Divorce and Marriage Law

Marriage law refers to a set of rules that govern the forms and validity of marriage. Divorce is a remedy available for married couples who wanted to separate and legally dissolve their marriage bond, usually for the purpose of remarriage.

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Divorce and Marriage Law

Why did the plum divorce the grape?

If you are doing Algebra punchlines, the answer is:


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Divorce and Marriage Law
Salary and Pay Rates

Why do some lawyers have a PC after their name?

It means professional corporation. Basically liability protection.

Some other examples:

A Law Corporation name must include an ending designation such as: A Professional Corporation, A

Professional Law Corporation, Professional Corporation, Professional Law Corporation, Law

Corporation, APC, A.P.C., PC, P.C., Prof. Corp., A Professional Legal Corporation, Professional Legal

Corporation, A Legal Corporation, Inc., Incorporated, Corporation, A California Professional

Corporation, L.C., Ltd., Limited, P.A., and Professional Association.


The designation rules vary by state.

Divorce and Marriage Law

Dapat bang gawing legal ang diborsyo sa pilipinas?

ako sa tingin diborsiyo ay Hindi dapat gawin legal dito sa Pilipinas dahil ang unang ng lahat ng ito ay gumawa ng mga asawa Couples o pagkuha sa mga may asawa Couples mas responsible sa kanilang kilos. marrying isang Tao na lumapit sa isang responsibilidad na kung saan ay ang pag-ibig sa bawat isa sa anumang mangyayari sa bawat isa kaya ako hulaan na ang dahilan kung bakit Hindi ito dapat gawin legal dito sa Pilipinas.

Divorce and Marriage Law

Where is Judy Swaggart?

Judy Swaggart was replaced by Frances Swaggart. She could not be controlled by her mother in law. Her own sister asked if Judy could be controlled. Judy Swaggart is a professional with a masters degree, and she also inherited millions of dollars from her parents. Wonder why Donnie pursued her?

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Divorce and Marriage Law

Is Michigan a no fault state?

Michigan is not a fault state

Divorce and Marriage Law

Why did kellie copeland divorce Stephen swisher?

Everytime I saw the couple around the ministry, I saw Kellie walking ahead of Stephen as he carried all her baggage. She always acted in front of me with a, "haughty - contemptuous" attitude.

Win Kutz was her 2nd. husband and he's a tremendous guy. I can't blame him for leaving her as she seemed to be the Alpha in most relationships. Like the rest of the family they exalt KC & GC profusely.

KC & GC liked me but the young ones were hung up on themselves. Preaching the Gospel is severely lacking in their repertoire...

Matthew 20:28 the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

Divorce and Marriage Law
Social Security

Are you entitled to any of your husbands social security disability benefits after divorce?

Only if you were awarded a portion of the benefits in the divorce action.

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Divorce and Marriage Law
How To

How to have a relationship with a man in prison?


Divorce and Marriage Law

Date is to divorce as interview is to?


Divorce and Marriage Law

Did John Denver abuse his wife?

The evidence suggests that the answer is "not really, though there was this one time ...".

Denver was married twice; both ended in divorce. He did attempt to choke his first wife during their divorce and he used chainsaw to cut their bed in half (apparently a symbolic gesture representing the dissolution of their marriage), but this seems to have been an isolated incident caused by a rather bitter dispute about property disposition.

Divorce and Marriage Law
Home Equity and Refinancing
Deeds and Ownership

A claim is something that is believed but is still uncertain?


Divorce and Marriage Law
Colonial America
Marriage Licenses

Did colonists trade corn for marriage licenses?

It is possible a party might pay for the license in corn but that would have been a carefully planned business deal where the issuing authority would make certain they had received enough corn to cover the cost of the license.

Marriage licenses were expensive and most people couldn't afford one. Also, in the early colonial times, a legal marriage could only be performed by a minister of the Church of England and not everyone belonged to that church. Fortunately, marriage licenses were not required in early Colonial times. Marriage banns could be substituted for a license. The marriage would be announced publicly, usually at church services for three consecutive meetings, or posted in a public place. However, marriage banns may not have created a legal marriage. That was not much of a problem in those days since marriage was often a somewhat informal arrangement.

It was common for a community to accept a couple as married by their very act of setting up a household together. The rules varied in the various colonies and at different times. Marriage became more formal by the mid-1700s. Early marriages were recorded in church registers, which ministers were required to share with civil officials. Marriages were reported to the town clerks once a town was incorporated. However, very early marriage records are scarce and were not kept in some locations.

See related links for more discussion.

Divorce and Marriage Law
Celebrity Relationships

Is Frank iero bi-sexual?

Yes. he is. He said in a interview he was.

frank and jerd way from MCR were together as partners for around 3 years and and made a deal when they broke up that if both of them were not married or with anyone in a couple of years that they would get married.

Divorce and Marriage Law
Math and Arithmetic

Fifteen is to five as nine is to What?

If the answer has to start with scr, spr, str, or thr, then its THREE.

Divorce and Marriage Law
Same-Sex Marriage

Is same-sex marriage legal in Ohio?

Yes. Same-sex marriage is legal in Ohio effective June 26, 2015.

Divorce and Marriage Law
Democratic Party

What are two types of democratic government?

The two types of democratic government are:

> direct democracy; and

> republic democracy

Divorce and Marriage Law

In Arkansas can you marry your sister?

of course NOT, why would you ask that????????????

Divorce and Marriage Law

On a city street you should be looking ahead of you as far as?

1 block! this is the right answer 4 driver test.

Divorce and Marriage Law
History of Australia
Decade - 1970s
Decade - 1920s

What was family life like during the 1920's?

The 1920's also known as "the roaring twenties" were a time of progression and change. The decade saw a massive economic boom, widespread technological advance and increased personal freedom. This personal freedom caused many changes; several people were influenced by these changes especially families. Family life varied as many customs became archaic and responsibility became a crucial issue for women in the United States in the 1920's.

Housewives in families were impacted a great deal; they had the job of taking care of the whole family. In the past, housewives had the occupation of producing food and clothing but in the 1920's they became the chief shopper, making sure the family spent enough money. They considered new household management by using the new products in the market and worked long hours cleaning, cooking, etc. but many of these tasks were made lighter and simpler with the use of technology. Housewives were also the chauffeur; they went shopping and transported children.

The 1920's called for a time of organization. Many young children who worked in factories and other places tended to have a negative atmosphere but in 1922, child labor laws were initiated after the Bailey v. Drexel Furniture Company incident. These labor laws and mandatory admittance laws kept children away from home for hours. The inherited values were beginning to be lost as children attended schools. Before the 1920's, parents and adults played an influential role in socializing children. Children revolved around adults more as they were taught what to do. All this changed when school peer groups influenced kids to interact with other of the same age.

Finally, family time was a major concern; a clear pattern was seen between 1920 and 1930 that showed a decrease in family size. This was due to an increase in birth control usage. Only 20 percent of families had five or more kids. The low birth rate meant longer life expectancy. This in turn meant that there was more time to do non-family activities by allotting a small portion of time to raise children.

There were many other changes that took place within families during the 1920; altered habits and customs were inevitable. These changes disseminate throughout America and also reflect upon today's family life style.

Divorce and Marriage Law

State the grounds for divorce in the Bahamas?


2.Desertion for a period of no less than two years at the time of petition,

3.Living apart from spouse for a period of at least five years at time of petition,

4.A spouse has engaged in sodomy or a homosexual act or had sexual relations with an animal since the marriage took place,

5.Also, the wife may file for divorce if the husband has since the marriage took place has been guilty of rape.

Divorce and Marriage Law

Do you need a police escort to retrieve personal belongings from spouses home?

If you haven't consulted with an attorney, it would be a good idea to do so. The short answer to your question is "It Depends?" Is the house is in both your names and you have both been living togather at the residence it belongs to both of you until a judge tells you otherwise. However arranging for law enforcement to keep the peace would be a good idea.This can also vary state to state. Domestic issues can escalate and turn violent quickly. If you don't have an attorney to ask you can call your local police department and ask them what their procedure is. Some will call the spouse and set a time and avoid a unecessary confrontaqtion.(use the non emergency phone number to call.) If the house is only in the spouses name then they don't have to allow you on the property. That also varies state to state.Keep in mind law enforcement can only supervise and assure the safety of both parties. They can not determine what can or cant be taken from the home. They are also not professional movers so don't expect them to caryy and lift your belongings. They are there to keep the peace. Its not a good idea to just show up with other family members or children. If at all possible try and arrange a time and specify what you want to remove ahead of time. Docuument everything that you remove and leave a copy with your spouse. Even the most reasonable rational people can turn ugly when faced with domestic issues.

Divorce and Marriage Law
Speech Writing

What is a good thesis statement for divorce?

Here, I am giving a number of statements. Remember to think which one suits you the best. Try to write the one that best describes thee rest of your thesis.

  1. Today's society has a poor attitude toward marriage because of the prevalence of divorce.
  2. Divorce is the easier option, but if you and your partner are willing to work at it, marriage is the better choice for better financial, mental, and physical health.
  3. Many young people rush into marriage. Their parents also often push young people into getting married even if they don't realize the actual meaning of being married.
  4. The main emphasis is on the cost of the wedding, not on the difficulties of sharing life with another person. Married life is not just roses and chocolates.
  5. If we do not prepare our young people for marriage, and help couples to stay together, we will be building up trouble for our society and children.
Divorce and Marriage Law
Bankruptcy Law

What happens if you cannot afford a retainer fee for an attorney in a divorce?

Your best bet is to contact you local Bar Association for a lawyer that works with low-income persons or they may have names of lawyers that are willing to waive the retainer and be paid at a later date. If you have been without work, or are a mother with children and have no money you can phone "legal aid" (it's in your phone book and if you can't find it ask the operator and they'll give you the number.)

If you go into most book shops you can find a book on "How to get a Divorce" that will give you guidelines to let you know what to do. You can actually file to the courts for a divorce and bypass the lawyer. If there are children, a lot of property or a business involved it's best to go straight to a lawyer.

Also, some lawyers will give you anywhere from 1/2 hour to a full hour of free legal advice. Ask your friends or family if they know of anyone.

Divorce and Marriage Law
Improving Your Credit Rating

How does legal separation or divorce affect your credit?

Normally, it doesn't. But what does happen in these cases is sometimes there are debts that are disputed as to who is responsible to pay them and as a result neither party pays. If it is a joint account, both credit histories will be negatively affected. If you are not sure get a copy of your credit report before the divorce agreement is drawn up. It will show who is the party responsible or whether the account is in both names.

Be certain to get this straightened out before you sign the final divorce papers. Itemize the accounts and the owner of each. Remove the second name from any and all accounts. Then you might have somewhat of a chance of getting the other person's account off of your credit report. If possible, close all existing joint accounts and open your own.

Divorce and Marriage Law

What do they do?

sleep,wake up and that's all


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