Disco Music

Disco is a genre of psychedelic dance music originating from the 1970's. It was first heard of in Afro-American and gay, lesbian & transgender clubs in New York city and Philadelphia. It was also a "counter-attack" against rock music dominating the musical genres at that time and an "anti-stigmatic weapon" against racism and homophobia. Its popularity spread and now disco is played in virtually every club on the globe.

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How many wives did Barry White have?

Barry White was married twice and divorced twice. He had 9 children.

Barry white was married twice and divorced once. Glodean and him were separated but never divorced. He had 8 children. The child girlfriend, Katherine Denton, had was proved not to be his.

Where can you buy a disco ball?

You can buy it from various offline and online store like Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart and through the Houseofrave website. See the related link for more information.

Who sang disco song called lust?

Rinder & Lewis! Your musically welcome! The Prince Of Dance

When did disco die out and end?

Although the backlash against disco gained momentum in 1978 with the success of Saturday Night Fever, there were still many successful disco songs over the next couple of years. July 12, 1979, was Disco Demolition Night at a Chicago White Sox game, and represented this backlash at its height. Fewer disco songs were being played on the radio by then, but disco sort of held on for another year so that Donna Summer's "On the Radio" was a hit in January 1980, Lipps, Inc.'s "Funkytown" was a worldwide smash in the spring, Michael Jackson's "Rock with You" topped the US charts in February, and "Upside Down" by Diana Ross did the same as late as September. Ross's follow-up single, "I'm Coming Out," was also a big hit.

However, that was about the last hurrah. Groups like Chic, Boney M (popular in Europe), and the Village People declined in popularity. Donna Summer's next hit was "The Wanderer," which was in a different style. Until newer dance music like Michael Jackson's "Thriller"-era hits and early Madonna took hold, there were far fewer dance-oriented pop hits in the early 1980s as compared with 1978-1979. The biggest dance hits of 1981 were songs such as Blondie's "Rapture" and Olivia Newton-John's "Physical" that weren't disco, although Kool & the Gang's "Celebration" (#1 in February 1981) was sort of a bridge between disco and newer dance sounds, as was the Commodores hit "Lady You Bring Me Up." The band Change (featuring Luther Vandross) had R&B hits that still sounded like disco into 1982, and Earth, Wind, and Fire's 1982 smash "Let's Groove" is funky disco, and even 1983's "Fall in Love with Me" has much of the same sound, but with a harder edge. Some people would make a case for even-later songs such as Kool and The Gang's "Fresh" (1985), but the production on these lacks the lushness of pure disco.

The disco sound was absorbed into newer dance sounds, especially house music, and it has recently made a comeback with songs by Madonna ("Hung Up"), Kylie Minogue, and other singers, though less so in the US than elsewhere. However, the original disco genre was almost completely dead by 1981, and certainly did not survive 1983.

Simple Answer:

The Disco Era ended shortly after The Knack released on Capitol "My Sharona" June of 1979 the song topped Billboard at #1 and reached #6 in Europe.

Who sang the disco hit jack jack jacky?

Lyrics are copyright 1974, 1975, Larry Lee & Steve Cash

Jackie Blue?

What clothes did women wear to disco in the 70's?

As someone who knew the inside of many a disco: I used to wear a very short leather skirt with a ribbed short-sleeved sweater, boots, and chunky jewelry. Add big hair, eyeliner, and funky music and you've got the picture of a 1970s disco. Sounds like something a person should wear to a masquerade party now but at the time, we were very cool :-)

Why did people like the disco ball?

People love the disco ball because of its shinyness and most people are not as interested any more because of all the new advanced stuff that has came out and now peole are getting bored of the disco ball but there are lots of disco ball lovers still out there. Thank you by Sydnee

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Does one measure a disco ball by it's radius or diameter?

Its usually defined by the diameter of the ball, like an 11 inch disco ball would have a diameter of 11 inches, not a radius of 11 inches.

What disco freestyle costume companies are there?

Disco freestyle costume companies are the people who make these fabulous costumes for our dancers to go out in and some include :

Goldstar( Bespoke dancewear)

Stoned boutique

Obsession ( Dance is my life my ...)

Exquisite ( Ministry of dance)


Dance house ( This doll can dance )

Janine ( Gorgeous girls club )

Vicky barkess

Visions of dance

B crew

Dancewear design




There are alot more but they are the most popular and wel used .

How do you ask a boy out to a disco?

But be careful when you ask whether or not he likes to dance, because he may turn you down with a simple 'Yeah I Like To Dance, but I Wouldn't With YOU.' Don't beat around the bush, and if he says yes, there you go, if not, keep your head held high, because you gotta remember.

There are plenty more fish in the sea.

Good Luck!

Who is Ryan Ross's alcoholic father?

He is named George Ryan Ross III.

His father was George Hammond Ross II. (He died in 2006.)

Ryan is only called the third because he is the third "George Ross" in his family. He is the only Ryan (to my knowledge). Also, he went by George until he was 15, but changed it to Ryan to be less associated with his father whom he didn't get along with very well at the time.

How do you battle disco stoo'pid in AQWorlds?

type /join party and since you can't click on him to battle press 1 to do auto attack which will start the battle

What is a disco ball made of?

glass most of the time. some other ones are made of plastic.

How does the April fresh downey ball work?

The stopper appears to have a bottom weight which acts like a pendulem once the spin cycle begins. Normal bobbing in the wash cycle is not strong enough to start the weight "swinging" which will pop the stopper open and disperse the liquid inside once the rinse cycle begins. But the hard fast action in the spin cycle is enough to make the bottom weight swing to one side or another and pop the stopper open. I have noticed when the ball is caught inside of sheets or something big and heavy like a blanket or a couple of robes, the ball does not always open. Hope this helps

Was Barry White a member of The Manhattans?

There is no mention of Barry being with the Manhattans. The former members of the group The Manhattans are as follows.

Former members

* Gerald Alston * Winfred "Blue" Lovett * George "Smitty" Smith * Kenny "Wally" Kelley * Richard "Ricky" Taylor * Roger Harris * Wade Taylor

1999 Land Rover disco radio code entry?

The code is located on a card in the original user manual that came with it. If you do not have that you WILL need to bring it to the dealer with the VIN # and they can look it up for you.

What should you wear to the school disco?

If its a fancy disco then wear a dress and flat shoes