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What is the closest us capital to Canada?

Juneau, Alaska is the closest US capital to Canada, a total of about 60 kilometers or just over 37 miles from Juneau to British Columbia.

Where is oshkosh?

Oshkosh is a city in Wisconsin that is on the west side of Lake Winnebago, which is south of Green Bay and Appleton; and north of Fond Du Lac. It has the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. OshKosh B' Gosh is a popular clothing line for children.

How many hours is a flight from Canada to China?

Departure point: Canada
Destination point: People's Republic of China

Estimated flight duration: 11 hours, 37 minutes

Canada and China are both very big countries. I am assuming that the above answer is the flight time between Vancouver and Beijing. But leaving from Toronto is about 5-6 hours more.

How many miles is Murphy NC to Ashville NC?

110 miles following U.S. 74 EAST to I-40/U.S. 74 EAST, then continuing on U.S. 74 EAST with I-40 EAST to Asheville.

How long to drive from Goldsboro NC to Atlanta Ga?

it will take about seven hours and eleven minutes to drive the 433 miles.

Find out the longitudinal and latitudinal extent of kerala?

It lies between latitudes 8 degree 18 minutes North and 12 degree 48 minutes North and longitudes 74 degree 52 minutes East and 77 degree 22 minutes East

How long by train from Rome to Bolzano?

time is money... new high speed (but expensive) train from Rome to Milan is 3hrs.. then nearly 3hrs more to Verona.. then change again for another 90min to Bolzano..

with exchanges this route will take about 9hrs...

also possible to route Rome-Bologne-Verona-etc..

check out ferrovie italiane website...

How do you look up UK Driving Times?

The best way to find driving distances, times and routes within the UK is to use one of several web sites which will do the calculations for you. This will give up-to date answers and will allow you to specify precise locations down to postcode (which is MUCH finer than zipcode).

Two such sites are shown as Related Links.

These links and other sites cover the whole of the UK and are also valid for travel in Europe.

Time to reach pune from kolkata?

A random search for departure 30Apr,Thu shows:

04hr 25min by a 1 stop flight
Kolkata (CCU) - Pune (PNQ) by Jet Airways Flt 202 Dep 06:05am 30Apr,Thu

How many hours flight from Bangkok to Vienna?

Departure point: Bangkok, Thailand

Destination point: Vienna, Austria

Estimated flight duration: 10 hours, 28 minutes

How do you convert miles into square miles?

You can't.

Miles measure distance (one dimension) whereas square miles measure area (two dimensions).

Therefore, you can not compare the two. It is like comparing feet and cups.

How many miles is Yakima WA to Kent Wa?

150 miles taking this route:

  1. Take I-82 WEST from Yakima to I-90 WEST to SEATTLE at END I-82.
  2. Take I-90 WEST to I-405 SOUTH to RENTON at EXIT 10 outside of Seattle.
  3. Take I-405 SOUTH to SR-167 SOUTH to KENT and AUBURN at EXIT 2A in Renton.
  4. Take SR-167 SOUTH to Kent.

What is the distance from Anniston Alabama to South Bend In?

683 miles taking this route:

  1. Take I-20 WEST from Anniston to I-65 NORTH to HUNTSVILLE at EXIT 124B off I-20 WEST/I-59 NORTH in downtown Birmingham.
  2. Take I-65 all the way NORTH to U.S. 31 NORTH via I-465 (EXIT 106 off I-65 in INDIANA to get onto I-465, follow signs to I-465 EAST) to bypass Indianapolis and KEYSTONE AVE as a shortcut to U.S. 31 NORTH. (EXIT 33 off I-465, turn right off the exit ramp).
  3. Take U.S. 31 NORTH to South Bend.

How far is Lake City FL to Melbourne FL?

238 miles taking this route:

  1. Take I-10 EAST from Lake City to I-95 SOUTH to DAYTONA BEACH via I-295 SOUTH to bypass JACKSONVILLE (EXIT 356 off I-10 to get onto I-295, follow signs on the exit ramp to I-295 SOUTH to DAYTONA BCH ; EXIT 61A off I-295 to get onto I-95 SOUTH to DAYTONA BCH).
  2. Take I-95 SOUTH to Melbourne.

How long would it take a car to travel one light year?

One light year is 5,865,696,000,000 miles. Let's say that the car travels at an average speed of 50 miles per hour. It would take 4,888,080,000 days, or 13,392,000 years.

How far is it from the Gold Coast to Bundaberg?

The distance between from the Gold Coast to Bundaberg (QLD) is 447.2 KM. The driving time taking is 5 hours 6 mins

Convert 12 miles to square miles?

You can't convert them. They are two different things. Miles is a measurement of distance, whereas square miles is a measurement of area. To get 12 square miles, there are different ways, like 3 miles by 4 miles, or 6 miles by 2 miles. 12 miles by 12 miles gives 144 square miles.

How far is Lawrenceville GA to Tucker GA?

The quickest route is to take GA-8 W/US-29 S. The distance is 16.2 miles. The drive time is 28 minutes.

How far away from Iran to Australia?

Iran is approximately 600miles or 9600 km away from Australia