Eastern Hemisphere

The half of the earth lying mostly to the east of the Atlantic Ocean, including Europe, Africa, and Asia.

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How many continents make up the Eastern Hemisphere?

There are five continents in the Eastern Hemisphere:






The western third of North Africa is technically in the western hemisphere (west longitude). Only about 25% of the land area of Antarctica is in the western hemisphere.

Is West Virginia in the eastern hemisphere or western hemisphere?

West Virginia is in the United States of America, which is located in the Western Hemisphere.

When it is day in America why is it night in India?

Because they're on different sides of the earth, and only one side at a time can face the sun.

What continents are in both the Eastern and Southern Hemispheres?

Africa, Asia, and Australia are all in the Southern and Eastern Hemispheres.
parts of Africa, Asia and Australia. Australia. Some people call it Oceania.

What are 2 countries in the eastern hemisphere?




The Holy See






What are facts about child labor?

Listed are some quick facts about child labour.

• Globally, 218 million children are child labourers.

• 126 million of these children are engaged in hazardous work.

• 73 million working children are less than 10 years old.

• Every year, 22,000 children die in work-related accidents.

• The largest number of working children-122 million-are in the Asia-Pacific region.

• The highest proportion of working children is in sub-Saharan Africa, where nearly one third of the children aged 14 and under (48 million children) are in the labour force.

• 8.4 million children are trapped in slavery, trafficking, debt bondage, prostitution, pornography and other illicit activities.

• The number of children involved in armed conflicts has increased to about 300,000 over the past decade.

• Between 40 and 50 per cent of all forced labourers are chidren.

• 1.2 million of these children have been trafficked (bought and/or sold).

• Nearly 70% are in agriculture (rural children, especially girls, usually start working in this industry when they are very young, often between 5 and 7 years of age).

• 22% are in services, including wholesale and retail trade, restaurants and hotels, transport, personal services, etc.

• 9% are in industry, including mining and quarrying, manufacturing and construction.

  • In developed countries, more then 16% of the children suffer through child labour in their whole life.

Is the continent of Asia in the Eastern or Western hemisphere?

The vast majority of Asia (99.99%) is in the Eastern Hemisphere. However, there is a small piece of Siberian Russia which crosses over the 180o mark into the Western Hemisphere.

What two continents share the same land mass?

Asia and Europe are on the same land mass. That is the correct answer but Technically North and South America share it too.


Five ? ? ? There are presently 193 members of the United Nations.
Well over 150 of them are in the Eastern hemisphere.

Here are a dozen:

  • Andorra la Vella
  • Vanuatu
  • Myanmar
  • Tuvalu
  • Bhutan
  • Comoros
  • Nepal
  • Mauritius
  • Seychelles
  • Bahrain
  • Maldives
  • The Holy See

Five ? ? ? There are presently 193 members of the United Nations.
Well over 150 of them are in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Here are five:
  • Andorra la Vella
  • Tuvalu
  • Bhutan
  • Vanuatu
  • Myanmar

What are the climate zones for the eastern hemisphere?

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What are Germany's major ports?

Germany's major ports are:

  • Hamburg
  • Bremen
  • Emden
  • Rostock
  • Kiel

In addition there are two important inland ports:

  • Duisburg
  • Ludwigshafen

Which country is 2000 miles from India's eastern border?

"India's eastern border" covers a lot of territory. For example, a straight line from
Madurai in the south up to Haora in the north is a distance of 1,100 miles !

Let's take Madras as a starting point ... just because it's a place that I've heard of
and visited. The country 2,000 miles from there is going to depend significantly on
which direction.

If you're 2,000 miles from Madras, then depending on the direction, you could be
in China, Indonesia, Somalia, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Iran, Turkmenistan,
Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, or Kyrgyzstan.

Which hemisphere has more water the Eastern or the Western?

The Western Hemisphere (west longitude) has more water than the Eastern Hemisphere (east longitude), which has more land area. Asia, most of Europe, most of Africa, Australia, and about 70% of Antarctica comprise the land of the Eastern Hemisphere, compared to two continents (Americas) for the Western. The Eastern and Western hemispheres roughly split the Pacific Ocean, plus the Western Hemisphere contains practically all of the Atlantic Ocean.

The comparison is about the same if the alternate convention is used, in which the eastern hemisphere is defined as between 20°W and 160°E.

(Because of the grouping of the major continents, the southern hemisphere has much more water and the northern hemisphere has much more land.)

Which cities are in the eastern hemisphere?

Tokyo, Japan; Seoul, South Korea; and Cairo, Egypt are major cities in the eastern hemisphere. Other major cities in the eastern hemisphere include London, England; Paris, France; Rome, Italy; and Berlin, Germany.