Domain Names

Domain names are series of letters and numbers separated by periods, and are used as identification labels of computers, organizations and addresses on the Internet. Some examples of domain names are and

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What does com as in .com often said as dot com stand for regarding URLs and domain names?

".com" is the most common and most recognized domain suffix. It stands for "commercial" and is used by mostly commercial websites. However, anyone who wants to register a domain name can register a name ending in .com, whether their site is going to be used for commercial purposes or not.

dot-com represents a company that operates its business on the Internet using a URL that ends in `.com' (com means commercial).

This was initially used when the internet was opened to commercial users, where it was previously only used (and paid for) by government (.gov), military (.mil), or educational (.edu) users. Non-commercial groups were also authorized under the .org top-level domain.
If by com you mean the ane of a URL like, it means company. Commercial organization
".com" is the most common and most recognized domain suffix. It stands for "commercial" and is used by mostly commercial websites. However, anyone who wants to register a domain name can register a name ending in .com, whether their site is going to be used for commercial purposes or not.

While .com is the most common of all domain suffixes, .net and .org are also popular. ".net" stands for "network," while ".org" stands for "organization." Again, these domains can be registered by anyone regardless of their intended use. For more information on domain suffixes, including those from countries around the world
having .com at the end of a URL means that it is either a communications or commercial website.
On the Internet, the .com you see after websites and email addresses stands for "commercial". The .net you may see stands for "network". And the .org you may see stands for "organization". Hoped that answered your question!
".com" is a commercial Internet Top Level Domain (TLD). This is an open TLD, meaning that any person or entity is permitted to register.
Merely an address for the web page.
Acording to reliable sources, dot com stands for commercial, dot gov stands for government, dot edu is for education, dot ro is for Romania. The list goes on.
General communication or commerce, a basically informational website, as opposed to .org, the official website of an organization, or .edu, the official web domain of a university.
Com stands for commercial. this extension is used for websites related to Commercial interest. For more information on Websites visit this link-

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How do you make email id without a domain name?

You dont need your domain, you can use some free services like Gmail, or Yahoo mail, so that is a way to get email ID without domain.

According to Family Feud name something a cowboy would hate to have happen during a gunfight?

The answers from the show were:

1. Gets Shot

2. Runs Out Of Bullets

3. Misses

4. Gun Jams

5. Drops His Gun

Some that might have been tried are:

  • Have his pants fall down
  • Have one of his buddies turn on him
  • Shooting himself by accident
  • Shoot the wrong man, his girlfriend, his dog, or his horse
  • Getting the hiccups
  • Have allergies / sneeze
  • Have a bullet misfire (since they used revolvers and not pistols)
  • Be distracted by a charging bovine (bull, cow or steer) or by a herd of stampeding horses, wild or runaway station-wagon horses
  • Have to use the bathroom
  • Have a heart attack or stroke or seizure (can be an epileptic seizure
  • Discover his opponent is a sheriff
  • Discover his opponent is Chuck Norris
  • Specific to cowboys, I'd guess they'd hate to be wrestling around and then someone plays the theme song to "Brokeback Mountain" on the jukebox.
  • Find out too late that he forgot to bring his gun.
  • He would hate if his gun jammed, if he shot his friend, or if he got shot first. Back then the equivalent to jam is a bullet misfire since there were revolvers and not pistols, but definitely having the other one draw faster and not miss is the most a cowboy could hate.
  • Be charged at by a bull.
  • Not have his gun.
  • Die

What does co mean in a domain name?

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What is jointwire dot com?

The Deal on

Okay so it's actually not real...

It's a fake website where they just take random users from Tumblr and say "-------: Another Tumblr User Exposed... and people supposedly comment on it and say wow... WHAT A LOSER. the pictures are hilarious. But you know it's fake because it's happened to a lot of Tumblr users and it's the exact same comments and description of how it's " a hilarious tumblr of someone who doesnt have a life and blah blah blah..." if someone on Tumblr sends you a message saying "hey people exposed/talking garbage about you just thought id tell you"... then BE HAPPY that your blog is good enough to be exposed to other fake websites.

What is the meaning of the name Hiller?

Hiller means that it is very cold with lots of scattered winds.

What does the 'm' before www dot yahoo dot com represent?

Yahoo is testing a new home page and users are being randomly assigned to it

Yahoo testing for new home page for mobile users and m denotes mobile.

What are some last names meaning light?

A few last names meaning "light" include Dalca (Romanian), Leggièri (Italian), Lichtenberg (German) and Tinker (English).

Can carillon be a name?

Yes, my first name is actually Carillon! I was named after my grandmother. I've never met another Carillon other than us though. :)

How do you get rid of

Remove, without anti virus.

First and foremost, for non-technical people. This virus can be removed with Malwarebytes. Just install it and disconnect your internet and run the malwarebytes.

Here is an alternate and very quick method to remove this adware.

This an earlier version of Adware with new website links. Earlier it used to open and now it opens the following


and maybe others ...

Removal Method:

FOR Windows Vista ...

Go to C: drive. Click on RECYCLER folder, you will find 6-7 several folders with numbers on it. check every folder and you will find nissan.exe in one of those. Even if you try deleting the file it will not let you.

Here come the tricky part ...

Open up task manager and minimize it ...

Go to run ... type "regedit" and you will enter your registry editor ...

1. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

2. Click on Winlogon and see on the right hand screen ... you will find Shell ...

3. Restore you task manager.

3a. Right click on "explorer.exe" and End Process [your folders and desktop in the background will disappear but dont worry]

4. Come to Registry by pressing Alt+Tab. On the right of "Shell" it will say "explorer.exe, C:\RECYCLER [and the folder which contains nissan.exe]".

4a. If you dont find this then find a solution for virus remover. They are both different versions of same virus.

5. right click on shell and click modify.

6. Just keep "explorer.exe" and delete the rest.

7. Now restore the task manager and go to Applications.

8. Go to new task and just type "explorer" and press enter

9. Your desktop will re appear etc.

10. Go to C: drive and then RECYCLER folder and find nissan.exe again and just Shift+Delete it

11. problem solved :)

Yasir Naushahi

What does the suffix be mean on a web address?

I would guess Belgium

.ad Andorra .ae United Arab Afghanistan .ag Antigua and Anguilia .al Albania .amArmenia .an Netherlan Antilles .aoAngola .aq Antarctica .arArgentina .as American Samoa .atAustria .au Australia .aw Azerbaijian .ba Barbados .bd Bangladesh .beBelgium .bf Burkina Faso .bgBulgaria .bh Bahrain .bi Benin .bm Bermuda .bnBrunei Darussalan .bo Bolivia .brBrazil .bs. Bahamas .bt Bouvet Island .bw Belarus .bz Belize Cocos(Keeling)Insland .cfCentral African Republic .cg Congo .chSwitzerland .ci Cote D'Ivoire(Ivory Coast).ck Cook Islands .cl Chile .cmCameron .cn 2China .co Costa Rica .csCzechoslovakia(former) .cu Cuba .cvCape Verde .cx Cristmas Islands .czRepubblica Checa .de Deutchtland - Gibuti .dk Denmark .dmDominica .do Domican Republic .dzAlgeria .ec Ecuador .ee Egypt .eh Western sakara .erEritrea .es España .et Finlandia .fj Fiji .fkFakland Islands(malvinas) .fm Faroe Islands .fr France .gaGabon .gb Great Britain(UK) .gdGrenada .ge Georgia .gf French Guiana .gh Ghana .gi Greenland .gm Gambia .gnGuinea .gp Guadalupe .gq Equatorial Guinea .gr Greece .gs S.Georgia and S.Sandwich .gt Guatemala .gu Guinea-Bissau .gy Guyana .hkHong Kong .hm Heard and Mc Donald Honduras .hr Croatia .htHaiti .hu Hungary .id Ireland .il Israele .inIndia .io British Indian Ocean Iraq .ir Iran .isIceland .it Italy .jm Jordan .jp Japan .keKenia .kg Kyrgyzstan .khCambogia .ki Kiribati .kmComoros .kn Saint Kitts and Nevis .kpKorea(North) .kr Korea(Sud) .kwKuwait .ky Cayman Islands .kzkazakhstan .la Laos .lb Saint LuciaM .li Sri Lanka .lr Liberia .lslesotho .lt lituania .luLuxembourg .lv Lavtia .ly Marocco .mc Monaco .mdMoldova .mg Madagascar .mh Marshall Islands .mk Macedonia .ml Myanmar .mn Mongolia .moMacau .mp Nothern Mariana Islands .mqMartinique .mr Mauritania .msMontserrat .mt Malta .muMauritius .mv Maldives .mwMalawi .mx Mexico .my Monzambique .na Namibia .ncNew Caledonia .ne Niger .nf Norfolk Island .ng Nigeria .ni Netherlands .no Norway .npNepal .nr Naurau .nt Neutral Zone .nu Niue .nz New Zeland(Aoteroa) .om ù

Oman .pa Panama .pe Papua New Guinea .ph Pakistan .pl Poland .pmSt.Pierre and Miquelon .pn Pitcain .prPuerto Rico .pt Portugal .pwPalau .py Paraguay .qa Reunion .ro Romania .ruRussian Federation .rw Rwanda .saSaudi Arabia .sb Solomon Islands .scSeychelles .sd Sudan .se Singapore .sh St. Helena .slSlovenia .sj Svalbard and Jan Mayen Slovak Republic .sl Sierra San Marino .sn Senegal .soSomalia .sr Suriname .st Sao Tome and Principe .su USSR(former) .sv El Salvador .sy Syria .sz Turks and Caico Islands .td French Southern Territories .tgTogo .th Thailandia .tjTajikistan .tk Tokelau .tmTurkmenistan .tn Tunisia .toTonga .tp East Timor .tr Trinidad and Tobago .tv Taiwan .tz Tanzania .uaUkaine .ug Uganda .uk United Kingdom .um Us Minor Outlying Islands .usUnited States .uy Uruguay .uzUzbekistan .va Vatican City States(Holy See).vc Saint Vincent and the Grenadines .veVenezuela .vg Virgin Islands(British).vi Virgin Islands(U.S.) .vn Viet Vanuatu .wf Wallis and Futuna Islands .ws Samoa .ye Mayotte .yu Yugoslavia .zaSouth Africa .zm Zambia .zrZaire .zw us COM US Commercial .edu us EDU US Educational .gov us GOV US Govermment .int US Military .net Non-Profit Organization .arpa Old style Arpanet .nato Nato Field

What is epoch com?

This company engages in fraudulent accessing personal bank accounts

after cancelling site membership.

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Where can I find the country specific domain names for Google like for France and for Poland?

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How do you know if you have A D D?

one question, have you ever been doing something and not been able to account for 15 minutes of time? a serious daydream no matter how hard you try. if you take a 15 minute trip into your own mind then you may have it. if you think it is serious, consult your doctor More input from FAQ Farmers: * History of ADD symptoms in childhood, such as distractibility, short attention span, impulsivity or restlessness. I don't work with problems very well at all. I don't talk out my problems when I have them. I have mood swings alot. I don't like being around people. I never liked getting a job.

What does suffix mil mean in a web address?

.mil indicates a military address issued to the US Dept. of Defense

What is ansers for readworks .org?

Readworks is a tool to help readers in their humanities

What is domain namespace of



for more info

What does .org mean?

The domain name .org is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) of the Domain Name System (DNS) used in the Internet. The name is derived from organization.

This is called a domain "redirect" or "pointer."

A good example is when someone types in and they are "redirected" to The actual ABC News site is a "sub domain" of the Go Network.

The person who owns a domain name can make it point to any other website on the web, and they can either let that new destination "resolve" or show up at the top of your browser or they can "mask" the new URL and just let it show the original address in the browser window.

To find the real URL of any page you are on, just right click and "Open Page in New Window." This will reveal the true location of your current browser window.

org was one of the original top-level domains (the other five being .com .edu .mil and .net, established in January 1985, originally intended for use by organizations that did not meet the requirements for other gTLDs.

So what's the secret of .ORG's success? According to PIR, the growth in .ORG registrations has been driven by trends such as "social networking, issue awareness, online collaboration and advocacy".

(i) the launch of community sites such as; (ii) the increasing number of wikis for collaborative content, made popular by; (iii) the growth in online political organizing.

PIR says that "the individuals and organizations that are precipitating these trends have found a strong sense of community within the .ORG domain. This has fueled the phenomenal growth of not only .ORG domains, but also the quality content and the sense of trust associated with the ".ORG" brand."

  • .com - commercial
  • .org - organizational
  • .edu - educational
  • .mil -military
  • .net - networks
  • .gov - government

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