Detective Conan (anime and manga)

Detective Conan, also known as Case Closed, is a Japanese mystery manga, by Gosho Aoyama.

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Will there be an ending to Detective Conan?

Yes.. As the creator of detective conan Gusho or somewhat names guy said that he will not continue it after 100 volumes.

How old is Conan from Detective Conan?

Conan has the appearance of a 6-7 year old. Because he shrunk into a little kid. (3rdgrader.) However, he is actually 17 (and his real name is Shinichi/Jimmy Kudo)

How many detective Conan episodes are THERE?

they keep piling up. we will never know until it ends. there are over 600 now though...

Where can you watch episode 145 of Detective Conan with English subs?

Hey, is a great place to watch Detective Conan English subbed. They don't have all the episodes but the ones that are missing are few. (Plus it doesn't give you a time limit like mega-video!) Hope this helps you out! : )

What is case closed last episode?

There is none at the moment. The anime and manga are still going strong.

Is there a site for detective Conan song tabs?

you can find all his song go to:

then you just write in the search detective Conan and you just start flip pages and choose the songs you wanna...

hoped i helped you man

Where can you download detective Conan ending 29 for free?

You can go on youtube and find a good quality one, copy the link. Then go to then you paste the link into the converter and you select what file you want to convert it to.

When is case closed season 6 release date?

Funimation did dub the 6th season, they dub all the way up to the 10th season, but never released season 6 box set, nor any others up to season 10. If you want to watch season 6 of Case Closed, you would have to buy the volumes of the seasons. Or, you could watch them on youtube if they are available.

Is downloading detective Conan legal?

It all depends. If you are downloading it from a website such as YouTube or Veoh, then no. But if you are on a site, such as where they have anime and manga subbed by them, then it is legal since they are spending time and work to give you something and are hoping for you to download it!

When does Detective Conan movie 13 come out in English subtitles?

It has already been released. You can watch it on youtube, or download it here (in parts)

Scroll all the way to the bottom. You should see Detective Conan Movie 13: The Raven Chaser

You can also download a torrent here:

When is Case Closed the movie 3 Coming out?

It is already out in Japan and can be found on the internet. If you are looking for the Dub, it will come out on December 29th 2009.

Does Conan confess to Ran?

He the movie 4 of Detective Conan called "Captured in her eyes"

What is the end of detective Conan?

Gosho said he will retired his job at 53. Conan will end soon...

Which episode is it with detective Conan with the queen?

In OVA 4, Conan is aboard a train with Ran, where the queen and her son Phillip are also on board, along with Inspector Ginzo Nakamori, Kaito Kuroba (aka Kaito KID), and Ginzo's daughter/Kaito's friend Aoko Nakamori.

Unless you mean Lupin III vs. Detective Conan, in which the queen, whom Lupin III knew, gets shot along with her son, and the princess (who is like a clone of Ran, but 19 years old, rude, and a smoker) is to become the queen!

Where can you watch Detective Conan movie 13 subbed?

you can watch it on, but it isn't subbed

wait a few days....

What is case closed?

Case Closed, is a comic book series and a TV series of Gosho Aoyoma's creation in japan. It is about a young detective named Jimmy, turning into a kid by eating a drug forced by men in black to swallow, while at a amusement park with his girlfriend, Rachel. Jimmy is now called Conan, and is now attending elementary school,again, with his new friends, while living with Rachel and his dad unknowingly who he really is. Now Jimmy is trying to find the men in black to reverse the drug given to him and in the meantime, he is helping Rachel's dad with murder cases.

Where can you watch detective Conan movie 13?

You can watch it on youtube, or download it here (in parts)

Scroll all the way to the bottom. You should see Detective Conan Movie 13: The Raven Chaser

You can also download a torrent here:

Is the end near for Detective Conan?

No its still going on, annoying yes but its a slow process of the flow of the story but at this rate itd be better to create our own ending. -redhaunt!

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Gosho said he will retired his job at 53. Conan will end soon.... -guitarpawat

What channel does case closed comes on?

Case Closed was on the CartoonNetwork Channel, but they took it off last I heard. I do know that they have 19 Seasons of Case Closed along with 13 Case Closed Movies. (check for Case Closed on wikianswers an you'll find it).

What are the episodes of Detective Conan metropolitan police love story?

First one- Episodes 146-147

2nd one-156-157

3rd one-205-206

4th one- 253-254

5th one-358-359

6th one-390-391

7th one-431-432

449: Metropolitan Police Love Story:The Fake Wedding (1 hour special)

8th One: 487-The Left Ring Finger (1 hour Special)