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How do you get the new wood smell out of dresser drawers?

Try putting dryer sheets in the drawers. Also, fragranced soap bars, or drawer liners work effectively as well.

To eliminate the odor rather than just cover it up, use something like AFM Safecoat. It is a water-based sealant. It will not stain the wood, just cover it with an invisible coating. I would use this on the inside of the drawers and see if that helps. You may need to use two (thin) coats. This will keep the gasses that are causing the odor from escaping from the wood.

By new wood smell, do you mean the chemical off-gassing from the glues in plywood/particle-board furniture? If so, the lighter-weight, but more expensive, real wood dresser might be a better bet. Off-gassing can take a year or more to diminish beyond noticeable smells. This is why the people displaced by Hurricane Katrina who are living in brand new mobile homes now have lung problems.

I have had good luck removing odors with an ozone generator. They are awesome!!

What is an abonnement?

BarkBox is a monthly subscription service of toys, treats, and a chew delivered to your doorstep!




How much weight can queen platform bed drawers handle?

The weight limit of a queen platform bed drawer depends on what the drawer is made from. If it is made from a sturdy wood, it would be able to hold a fair amount of weight, but if it is made from particle board or a cheap material, it will likely not hold much weight at all.

How do you get the new drawer smell out of a dresser?

Put newspaper in the drawer and use fine kitty litter from your local store (the clumping type.)

Do cruise ships have hair dressers or salons on board?

All major cruise ships have a salon and spa on board. You are encouraged to secure your hair & nail appointments the day you get on board. Find out what nights are the formal nights so you can ensure your up-do doesn't get surrendered to the pool the next day. Also, check the cancellation policy for each appointment to make certain you're not billed for a no show. Lastly, never be afraid to bargain with the spa manager. During times the vessel is in port, they are struggling to keep the spa busy. Ask for a percentage off the appointment ... Often they'll take you up on it. Oh, remember, most cruise lines add a 15% service charge to all services, which is NOT gratuity. You should plan to tip above and beyond this amount if the service exceeded you expectations. Happy Sailing!

How do you get an 18-month-old to stop climbing on things that are really high such as head boards on dressers?

He's only 18 months, you should have him in a crib. You should also start thinking about removing these climbable objects. Or you can buy one of those cage things that will prevent the kid to pass it.

How do you remove a dresser drawer?

You pull the drawers out and it's open. THANKS! I was getting desperate.

How do you install hardware on drawers?

You can place Plastic Sheet (Heat Resistant ) in the drawer.Then Install your hardware in there with help of screws. Make sure you make them well ventilated by opening holes in the drawer and placing fans.

Are there any locks available to secure desk drawers?

Depending on the type of drawers you have, locks can be installed. You can also purchase a locking file cabinet if they can't be installed on your desk type. You can get information at

How do you remove a dresser drawer from a broyhill dresser?

There are several drawer guide styles, but the most common one - especially on furniture made more than a few years ago - uses a single track under the center of the drawer. To remove the drawer, pull the drawer out until it stops. Now there are two possibilities. 1. Look under the bottom edge to see if you can see (or feel) either a white 'half moon' stop or a white plastic lever. If you find these, they can be depressed so the drawer can come the rest of the way out. To re-install the drawer, engage the guide on the bottom of the drawer with the guide in the dresser and push the drawer back into the case. You will probably feel some resistance as the drawer passes over the detent. 2. If you don't see any white detent part, grasp the drawer with a hand on each side of the side panels of the drawer close to the front of the case and give it a sharp pull. It should pass over a friction detent and come out of the case. Re-install as above. If your drawer has side guides rather than the center guide, please contact the Broyhill Consumer Center.

How do you remove a dresser drawer with automatic stops?

My dresser has a little drawer stop on the bottom of the metal track that runs along the underside of the midline of each drawer. On mine, I pull the drawer out as far as it will come and then flick a little metal piece to the right, that releases the stop and I can pull the drawer out the rest of the way. I start with the top drawer and bend over to see what I'm doing. (And to remember whether it goes to the right or the left.) After I've got the first one done, it's simple to do the other ones by feeling under the drawer.

Why is a chest of drawers more stable if it's lower drawers are filled?

because it have a more lower centre of gravity. the lower the center of gravity is the more stable the chest of drawers is

How many days do hair dressers work?

the hours are very flexible if your not that busy.

The drawers on your self assembly chest of drawers are not straight any idea why?

If the outer shell of the unit is not square then the runners that the draws are supported on will not be level which may cause this problem. check that the backing on the unit is fitted correctly ie level at top and bottom other wise return the unit to the supplier.

How much does a professional hair dresser make?

Depends on what state, level of, and pricing in the salon. Anywhere from $12,000 to $100,000.

What are these tiny white bugs on your shirts in your dresser drawer?

I think they are larvae of some insect, not necessarily moths. You need to empty the dresser completely, washing all of the clothing and possibly relocate any miscellaneous items. Wipe out the drawers using a mild soap solution and allow to dry.

When this happened to me, it looked like one of my children's macaroni noodle necklaces had finally hatched (after 20 some years!) bugs. Once I did the things above, and tossed the necklace (sigh), the bugs were gone.

Can I buy plans to build a set of chester drawers?

There is no need to purchase chester drawers plans. Many websites such as Wood Working Corner, Fine Wood Working and Do It Yourself offer free and useful plans.

Drawer Pulls?

form_title= Drawer Pulls form_header= Open and close drawers with ease. What color do you want the pulls?*= _ [50] Are your drawers spring loaded?*= () Yes () No () Not Sure How many pulls do you need?*= {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, More than 10}

Do cross-dressers wear bikinis?

Yes, crossdressers love wearing bikinis... one pieces too

Where can an adult cross dresser go to meet other cross dressers?

Google your city (or nearest metropolitan area) and state for crossdresser nightclubs.

Can you use porch paint for indoor dressers?

It will work fine. Porch paint doesn't really know what surface it will be used on. It's durable to wear and normally will adhere very well to concrete or wood, so you shouldn't have a problem using leftover porch paint on an indoor dresser.