Deal or No Deal

Television game show Deal or No Deal was produced by Endemol and is played by choosing a case out of the 26 cases and contends with the banker’s offer by answering the titular question: “Deal or no deal?”

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Deal or No Deal

Did Noel Edmonds kill someone a long time ago?

yes, he killed 12 people from the age 18-43. In 1987 they coverd up all murders in order to keep the public away.

Deal or No Deal

What are the deal or no deal rules?

After picking your case select six of the remaining 25 cases to reveal one at a time. You will get a phone call from the banker, who makes an offer to buy the contestant's case for a certain amount of money, based on the cash amounts still in play. If you accept the buyout, the game then ends, and the contents of your case are revealed along with the whereabouts of the remaining prizes. Should you refuse the offer, you then must choose five of the remaining cases to eliminate from consideration. Another deal with the banker is made, and play continues as before.

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Deal or No Deal

How do you deal with bedtime stalling techniques?

Advice from the Q&A community:Set routine is keyThe thing that worked for me was to have a set routine. At a set time (depending on the age) my children had their baths/showers, got their pajamas on and went to their beds with a book. Half an hour later,lights out! When they were small, either their father or I read them a story. I found cutting off the TV, (or now it is video games probably) at a set time was very helpful. If your child knows that 8:30 or whatever you deem is appropriate is bedtime, period -- no debating, he will be more likely to cooperate. If not there should be consequences, like making bedtime ten minutes earlier or something similar. Obviously one needs to make adjustments according to the age of the child. But, kids are kids and their main purpose is to drive us (supposedly) adults bonkers. Offering a choiceAfter my children have tried to stall bedtime more than once, I simply say, "You have a choice: You can go to bed now with no more excuses, or you can go to bed 15 minutes earlier tomorrow night." It gives them a choice so that they feel some control over the situation, and yet it gets the job done!

I would stress how effective giving this "choice" can be. Depending on their age, the child does not understand that they really aren't given a choice, per say. But by making them think that it's up to them whether they suffer consequences or not, they are more likely to respond by doing exactly what they're supposed to do, but not really understanding that they're doing it. Again, stress that, "It's not up to me. YOU decide. It's your choice whether you go to bed 10 min. or an hour earlier tomorrow. Fight about bedtime tonight if you want, it's your choice, but tomorrow you'll be sorry."

RemindersYou should point out that they are stalling, and that it is bedtime *right now*. Another option to add on is to remind them that (fill in with stalling technique) can be done tomorrow.

Red Skelton once said, "Any kid will run any errand for you, if you ask at bedtime."

Deal or No Deal

How can you become a deal or no deal case opener?

Hi, try logging onto: -

Deal or No Deal

Who is the dealer on deal or no deal?

Howie Mandell

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Deal or No Deal

Deal or no deal arcade trick?

I was at my local arcade and I overherd a guy talking to his friends that his uncle programed those games and that they had some sort of algorithym he played and won the 200 tickes every time.. hope this helps

Deal or No Deal

Is Deal or No Deal game show gambling?


Deal or No Deal

How do you play deal or no deal on roblox?

Well... You need that bald guy that hosts the show.

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Deal or No Deal

How do you deal with dating a bipolar person when you are bipolar yourself?

It is natural to want to stay in the comfort zone of having your mate with a bipolar problem, but, it really doesn't help either of you as you could feed off each other and sometimes one person could be down, the other one up, but soon dragged down. It's best for bipolar people to date someone that is more up beat, doesn't have bipolar (we all get depressed during our lives) so they can help you through the rough spots and you are around the norm which hopefully will help strengthen you and give you something to hang onto.

By no means am I saying that bipolar people are to be labeled, but, for two to date, in most cases it's just that two bipolar people feel safer with each other, have more in common and they are in a comfort zone and fearful of meeting someone who is not bipolar.

AnswerTotally! For me, it took me having to be with a well-rounded person for years and when finally reaching the point of rapid-cycles to tell me that something is wrong! I was very very fortunate because even though my condition scared my boyfriend because I had done such a 360 he still stuck in there with me. This is crucial and people who are bipolar commonly bail when stressed out, this is their coping method. It doesn't help when your partner is telling you its alright to escape when balance is what you need the MOST. It is so common for bipolar people to feed off their friends who love having the 'life of the party' around and I would think that if I dated a bipolar person that I would be sick of dealing with the highs and lows TWICE. Certainly a dating couple with this disorder need to, without a doubt, find and take religiously the medication that works for them. Your partner could help you get through the rough and degrading experience of finding that medication which is compatible to your body's chemistry. I was lucky to have found Lithium at the right moment but it took me admitting I had a problem but that was ok because I knew something was not right ALL MY LIFE, it was more of a eureka moment, but that didnt stop me from taking three months to take my medication seriously.

___________________________________________________________________________dont see it as a mental illness if they are seeking treatment lust let life take its natural course and just be yourself

Deal or No Deal

Who is the banker on Deal or No Deal?

The banker is real but they never show his face because if you like make friends with him and you get on the show he might give you high deals.So he doesn't want to be biased.

Actually, the banker is named Peter Abbay an here is a link to his picture, he says he is hot but no just no LOL.

PS: Watch out picture might scare you he is very ugly no wonder none wants to see his face!

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How do you deal with a creditor if you have dated signed proof of damages yet they will not budge on amounts?

About your only choice is to either go to a credit counselor or an attorney and have them negotiate for you. If they won't listen to you, you need a representative who can get their attention.

Deal or No Deal

What is salary for deal or no deal case girl?

Over 100,000/ yr.

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Deal or No Deal

What is a Straw deal?

A straw deal in car selling occurs when one individual puts a car in his or her name but another person will be driving it and making the payments. Illegal in most jurisdictions and unwise on the part of the individual signing the contract.

Deal or No Deal

What's the least money won on deal or no deal?


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Gay Lesbian and Bisexual
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How do you deal with homophobia?

To deal with homophobia from a peer/friend/family member, just ignore it at first but don't give in to their ignorance and passively hide your ways. Be proud of who you are if that is the case. Never be ashamed and hide/disguise yourself as a heterosexual if that's not who you are. It can mentally destroy both you and your fake partner, if you ever obtained one to cover your true self up. If it was a personal, hurtful situation with friends or family, peacefully confront that person, telling them that you are proud and what you are is not a result from choice. Homophobia usually results from people not knowing what something is. I don't believe that homophobia is a fear; it's just pure ignorance. Most homophobes believe that a homosexual is attracted to ALL members of the same sex and are afraid to approach them. Sometimes, homophobes may be jealous because they know that opposite-sex relationships can be very hurtful and hard. Heterosexuals who are homophobic may be ashamed of their own orientation, so be careful when dealing with them because it may lead to a breakdown. Whatever you do, just stay true to yourself. If you have a friend who is constantly knocked around because of homophobic peers, stick up for them with all of your heart. :)

Deal or No Deal

How many 1 million dallors winners on Deal or No Deal?


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Deal or No Deal

How do you deal with unruly passenger?

try to be understanding

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Deal or No Deal

Where can you play lets make a deal online?

There is an app on FAcebook

Deal or No Deal

How would you deal with a difficult costomer?

Try to remain calm and see things from the customers point of view. If reasoning and talking with them doesn't help the situation get a supervisor and allow them to take care of the problem.

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How do to deal with blackmail?

If you have done something bad, you confess to remove the blackmail e.g. beat them to it!! Telling someone what is happening also takes the fear away and gives you support. If you are afraid of the blackmailer, then get help from the police. Cris' answer: Those crazy words "the truth shall set you free" will actually solve your problem. Blackmail only works if you have something you want to hide and you want to keep it hidden. Come to terms with your shame/embarassment/fear and be honest with yourself and others. The truth is empowering.... on the other hand removing the threat is another option although it is considered unethical and may cause more of a headache.

Deal or No Deal
How To

How-to enter game show deal or no deal?

I think you must e-mail the game site or fill out an online application

To apply for the UK show the official Deal or no deal game website is your best bet. The show is filmed in Bristol, audience tickets are also available from that site.

Deal or No Deal

What is the Banker's name on Deal or no Deal?

No one know who the banker on deal or no deal but he good at making high prices and he wants to be baised

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How do you deal with an angry customer on the phone?

The most important thing you need to do when talking to an upset person on the phone, is deal with their emotions. Callers like this often have only 2 problems: the thing that's got them upset, and the fact that they're upset. The latter is the bigger of your problems when an angry person calls you. Emotional release is the only way to REALLY get through this without losing it.

Step One: Let them vent. Let them cry, yell, swear, or do whatever, and you need to take it. Yes, with a smile. Once they're done talking, they WILL shut up, and listen to you because at this point, they will have finished dumping their problem on your shoulders, and made you responsible for fixing it. They won't have anything else to say unless it's an answer to any questions you might have for them.

Step Two: Talk about it. If they are a customer of yours, then paraphrase the issue. Rephrase it in your own words. Doing so will show them that you have been listening, and it's all sunken in. And don't just talk about the basic problem. If their "suffering" has been prolonged, then it's best to mention the duration as well, while you're doing this. It may not be a big deal for you, but the issue might be urgent for the caller, and it's best to treat it the same way, and give it the due respect.

Step Three: DON'T apologise. Saying "Sorry" will fix nothing. It won't help you either. Not unless you've failed to meet some kind of commitment you made. If the problem happened by itself, it's not your fault, so don't apologise for it.

Step Four: Empathise with the caller. This is like bandaging the wound inflicted upon your caller. Showing that you understand (even if you really don't) definitely helps to mollify most people and is a further step into emotional release. Follow up with an assurance that you are definitely going to help them. You may fix the problem, but if they're really upset when they call, they will not feel any positive feelings towards you, and they will remain upset at you/your organisation for letting them get into the mess in the first place. Completing Step Four will ensure that you impress upon the caller that you care about their problem, and they will like you for it. Do a good enough job, and you may even receive a commendation from your caller, if you work in a call center.

Step Five: Wrap things up. Don't get off the phone until you're sure that your caller is convinced that their problem has really been fixed. Try to elicit a statement to this effect from them, if you can manage it. If your call is being recorded, so much the better for you. Once you've fixed things, now is the time to apologise to your caller, as a finishing touch.

If you understand these five steps, then consider yourself armed and ready to face the worst of the worse from any angry caller - even the swearers. Good luck, mate!

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How do you deal with a bootlicker?

Give them the minimal amount of attention and keep repeating simply that you are not interested. This gives them less to "feed on," and over time, if you can keep the consistency, they should go away. Block emails and do not return phone calls or talk about them with anyone. Do not accept favors, money, or anything at all from them.

Deal or No Deal

How much do the deal or no deal models get paid?

there was an E! biography clip on them and Claudia quoted makeing over 6 figures ... I didn't catch if it was per episode, or per day. But she did say that she has bought 3 houses.


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