Dodge Challenger

The Challenger refers to the three generation models manufactured by Chrysler Group LLC for its Dodge brand since 1970. The 2011 Challenger model is powered by a Pentastar V6 engine that can generate up to 305 bhp.

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Is dodge challenger front wheel drive?

No, the dodge challenger is a rear wheel drive only.

Which car is faster the Dodge Stratus RT or the Pontiac GTP?

Take it from someone who owns both: 1999 GTP and 2001 RT

The R/T has no where near the amount of acceleration the GTP has. This is not even debatable.

I love both, but speed wise? The GTP by a land slide.

AnswerGTP for sure.

Fastest R/T in DragTimes database is 15.6 sec. 1/4 mile, and the slowest GTP is 15.4 sec.

Answeri just recently purchased a 03 RT (5spd), and i traded in a 97 supercharged 3.8l Buick (same exact set up as the gtp) and i think the rt is faster and alot funner. AnswerThe gtp is faster due to the fact that it has a power adder (supercharger) and the stratus does not. Answerthe GTP is alot faster it has a supercharger on it and is getting 240 horsepower stock. Answerchryslers break faster then any other car on the road, so i wouldn't suggest racing or anything that might strain the engine, even daily driving. from my experience with there products just about everything is of low quality...transmissions, engines, paint, and the entire fit and finish. i have seen a dodge ram go through 3 transmissions, 2 driveshafts, all sorts of interior finish problems all in 30,000 miles...the list goes on.

-EDIT- Generally, the Stratus R/T may be using the 3.0 liter engine. This engine and transmission combo is made by Mitsubishi and is the same on the Mitsubishi Eclipse of the same year. It is NOT a Mopar engine and doesn't tend to break like one.

--EDIT: Only the 2.7 has major mechanical issues (Sludge). The 3.5L, 5.7 and 6.1 are fine.

AnswerThe new gtp has 260 hp and will easily beat the rt Answergtp for sure

What type of car is dodge challenger?

It is a muscle car and it goes 500,000 mph

Is dodge challenger faster than an charger?

There basically the same car as the challenger is built on the charger chassis.

If your talking the current vehicles,Challenge and Charger are equal in speed if you get the automatic. Now if you get the six speed manual transmission in the Challenger, it is faster than the Charger.

How do you decode a dodge VIN?

The 1st letter in the VIN is the car model ("W" for Dodge Coronet and "X" for Dodge Charger), the 2nd letter is the price class ("M" for medium-class line, "S" for sports line), the 3rd & 4th numbers are the body type ("21" for 2-door coupe, and "23" for 2-door hardtop), the 5th letter is the engine type ("H" is 383 cid, "L" is 440 cid, and "J" is the 426 Hemi), the 6th number is the model year ("8" is 1968), the 7th letter is the assembly plant ("E" is Los Angeles, "G" is St. Louis, etc.), the 8th thru 13th numbers are the vehicle sequence number off the line at that factory ("123456" would be the 23,455th vehicle, as the numbers always started at 100001).

Example: WS23J8G123456 Hope this helps you out.

How much does a 2011 dodge challenger horse powerhave?

v-6 base model 305hp

r-t- around 370 hp

srt8(new 392)- 470 hp

How do you find out how many Dodge Challengers are left?

That would be a great answer. I'm going to say, you can't. I suppose if you could hack into each states vehicle registration log, you could search for VIN family's (Challenger JS23, or JH23, or JH27..etc), but I am not aware of any state that has this, or allows it if they have it. Over the years I've personally parted out a dozen cars, that now wouldn't exist. I know of many people who have done the same. Hemi Cars, 6-Pack cars, and Convertibles are all worth more, so they are being saved and resurrected. 6 cylinder, 318 and 383 cars are the donor cars for many of the more valuable. 72-74 cars also aren't worth as much, so they aren't being saved. My guess would be 15-20% of Challengers built are still around in some place, or condition. I'm sure others would say a little more, or less.

Will a 1970 lh headlight bezel fit a 1973 car?

I would imagine if the fenders,hood are interchangable the 70 bezels and grill could fit. I'm curious why you would want to use 70 bezels instead of the 73? The 70 are very expensive and hard to find ( I've been looking for a pair myself) 1970 headlight bezels won't work if you are still going to use the 72-74 grill. If you replace the whole grill assembly, any year will fit, wiht the proper bracketry. 1970 bezels are being reproduced now, but grills aren't, and they are considerably more expensive than 72-74.

How much is a 1970 dodge challenger TA worth today?

Looking at a gorgeous one right now. They are asking $79,000. In pristine condition.

Is the dodge challenger a sports car?

yeah, its a muscle car! Wikipedia calls it a sports car, but really it is a muscle car. Wikipedia is too fancy to call it by its right name. Another name that Wikipedia will use is a pony car. A challenger is not a pony car, a mustang is. The mustang literly has a pony symbol on it.

How do you replace torsion bars on a 1973 Dodge Challenger?

You remove the metal retaining clips on the back side of the frame / cross member that stop the torsion bar from sliding out. Figure out a way to clamp something to the torsion bar and smack it with a hammer driving the torsion bar towards the rear of the car. PS they do sell tools made to clamp on to the torsion bar. I would also suggest having the wheels off the ground and hanging. Also loosen the nut that adjust the ride height.

What was the best Dodge Challenger of all time?

1970 Challenger R/T Hemi Convertible - only 9 made - best year for the challenger, best motor If you don't like a convertible then it's the 1970 Challenger R/T SE Hemi - only 60 made - great car. any challenger you are lucky enough to own ...of course a hemi would be nice.....

How much would a 2012 dodge challenger srt cost?

The 2012 Dodge Challenger SRT8 is not yet available. Probably somewhere around the $40k range

Cloning a Challenger RT Can anybody tell me the exact placement of the 440Magnum hood emblems and the Challenger RT fender emblems?

When I did this to my Roadrunner I noticed even the factory did not put them in the EXACT loction from car to car. So I looked at a few to see which location looked the best. It seems the factory at that time was not as particular as we are today. Log on to some MOPAR web sites as get some examples.

Why is the Dodge Viper the best to own?

Because it is the most popular car in the USA and that it is one of the most powerful production cars in the world with 350-450bhp for the Series 1 Viper and 510bhp for Series 2 (after 2002). It is also one of the few supercars under $100,000, nearly $80,000.

Also fast looks good. It is also popular in Canada as in USA.

It also has an incredible V-10 engine that does 200mph!

How much is a 2012 dodge challenger?

price ranges from $30,000 to $50,000 depending on the model you choose.

Was there ever a 1971 Dodge Hemi Challenger convertible?

No there was not. Chrysler determined that the sales for the 1970 Challenger R/T convertible was down and they were phasing out the convertible for the Challenger (E body ) line after 1971. Chrysler also had a body flex problem with the Challenger and 'Cuda convertible cars with the high torque engines such as the 440-6 pak and 426 Hemi in 1970 and decided the 'Cuda faired better in the strength department than the Challenger so the 'Cuda with the high torgue engines were offered in 1971. There maybe other considerations however these are the more important ones. The largest engine available in 1971 for the Challenger convertible was the 383 4bbl. Yes,they made 12 in the world,9 of which were in the USA.On Sept.12th,2009,one sold at Mecum Auctions for 1,000,000.00

What can I do to get a Dodge Viper?

Eat your wheaties. Get a job. Save. Go buy one. Be a dentist or have another well paying job

AnswerStep 1) get $100K

Step 2) find a Dodge dealership

Step 3)Tell dealership you have money and want a Viper.

Step 4) Drive away much poorer, but with a really nice car.

How much horsepower does a Dodge Viper have?

Depends on the model and year. It varies between 400 all the way to 1200. I think it is crazy what dodge is puting in these cars

Why was the dodge challenger invented?

To compete with the camaro and mustang in the pony car wars.