Dogsled Racing

Dog Sled racing and Trail Sled racing are the same type of races. Here you will find information on dog drivers/mushers, types of dogs, and where and when, including the most famous of all sled dog races: the Iditarod.

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How do sled dogs help people?

They help people by taking them place to place and transporting things where vehicles can't be driven.

How do mushers protect the feet of snow dogs?

The dogs have thick callous pads and fur on their feet. They don't need booties or such like city dwellers do for their dogs. I suspect that the whole jacket and bootie thing is more about how the city owners feel than how their dogs feel.

Can a German sheperd dog pull a sled?

A German Shepherd could pull a sled its strong enough to all you would need to do would be to train it and they are very smart

Why did joe redington want to have the iditarod race?

Because he thought that the dogs shouldn't be taken from Alaska and he felt bad for them. He thought the last big race was a good history so he decided to repeat the same route every year.

How are dogs arranged on a team for the Iditarod race?

Strongest are usually the dogs CLOSEST to the sled.

Then it's second strongest and so on until the leader dog, with the most experience

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How does a musher pick a lead sled dog?

they have 3 tasks:




In number 1, the musher puts the dogs harnesses on them individualy and, with a string, ties a peice of log to the dogs harnesses.Let them race down a hill and the first one down wins.

In number 2, the musher basicaly plays fetch, and throws a ball.The first dog to get it wins.

In number 3,the musher hides bits of food in hard places and the dog that find the most treats wins.

If some dog(s) draw,then the musher must pick the biggest(fattest)dog(s) to be either at the back or in the middle

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What type of dogs do they use in the Iditarod?

They use sled dogs like alaskan Malemutes,and Siberian huskies.

Why cant mushers in the iditarod have the bib number 1?

Bib number 1 is the honorary musher. Each year, the Iditarod honors someone as a special thank you to the person for doing something for the race.

Answers for the Iditarod dream reading test?

como es que el idetarod junior y los entrenadores ayudan a dusty y a los perros

How did the Iditarod begin?

The idea of having a race over the Iditarod Trail was conceived by the late Dorothy G. Page.

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