Die Hard

Die Hard is a series of action movies. The main character is John McClane, a police detective played by Bruce Willis.

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Which Linux do they use in Die Hard 4?

There is insufficient detail to determine what Linux distro, if any, is being used in Die Hard 4. In fact, the logo at the bottom of the monitor would indicate that it is running on a Mac, and thus is possibly a future version of Mac OS X.

In Die Hard what was Bruce Willis'sJohn McLane's pistol?

In the first three he uses an Italian Berretta 92FS (Used by the Army under 'M9'), which is odd, because in Die Harder (2), the Army is found using Glocks, while McClane is found using a 92FS (switched around, for you non-firearm types). In Live Free or Die hard he uses a different pistol, a SiG Sauer P220.

Why wasn't bonnie bedelia in live free or die hard?

I think she was workin' on a different movie at the time. Can anybody verify this?

What are all the die hard movie names?

Die Hard

Die Hard 2: Die Harder

Die Hard With A Vengeance

Live Free or Die Hard

In 2013, "A Good Day to Die Hard" will be released

What was the gun used by John McClane in the movie Live Free or Die Hard?

Berretta 90two <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< No, he carries a SIG P220. Here is a link of a clear shot of the grip with the 220 logo. At some point he might have picked up a Berrreta, he uses some of the terrorists weaposn too. No no no He carries a Sig Sauer 220R and loses it in the powerplant then throws a terrorist named (Russo) of stairs and grabs his Beretta Px4 Storm. All before Live Free Or Die hard came out he carries a Beretta 92F. He also grabs a (sound suppressed Heckler & Koch P2000SK off of a female terrorist named (Mai) but loses that to. Not to mention shooting a guy in the foot with a Glock 17 at the power plant he then tosses it back to the dead owner. The only weapon he ever carried bigger than a pistol was a Heckler & Koch UMP Sub-Machine Gun and a Pipe Wrench (LOL).

What were the guns used by the gunners in the helicopters in the movie die hard 4?

I'm pretty sure they were rocket launchers or remote control missles

How did karl die in die hard?

He was shot at the end of the movie by officer Al Powell

What was the operating system used in Die Hard 4.0?

It is some variant of a Unix-based operating system, it is likely Linux or BSD with a skin.
Farrell seems to be using a Unix based operating system, but what is shown in the movie is probably just a Flash animation, saving the movie's producers from creating a whole new operating system for the movie.

Who sang let it snow in die hard 2?

Performed by Vaughn Monroe

Written by Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne

MCA Records

Will there be another Die Hard movie?

Yes we will see another Die Hard movie soon.

Who sings the song in the commercial for live free die hard movie preview that has boom boom boom?

it is by john lee hooker...but I am not sure if it is the same version as the one in the commercial the original is by john lee hooker, but this one is 'updated.' I couldn't find anything except one by 'big head todd and the monsters' which is pretty close. I can't tell if that's the same one, but it's a lot more like it. Actually, it is by Big Head Todd and the Monsters. The original version they did in 1998 featured John Lee Hooker on the song. You won't find that version on Youtube, however.

When were the die hard movies made?

The original Die Hard was released in 1988

Die Hard 2:Die Harder was released in 1990

Die Hard with a Vengeance was released in 1995

Live Free or Die hard was released in 2007

A Good Day to Die Hard will be released in 2013

Has Christopher Walken appeared in any Die Hard films?

Yes he dose.

1990 Die Hard 2

He staring as one of "tower" workers.

We can see him in final scene right after blowing up airplane.

He says "They can All do that"

He got blnd hairs but noone can change that face ;)

What was the name of the limo driver in the movie Die Hard?

De'voreaux White played the role of Argyle the driver in Die Hard.