead Sea is the deepest hypersaline lake and one of the saltiest bodies of water in the world. It is bordered by Jordan to the east and West Bank and Israel to the west.

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Why is the Dead Sea named the Dead Sea?

because Jesus Christ took the sand of the dead sea and placed on a person who had a disease and he was healed

It is called dead because it is thought to be without life by most people. The high salt content in the water ensures there is no life in the waters resulting in a dead (lifeless) sea.

The Dead Sea is around 8.6 times more salty than a ocean. This salinity makes for a harsh environment where animals cannot flourish, because they cannot drink it, hence its name.

There is however some algae that actually thrive in this water. They are specially adapted and to my knowledge are not found elsewhere in the world.

There may also be bacteria called halophilis, an archeabactera that can survive in extreme conditions.

Metaphorically, the Dead Sea is called that because water does not flow out of it. All rivers lead in, none go out--as if the river dies in it.

There is a thriving tourist industry as people visit the lowest place on earth, float on the water and take the salt and mud baths.

Also there is chemical industry that extracts the salt and potash and sells it around the world.

Because its dead as opposed to other oceans with oxygen and living organisms in them.

How far is it from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea?

It is 15 miles from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea! I'm glad to help.

Where in Asia is the dead sea located?

It is located in south west Asia. In Jerusalem and Israel. It is also connected to the Jordan river.

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Why can we float in Dead Sea even if we can't swim?

The higher the salt content of seawater, the more buoyant the water is. And the Dead Sea has the highest salt content of any body of water in the world.

Are there fish unique to the dead sea?

No, the Dead Sea is called "dead" because its high salinity prevents macroscopic aquatic organisms, such as fish and aquatic plants, from living in it.

Why dead sea special?

because that's the place where the part of old testament found.that's why the dead sea is special

and also because the water is so salty that nothing can live in it. Due to the local scorching rainless climate the surface water evaporates. the salt dissolved in it remains making the water still saltier. this explains why the dead sea has a salt content not of 2 or 3% like most marine water but 27%!!. the water of the dead sea exhibits a very curious property b/c of its saltiness. since it is much heavier than ordinary sea water, u'll never sink in it because u are much lighter. so according to the law of buoyancy we'd never drown in the dead sea: we'd pop up to the surface just like an ordinary egg in salt water- which, incidentally, sinks in fresh water. ( sorry mate, didn't mean u're an egg)

What is difference in elevation between the dead sea and mount Everest?

Roughly 30,373ft (9257.6m).

The elevation of Mount Everest is 29,035ft [above sea level] and the Dead Sea's elevation is 1,388ft below sea level, making it the lowest place on Earth.

What is the lowest spot on earth that you can visit?

The Dead Sea at 1,378 ft below sea level is the lowest place on earth.

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In J. M. Synge's 'Riders to the Sea' what is the mention of Bride Dara and her seeing 'the dead man with a child in his arms' about?

In J.M.Synges play "Riders to the Sea"

The Bride Dara is mentioned by Maurya the mother of Bartley and Michael. The Bride Dara must like Maurya had a vision of loved ones who where dead.

You can find the whole script of the play on

Hope this helps.


"Bride" is an archaic form of the name "Brigid," one of the great pagan Goddesses of Ireland. Brigid was later "Christianized" and turned into one of the Catholic saints, who founded a double monastary and convent in Cill-Dara. "Bride Dara" is therefore a sort of shorthand way of saying "Brigid of Dara."

Many of the myths surrounding the Goddess Brigid were tacked on to the saint by the common Irish people. One of these stories is of the death of Brigid's son. The story says that she invented keening while mourning the death of her son on the battlefield. This is the origin of Maura's allusion.

Which sea does not exist sea of tranquility or dead sea?

Both exist, as in there is an area with that name. Both are not bodies of water. The Sea of Tranquility is an area on Earth's moon but has no water. The Dead Sea is a body of water on Earth.

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Why is the dead sea so salty?

The Dead Sea is salty because it has no outlets. Any minerals which flow into it stay there. All bodies of fresh water have outlets which allow them to dispose of dissolved minerals which flow into them from their sources. Oceans and seas typically have no outlets (although there are exceptions; the Mediterranean Sea is saltier than the Atlantic Ocean, and loses mineral-laden water by a deep outflow layer).
There are three factors which contribute to the salinity of the Daed Sea. First, the Dead Sea was formed by a rift in two tectonic plates. The spreading of the two plates created a low spot, which is still sinking, near several rivers. Then, it is land locked, and several rivers lead to the Dead Sea, but no rivers carry water away from the Dead Sea. Finally, the Dead Sea is located in a very hot climate. So, a very sunken body of water is continually being fed more salt water from rivers where the hot temperatures evaporate the water leaving the salt minerals behind.
the dead sea is below sea level and so can't drain into the sea. salt is dissolved into the river Jordan which empties into the dead sea. because it is in a desert there isn't enough water to fill it up and flush it into the sea so the salt accumulates. if there was adequate water fall the region (large parts of Israel and Jordan) would be a massive fresh water lake but the desert doesn't allow this to happen.

Why cant you swim in the dead sea?

you could swim in well more like float because the the Dead Sea is extremely concentrated with dissolved mineral salts, the water density is much greater then any other salt water including the ocean

What are the Dead Sea Scrolls?

To date they are probably the single most significant archeological discovery relating to the Bible. They confirm empirically, for all to see, what had previously been believed, namely, that the scribes who copied the Old Testament scriptures did so with the utmost accuracy. The few differences between the text of the Old Testament from Qmran, obviously much closer to the originals, and the surviving texts from much later confirms how greatly accurate was the hand copying process.

Further to this, a number of other important discoveries were among the Qmran manusctipts, including a fragment of the Gospel of Mark, old enough to be an original, dated before AD 70. The other significant find was an entire Isaiah scroll, thus refuting the documentary ideas of an Isaiah written by multiple authors at different times.

If you have a question about the Dead Sea scrolls, feel free to ask.

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They are parchment scrolls found in 1947 in the Judean Desert, which date back some 2100 years. They were apparently written by a non-traditional group such as the Essenes, but nonetheless they demonstrate (in some cases) that the Masoretic Text is as accurate as tradition says it is.

Why is Red Sea named the Dead Sea?

The Red Sea and the Dead Sea are two separate bodies of water.

The Red Sea separates Africa from Asia. It is a large inlet of the Indian Ocean.

The Dead Sea is a large saltwater lake bordering Israel, Jordan and the West Bank. It is made after the river Jordan flows from the Sea of Gallilae down the river and lands there. It gets it's name The Dead Sea because it is so salty nothing can live in it.

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