Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions have made it to the playoffs 15 times, but have never played in a Super Bowl. They have had two winless seasons, the first in 1942 and the most recent in 2008.

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How much does it cost to own the Detroit Lions?

$747,000,000 - $750,000,000 probably because football teams cost a lot. :)

Has Detroit won a Super Bowl?

No. They haven't even come close.

As of the 2010 season, they haven't even been to the Super Bowl. However, they have won four NFL championships, in the pre-Super Bowl era.

When was the last time the Detroit Lions played on monday night?

Prior to the October 10, 2011 game against the Bears at Ford Field that was October 8, 2001 when the St. Louis Rams defeated the Lions, 35-0, at the Silverdome.

What is the longest quarterback rush in nfl?

Terrelle Pryor, Oakland Raiders, October 27, 2013 against the Pittsburg Steeler in a planned deception play.

When is the last time Detroit Lions were 4-0?

October 2, 2011 They defeated the Bucaneers, Chiefs, Vikings, and Cowboys to start the 2011 NFL season 4-0.

Did the Detroit Lions win the Super Bowl or Rose Bowl in 1971?

No, the Baltimore Colts won the 1971 Super Bowl over the Dallas Cowboys by a score of 16-13. Since the Lions are a professional team and the Rose Bowl is played between two college teams, the Lions would not have an opportunity to play in the Rose Bowl.

What year did the Detroit Lions play the Washington Redskins in the NFC championship?

1992. it was the 1991 season but the game was actually played in January of 1992. after going 12 and 4 in the regular season and winning the NFC central title, the lions earned a first round playoff bye and then beat dallas 38-6 to advance to the NFC title game. and then they got crushed by the redskins.

What ever happened to Detroit Lions Linebacker Reggie Brown?

Reggie Brown suffered a spinal cord contusion in the final game of the 1997 season against the New York Jets. Brown was on the field for nearly twenty minutes, lost consciousness, and needed CPR to restart his heart.
After emergency surgery, Brown regained complete motor functions. Currently, he is a manager at a car dealership group in Dallas, Texas.

Where do the Detroit Lions play?

Ford Field is the home stadium of the Detroit Lions.

Detroit is in Michigan.

Who owned the Detroit Lions before William Clay Ford?

A syndicate led by businessman Edwin Anderson owned the club from 1948-1964 when it was sold to William Clay Ford for $4.5 million.

When was Dean Leatherman on the Detroit Lions roster?

The Detroit Lions have an extensive history in the NFL. They have had many players on their roster through the years. However, they have never had a player named Dean Leatherman.

Did the Detroit Lions ever win a Super Bowl?

Did Lions Win a Super BowlNo, however they did win the NFL Championship Game (before it was called "Super Bowl") four times, 1935, 1952, 1953, and 1957.

The closest the Detroit Lions ever came to the Super Bowl was the 1991 season when they lost in the NFC Championship game to the Washington Redskins 41-10.

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