A member of the percussion family of instruments, drums come in many forms, from conga drums to timpani. Questions about drums, drum players, and drum music belong here.

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Is drum a noun?

Yes, drum is a noun, a common, singular noun. Drum can also be a verb or an adjective. Examples:

As a noun: My new drum was gift from my brother.

As a verb: It drives me crazy when you drum your fingers on the table.

As an adjective: The drum beat was clearly heard from the back of the orchestra.

How do you tune the congas drums?

There are no universally accepted pitches, scales or intervals used when tuning congas. Each player finds his or her own signature "sound" by listening to the ways more experienced conga drummers tune their instruments (take the time and effort to train your ears to really hear and recognize the sounds) and by exploring the nature of the instrument (by playing it and experimenting with it's tuning). Some players, especially experienced recording percussionists, do tune to specific pitches or key centers (either by ear or using an electronic tuner) and intervals (often combinations of 3rds, 4ths, or even 5ths). But even they have their own favorites. The main goal, though, is to create a "sound" that is true to the nature of the instrument when played using traditional techniques and that work musically within the context in which it is used.

There are, however, some basic procedures and concepts followed by many experienced conga players and recommended by leading manufacturers:

1. Tune congas and bongos in a circular movement around the head. It doesn't matter if you go clockwise or counter clockwise as long as you continue in the same direction as you started.

2. Tune each lug to the same pitch so the drums is in tune with itself. Again, learn to listen to and recognize the sounds.

3. Tune each drum to the note that produces the longest sustain when hitting an open tone and eliminates as much of the overtone ring (the high-pitched, "metallic" sound) as possible. Explore each drum's "nature", it's best and worst pitches.

4. Tune up or down in small to moderate increments.

5. Tune the drum down when finished playing for the day. This greatly extends the life of the head, helps prevent the drum from going out of round and allows you to tune your drum up every time you play so that you get to know it even better.

Does Travis barker use snare wires on his snare drums?

Of course....otherwise it would sound like a high pitched tom.

Are burswood drums stage drums?

If they sound good and are easy to carry around, then it really doesn't matter what brand you get. Hope that helps.

Burswood instruments (including drums) are made in Hong Kong. They are good drums for beginners, but the hardware used in manufacturing won't stand up to a lot of moving or the abuse that gigging will put on them. Better to use these as practice/ learning drums, and take the Pearls or Sonors to the stage.

What was the talking drum made of?

It is made of a tree named padouk . the sound can hear far away. small drum is made of bamboo.

What company has the most airplanes?

American Airlines has the largest aircraft fleet, followed by Southwest Airlines

How would you play drums quietly?

You could use a practice pad which will work just like the drum but with less noise. Or guitar hero pad use it with it on mute turned of and practice. Brushes also work if you are playing with a choir and it makes somewhat of a different noise then when hit with a drumstick but works just as well and makes it quieter.

What are the tabla drums used for?

The Tabla drum is a popular Indian drum used in classical and popular Indian music.

Who invented the drum?

Community Answer 1

Contrary to popular belief, the drum was not invented in Africa. The oldest drums we know of were discovered in the region that would have been ancient Mesopotamia, in what is today's Iraq, and are around 4500 to 8000 years old. These drums were very different from and have almost no relation at all to the modern drum set.


Community Answer 2

Drums were discovered at around the time of 6000 BC. Basically since the dawn of man drums have been used as war signals or for musical, fun purposes.


Community Answer 3

Drums have been around for thousands of years in many different cultures.

Early uses included military use.


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The drum is the oldest instrument. We don't know who created them.

Where can you find backing tracks without drums?

Backing tracks according to your wishes. Various styles, such as musical, country, pop and rock, etc. Any keys, instrumentation and tempo.

What color is a snare drum?

It could be any color. And the material is either some kind of metal or wood.

How do you change the sound of the kettle drum?

a timpani's (kettle drum's) pitch is changed by adjusting a foot peddle, which tightens or loosens the heads

What is the average weight of a marching bass drum?

About 30lbs

The Bass Drums are usually a five piece section, the smallest weighting approximately ten pounds and the largest weighing approximately thirty pounds.

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I've followed the instructions in and it did work well. Hope this help you.

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Mi PC- Propiedades - Avanzadas

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How can you show that a drum skin vibrates?

Cover the drum skin with a thin, even layer of sand, pepper or any suitable powder to hand. Play the drum near the rim and watch the sand gather into a pattern over the whole skin. It should gather into piles where the skin is not vibrating (nodes) and be cleared where it is vibrating the most (antinodes) The pattern will change depending on skin tension and where the skin is being struck. Look up Chladni plates for similar evidence.

What is the hole in the snare drum called?

The hole in the shell is generally termed the air vent.

How much weight can a cajon hold?

A cajon is, in reality, a box (hence the Spanish to English translation, cajon=box). The cajon percussion instrument is designed to be sat on, therefore I wouldn't worry about being too heavy for the instrument. It can hold any-weight person. I wouldn't drive a car over it or anything, however ;D

Are Groove percussion drums decent?

Yes they are very very good drums. Particularly their snares. They make even kid sets. But their travel 4 and 5 piece sets are great professional sets.