Detective Conan (anime and manga)

Detective Conan, also known as Case Closed, is a Japanese mystery manga, by Gosho Aoyama.

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When will detective Conan movie 15 release?

it came out in japan in April and will be released on DVD there in october. but I'm not sure about other places. that's why i looked this up in the first place.

Detective Conan last episode?

I don't know but detective Conan has two new seasons it has season 17 and 18

How many seasons are there of case closed?

20 seasons 604 episodes and still going in Japan

5 seasons 130 episode were released in America but was discontinued

Where we can watch Detective Conan episode 521 with English subtitle?

The link won't let me allow the link, so you'll have to remove the spaces within the link

HTTP :// www3.

Why are the character names different than the original Japanese version in the anime 'Case Closed'?

Companies buy the product (anime) from Japan and attain all rights to it. It is them who are allowed to alter it in anyway they want. So when the American version comes out it may be different from the Japanese version to suit the interest of the buyers.

What is the number of the last episode of Detective Conan?

Naroto will die and Hainata will die after him <-- (?)

The Last Episode of Detective Conan has not yet been aired; it is still ongoing.

Where is the best detective Conan site?

The best detective conan site would be It is good for anime on the whole.

What episode of dETECTIVE Conan?

There are many episodes in detective conan. There are around 700 episodes.

Where can you download Detective Conan for free?

I want it to be in Japanese with English subtitles. No English dubbed, please. And I don't want it to be a Megavideo. I don't mind watch online, but I'd rather download it. Thanks in advance.

Where can you watch Detective Conan Episode 215?

hai there!u can download this episode for free at

u will love it!


I've tried for the past week and it's painfully obvious that episodes 215-218 are universally unsubbed, so unless you know another language you're out of luck and need to skip them I guess.


Hey, these episodes can also be watched on in English dubbed. : )

Where can you watch Detective Conan last episode?

Detective Conan is an ongoing episode so there is no last episode yet.

Where can you watch detective Conan in English?

watch my video on youtube has detective conan case closed all episodes from 1-130 in english enjoy :)

What episode of detective Conan does Conan get shot?

In episode 188-189, Conan gets shot while solving a mystery in a cave (188-189 are part of the Desperate Revival series, episodes 187-192). Because of this, Conan needs a blood transfusion, and a few other interesting things happen...

How many case closed books are there?

There are at least 818 that's how many i have check out

Where can you find Case Closed episode 131 English dub?

You cant, sad to say but the variety of dubbed case closed episodes stop at episode 130.

When is case closed episode 131 coming out?

Well, in Japan episode 131 already been out like in the 1997 or some thing. But in America is different. It will come out if people will buy more DVDs and movies.

I hear the sales are going up. They already sold out season 1.