Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line was founded in 1994 and brought the magic of Disney to the seas. With four cruise ships, one being the third largest in the world, Disney has truly been able to capture everything Disney and sail it out on the ocean.

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Who supplies Disney cruise line with coffee?

The general use coffee is a liquid coffee concentrate that comes in bags that are shelf- stable from there provisioner. I'm not sure who the actual manufacture is but I know that Autocrat is one of the biggest manufactures. There is specialty coffee that comes in whole beans and is ground for use as well for special occasion use and I think Palos uses it.

While dining at Palo's on the Disney Magic we asked the server what kind of coffee they use. The server informed us that all the coffee on board is supplied by Nescafe. This is surprising since Nescafe only makes instant coffee. The server did say that it was a special blend from Nescafe (from a box) that they used in Palo. It was excellent coffee. I did notice that in the buffet restaurant "Top Siders" the coffee machine did have a Nescafe logo.

What is the best way to take a Disney cruise when flying into the Orlando Airport?

I would recommend booking it online at their website,, first because they don't leave daily. Then Disney provides transportation from the airport to the ship port if you need at an additional cost of approximately $70/person. When you book on their website, there is a section that asks if you will need ground transportation and that is when you can book it. Hope this helps!

How much does a Disney cruise cost?

It depends on the ship the newer ones cost more but on the Disney Dream 3-4 night Bahamian (Nassau and Castaway Cay)

Inside(Animated Porthole)- 1,649

Oceanview(Porthole)- 1,809

Deluxe Oceanview(Veranda)-1,929

Concierge Family- 2,369

Concierge Royal- 3,699

On the Disney Fantasy a 7 night cruise is not available for prices yet but my guess is that it will be a little bit more

What is Disney Cruise Line's longest cruise?

Disney Cruise Line offers a 14-night cruise between Port Canaveral, Florida and Barcelona, Spain and a 15-nightcruise round-trip from Los Angeles, California.

Where does the Disney cruise go?

Castaway cay, the Disney island. Nasu, their capital. and more i can't think of...

Does the Disney cruise in Florida go through the Bermuda triangle?

No The 3 day and 4 day night Disney cruise goes to the Bahamas and Castway Cay. Castaway Cay is only for Disney Cruisers, Castaway Cay is a Disney Private Island. They keep the Pirates Of The Carribean boat there! I get to see it!!!

What is the Castaway Club on Disney Cruise Line?

according to the Disney cruise line website, your are automatically enrolled in the castaway club after you have sailed on DCL for the first time.

Is Disney cruise line dog friendly?

No they are ass-holes who swear at children and chuck any pets caught on-board their ships into the water

Do Disney cruise ships have wi fi?

Yes but it cost a lot of money so I would recommend to not get it. You do get two wave phones which you can use to call and text but only with other wave phones.

Does the Disney cruise charge for soda?

No, all foods except for some alcoholic beverages are included in the price of the room, including soda.

Do Disney cruise ships have a casino?

No, Disney Cruise Line ships do not have casinos aboard.

Which Disney cruise ship is newest?

The newest is the Disney Fantasy, launched in 2012. Currently, three new ships are being built.

Who owns Disney cruise ships?

The Disney Corporation owns the Disney Cruise Line and all of its ships.

Do they have any plush toys on the Disney Cruise to buy?

Yes, the have two different types of plush toys aboard the Disney Cruise ships. They have the normal, everyday Mickey and Friends, and then they have the Mickey Crew dressed up in nautical outfits.

When was the Disney Cruise ship first used?

The Disney Magic was the first ship in the fleet, launched in July 30, 1998.

How much does a Disney Cruise Package cost in the fall?

Depending on how many people are going it will cost under or at least $1,400 for 4 people to stay 4 nights on the cruise ship. If you stay longer it will of course cost more and it is cheaper in the fall as it would be in the summer when everyone wants to go on a cruise.

What are the different packages for a Disney Cruise Line?

"There are many different packages that be bought for a trip on a Disney Cruise Line. You can go on a wedding cruise, from Europe to Alaska, and through the Caribbean."

When is the cheapest time of year to Disney cruise?

I think it's right before the kids get back to school. Beginning of September and probably Beginning and Mid of October. Well, you should also consider checking their promos and discounts as there is a problem with our economy, most cruise lines offers tons of discounts for their tours to attract more passengers

Why is Disney cruise line the cruise to go on?

I recently went on a Disney cruise, and it was the second one I've been on. The food is amazing, the service is great, the excursions were fantastic, and there was always something to do while you were on the cruise. I would definitely recommend the Disney Cruise Line.