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Depression and Bipolar Disorder

Questions and answers about Depression and Bipolar disorder, including symptoms of the illness, and how to help those who suffer from it.

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Do animals ever suffer from depression?

Some animals, like dogs and many primates, definitely display signs of depression (mainly loss of interest in pleasurable activities, changes in sleep patterns, and changes in social behavior). However, since they can't communicate how they're thinking and feeling the way a human can, it’s impossible to say for sure if animals exhibiting those symptoms could be diagnosed with depression....
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Is depression a mental diseases?

actually, no. It is a real disease that does affect the mind but is originally not a mental disease ...
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Where can someone find info about bipolar disorder?

Bipolar Disorder is a common mental illness that can be controlled by the use of medicine. To find out if you have bipolar disorder you should first consult your physician for an prescription to see a psychologist. If you are looking for other routes, you can always search Web MD. ...
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Do mood swings make me bipolar?

Mood swings are a symptom of bipolar; but that does not definitively mean you are bipolar; your best bet is to go to a doctor. There are times when you may have symptoms but not the disease. ...
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What are treatments for depression?

One of the most effective methods for treating depression is by scheduling regular visits with a psychologist. Another method to effectively curb depression is by spending time with friends and family, which definitely cheers you up and helps you get out of depression. ...
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I am showing symptoms of depression and was wondering treatment options.?

I would consult your doctor first, but sometimes taking medications is all you need and maybe even doing some psychotherapy to help treat your depression symptoms. ...
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Are there depression treatment options?

There are multiple forms of medication that you can take such as SSRIs, SNRIs, or even NDRIs. I would check with your doctor to see which would be better for you, however, SSRIs are the most perferred treatment medication to treat symptoms of depression. ...
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What is the best depression treatment center?

I think the best place to get treatment for your depression symptoms is with your local doctor. They can generally control your symptoms with SSRI medications ...
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What can I do about anxiety and depression?

Anxiety and depression can be caused from various amount of things related to everyday routines. Visiting a counselor would be very helpful with the anxiety and depression. In doing that, the counselor would be able to get to the source of the anxiety and depression, and suggest a way to decrease the issues. ...
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The Importance Of Seeking Help For Depression?

Depression is a psychological condition that affects a large percentage of the population of the world. The exact causes for some types of depression are not fully understood. Depression can cause a number of different changes in an individual that can be noticed by friends and family. This can include withdraw from social situations, isolation and a sense of distraction during regular activities. A person who might be suffering from depression should consult a medical professional in order to receive an accurate diagnosis. Depression...
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What type of depression treatment is available in my area?

Depression is quite common and is a good way to release stress it is bad for your health so I recommend treatment immediately for everything that is good in the world get some love into your egg flatulence. ...
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Is there a Bi Polar Test that can be done at home?

There is a website called which has an online bipolar test. It also has articles about the symptoms of being bipolar, and those should help as well. ...
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What is a website that discusses the symptoms of bi polar disorder?

A very accurate and helpful website to check for bi-polarism is It will ask you a multitude of easy to answer questions, then determine if you or the subject has bi-polarism. If you are diagnosed with it, it will provide you with various solutions regarding how to deal with it. ...
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Is there a book that has a bipolar quiz in it?

Author Kay Redfield Jamison wrote a book that explains the bipolar disorder. There is a section that includes a bipolar quiz to determine if someone has the disorder. The book also discusses the results of the quiz. ...
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From the experience described do I have bi polar?

This can be classified as Bipolar. I am actually a diagnosed and medicated Bipolar person. Bipolar and Depression symptoms can be very similar but if your emotions are rapid and changing constantly, this would be classified more as a Bipolar condition. ...
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Do you think I have bi polar disorder?

If you think or suspect yourself you have a bipolar disorder you need to book an appointment to your physician immediately. The physician will take some tests from you. ...
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What is Postpartum Insomnia?

Experts refer to the period after a woman gives birth as the postpartum period. This can last for several months, and many women experience different problems and side effects during this phase. These side effects can include anxious thoughts, depression and insomnia. What is Postpartum Insomnia? You might hear the word insomnia tossed about on a regular basis. Insomnia is a medical condition that makes it difficult or impossible for a person to fall asleep. Those who fall asleep but wake up throughout the...
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Is Depression Wrecking Your Sleep?

Problems with sleep are fairly common. Many different situations can cause sleep disturbance, including stress, snoring, working in odd shifts and of course illness. Medication and even certain types of food and drink can hinder one's sleep, such as caffeine, as can eating a large meal too late at night. One of the types of illnesses that can create problems with your sleep is depression. This is largely due to the negative thoughts that frequently go through their minds. While some people...
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What are the symptoms of someone who may be suffering from manic depressive disorder?

Sudden weird behavior is a major sign of such a disorder. It is best to go talk to a psychiatrist. ...
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Where can I learn more about manic depressive disorder online?

You can get the exact information about the manic depressive disorder by going to WebMD which is available online for more than 5 years and also the main advantage of this site is it is having more number of articles with user experiences ...
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What are the signs of a major depressive disorder?

The signs of major depressive disorder are having no interest or pleasure in daily practices, or being depressed for a two week period. Other signs are major weight loss without dieting, insomnia, fatigue and/or no energy every day, inability to think or concentrate and suicidal thoughts. ...
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What are the normal symptoms for manic depressive disorder?

The main symptom of manic depressive disorder is extreme mood changes. A manic depressive person will have high (manic) and low (depressive) episodes. During a manic episode, the person will be hyperactive and feel elated. During a depressive episode, the person will experience severe sadness and may even become suicidal. ...
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What are the normal symptoms for manic depression?

Symptoms of manic depression, or bipolar disorder, can vary from person to person and needs to be diagnosed by a mental professional. Some people who have it are more manic, where some are more depressed, where others shift from one to the other. Symptoms can include hyperactivity, recklessness, depression, mood swings, loss of control, lack of sleep, aggression, as well as others. ...
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What are the typical clinical depression symptoms?

Sleeplessness, anxiety, constant feeling of sadness and hopelessness all are symptoms of depression. If you ever feel as though the safety of your own life is at risk, you need to contact a help line immediately. Depression is curable, you don't have to live this way. ...