Deadpool (Wade Wilson)

Deadpool (Wade Wilson) is a mercenary from Marvel Comics. He has appeared in several Marvel series, such as X-Men, Spider-Man, and Captain America. He has also had runs of his own title series.

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Why does Deadpool talk so much?

Wade Wilson (aka) Deadpool had terrible cancer and was going to die so they gave him wolverine genetics to stop his cancer and make him into a weapon. The side effect is his brain is constantly regenerating and changing so it never shuts up. That's why he talks so much and says crazy things.

Did deadpool die in x men origins?

no he didnt he has a healing factor from a DNA sample from wolverine he got while on weapon x he can regenerate any body part or an entire body so he did not die

What weapon does deadpool have in X-Men?

Two swords and lots of guns

-Additionally he has an advanced regenerative power on record as being faster than Wolverines. Due to his advanced rate of regeneration combined with his dying brain cells at the time of the procedure, he is near completely immune to telepathy. He also has superhuman strength and stamina as well as heightened agility and reflexes.

Who is deadpool created by Stan lee and in marvel?

'Deadpool' , a Marvel comic-book character , was created by artist Rob Liefeld and writer Fabian Nicieza .

Who is deadpool's girlfriend?

he had 4. Vanesa aka Copycat but it was before he became Deadpool.After he became Deadpool it was an on & off again relationship

he was also involved with Teresa Cassidy aka Siryn from X-Force

then there was Typhoid Mary

& also Sandi Brandenberg when he was back into the merc business

Who would win Hulk vs deadpool?

hulk has no limit in any thing any way hulk in 2003 can go 2000 k an hour, hulk is bigger, stronger has has way more muscles. My best friend I know since I was a baby, Angel Medina Reyes, says that Deadpool could kill Hulk. He said when Hulk tears him apart, Hulk will turn back to Bruce Banner, and Deadpool will recreate his body and slice Bruce's head off.

How did Deadpool get the symbiote suit?

In Deadpool and Cable #50 deadpool is kiling the last venom O saur when it tries to bond with him only lasts a few seconds though

Who would win batman or deadpool?

I must admit I like deadpool way more than Batman but batman could probable stop him with technology Eg Freeze ray batarang

Its possible deadpool could win but only if he pulls the same type of move he use on daredevil (big explosive made to look like baby

Well, at first i was thinkin that batman could stop him, but you gotta remember that deadpools got guns. If he can get 1 shot at his face and bats is done for. Then again batman might move around to much for deadpool to get a good shot. Plus once bats can catch deadpool hes not going anywhere. I don't know, i really just picture the fight with deadpool talkin crap and he eventually will let his guard down and then bats would knock him out.

Which episode of ''x-men'' has deadpool?

While Deadpool doesn't directly appear in the X-Men animated series, Morph shapeshifted into Deadpool in the episode "Whatever it Takes", and when Xavier's dark side projected an image of Deadpool to attack Wolverine in the episode "Dark Shroud" (episode 2 of the Phoenix Saga).

Can deadpool die?

NO. Let me rephrase that...Hell No! Deadpool has been cursed with the inability to die. When he was subjected to the weapon x project he came close to death many times. During these near death experiences, he started to perceive the entity known as death and became enamored with her. Death itself returned interest as it was unheard of for mortals to see Death before they expire. The titan Thanos, who was also in love with Death, became jealous and was able to curse Wade with the inability to die, thus forbidding Wilson from ever being able to be with Death.

To a certain extent it can be said that Deadpool has reality bending powers. This is similar in a way to Spider-man's recently acquired psychic blind spot. Something will always happen if Deadpool is ever faced with a situation that could kill him that will prevent him from being permanantly killed. They say he can be killed by decapitation, but every time he has been decapitated someone or something has intervened and reattached his head. If someone were to cut is head off and have his head and body seperately submersed in cement and thrown in two separate volcanoes across the world from each other he would still somehow survive.

No Deadpool cannot be killed.

Deadpool movie is better than Fantastic 4 Movie?

The Deadpool movie has not yet been released so I couldn't tell you for certain what fans and critics are saying. However, the newest Fantastic Four movies has not received much praise from either fans or critics. It was also not highly anticipated. The Deadpool movie on the other hand IS highly anticipated and expected to be a great movie.

Where can you buy deadpool comics?

You can find a wide variety of Deadpool comics at the link below .

Could Batman beat deadpool in a fight?

Neither one of them has any special ability other than deadpools healing factor. They both have exceptional knowledge of martial arts and their reflexes compared to most are far superior. However, Batman has the ability to learn someone's weakness and use it against them. It wouldn't take long for him to notice Deadpool's healing factor and proceed to stop him the only way anyone can. Decapitation.

What was deadpool's nick name?

Deadpool is actually one of Major Wade Wilson's many nicknames. Other than Deadpool his other most common nickname is "Merc with a Mouth".

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Who is stronger deadpool or carnage?

Deadpool; because his humour adds 15+ hit power to his attack

Is Deadpool the Marvel equivalent of the Joker?

Although both of them are insane in some form or another, the Joker's insanity isn't usually a source of humour but rather the thing that makes him a good evil counterpart to Batman. The closest DC equivalent to Deadpool would probably be Ambush Bug because both of their humour is very meta, stemming from the fact that they are aware they are in comic books, including being able to see the speech bubbles, mechanics of the comic book universe, and so on. This extends to games and (presumably) to screen appearances as wll.

Is deadpool in x men evolution?

he is not seen in the show but he is mentioned by his real name wade by omega red in the episode "target x"

Can Deadpool survive decapitation?

Deadpool has been artificially endowed with a superhuman regenerative healing factor by the Weapon X program that is at times shown to be superior to that of Wolverine's or Sabretooth's. As Deadpool had cancer at the time of the gene therapy, it has been suppressed by the "healing factor", which continually regenerates every cell in Deadpool's body, keeping the cancer at bay. However, an unanticipated side effect resulted in a rapid acceleration of the tumors as well, causing them to quickly spread across his entire body as soon as his powers fully activated. Though the healing factor keeps them from becoming what would otherwise be a horribly debilitating condition, this causes his body to be in a constant state of flux and regeneration. His powers' full manifestation also appeared to contribute to his insanity, he himself declared awareness of a growing detachment from reality moments after. Removal of his powers would cause him a cancer relapse, as he is aware. As a by-product of his healing factor, he possess enhanced strength, agility, and reflexes. The healing factor enables him to regenerate damaged or destroyed tissue with much greater speed and efficiency than an ordinary human. He can regenerate whole organs and even severed limbs. In at least one instance, Deadpool, after breaking nearly every bone in his body, strapped himself to a rack so his bones set properly. He has survived being decapitated, though his head did not regenerate; it was simply replaced and healed back to his torso. Yes ^^