Questions about the illegal drug MDMA, also known as Ecstasy. Official name: Methylenedioxymethamphetamine.

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Does ecstasy ever expire or go bad?

No, it dose not. Although in time it will become more chalky and the grade of the drug will lower. So basically it wont be as good as it would have been

How long does a ecstasy trip last?

Well it depends on what you take, if you take 2 it would last you about 3 hours . Then after you will just feel different.

Does ecstasy affect your sexual performance?

It can. Most people report that while ecstasy increases the pleasure of sex, it makes it more difficult to achieve orgasm.

What is a blue diamond extacy?

"Blue Diamond" refers to the pill press used to shape the ecstasy powder into a pill. Blue Diamond is generally viewed as one of the strongest makes of ecstasy, but this becomes more and more false as all drugs become less pure over time.

What are the harmful effects of fire?

You could get first, second, and third degree burns; it will be painful; the skin on wherever you got burned will start to peel off, and you might have to loose a limb if the burn is acctually that serious.

(this was written by a 13 year old girl)

Where does an ecstasy pill come from?

From the shady guy at the end of your street.

What are the best ectasy pills in the world?

ladyg blue

i dont know what the best e in the world is but i think that the best e is blue LV's
last time i consumed one and a half of a blue LV and i was rolling so hard and it was amazing
they are bad if you take too many though

How do you get rid of testicular atrophy?

There are only four causes of atrophy: 1. Atrophy caused by DAMAGE. This is NOT fixable.

2. Atrophy caused by a lack of proper environment. Supposedly, damage less than about 20 weeks old can be fixed by removing the problem. The GOOD thing is that the atrophy may be SLOW.

3. Atrophy caused by a lack of hormones, such as LH. Supposedly, damage less than about 20 weeks old can be fixed by removing the problem. The GOOD thing is that the atrophy may be SLOW.

4. Atrophy caused by excess Testosterone. The testis simply shutdown and, over time, may lose the ability to recover. Supposedly, damage less than about 20 weeks old can be fixed by removing the problem. The GOOD thing is that the atrophy may be SLOW.

How much does treatment cost for ecstasy?

treatment? as in rehab? who goes to rehab for ecstacy? anyway, if you do mean rehab the cost shouldn't be related to the drug of choice.

What is the blue transformer extacy pill made of?

Its really impossible to tell. Darker colors are usually contributed into the meth range. Take with care.

What does the drug molly taste like?

bitter and absolutely nasty I always need something to drink with it.. like water or juice ... no coke products

Should you take extasy you have a brain tumor?

Would a human die if they where shot point blank range in the temple?

What is in green extacy pills?

Contents in ecstasy pills vary from pill to pill. There are no chemicals that are defined just by the looks/color. XTC pills can contain MDMA to Methamphetamine or even Heroin and Cocaine.

What are effects of green Mercedes pills?

depends on if they are the same batch as the one on pilreports if they are i heard they where bunk

Will snorting ecstasy get you higher?

It will hit you much faster and harder, but it's effect only last a fraction of the time.

Orally ingesting it, effects usually last 3-6 hours. Snorting may only last 2-3.

Also depends on your tolerance though.

If your looking for a more intense "speedier" high, Snort it.

But if your looking for the longer more detailed high, Ingest it.

What is a triple stack of ecstasy?

there's not such this as (triple stack) dealers say this is a (triple stack) just to sell it but there is dub stack

I don't know who he/she was talking to ^^^ but triple stacks are usually a better high, Doubles usually like singles will give you a bad high. Personal experience aside, Friends are generally happier on a triple.

But to answer your question, Triple stack = 3x mdma from single.


Actually there is such a thing as a triple stack its technically like a dosage of 3 pills in one. I usually always have done triple stacks, ive once gotten quadruple stacks.

Single Stacks - usually smaller in size and thickish

Double Stacks - usually flatter but wider in diameter

Triple Stacks - as wide as a double stack but twice as thick as a single stack

Quadruple - usually very wide and thick like bulky the ones i had looked as if they had a wax overlay to make it shiny usually pills are dull and powdery

PS. ecstasy isn't just MDMA; although MDMA is the active ingredient in e it sometimes doesnt even have MDMA in it. Ecstasy is a pill of mixed compressed drugs. You can get pills with pretty much any drug including LSD, Cocaine(usually if it is white or breaks easily or is snorted smoothly), Heroin(usually the pills with brown specks), Methamphetamines(it might be white or you can feel the high of it), Speed, Crack, Caffiene, 2ci, MDA, MDEA, MMDA, oxy cottin, and pretty much everything. That's why you will experience different highs each time because each pill has different drugs in it. The brand and color usually don't mean anything because you can have a good batch of one kind and then get the same kinda again another time and it be a crappy batch.

Just making that clear.

Can you take extacy while working out?

yeah you could workout but you don't want to stop lol
thats crazy rite.

What are the best extacy pill out?

the best I've ever had are pink playboy bunnies, though red is better if you can get them, and white transformers.

trust me, you'll be tripping for a LONG time :DD

What to drink if im doing extacy?

The best thing to dring when rollin (on ecstasy) is WATER and when you're coming down on it drink sprite or milk to help your stomach. and dont throw up when you're coming down because it'll bring your roll back.

What other names can ecstasy be called?

Beans, X, Bangers

Some have specific designs, one has a dolphin so it's called "Blue Dolphin"

Antoher has a palyboy bunny on it, so it's called "A playboy bunny". Usually beans are named by their design.

"Red Transformer"-

Blue Dolphin-

Why are extacy bad for you?

It Irregulates the seretonin in your mind! seretonin is the good hormones that make you happy you get a big dosage of that and youll not feel the same/depressed for 1-2 days its like steroids