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An election is a modern democratic decision-making process in which people choose an individual to hold public office. Elections are also used in different private and business organizations, voluntary associations and corporations.

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What's on the ballot for today's election?

Nov. 5, 2019 is an election day in many states, and millions of Americans will be directly affected by the outcome of today’s votes. Many voters will be surprised to hear about November elections in an odd-numbered year. Five states—Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, and Virginia—hold elections for state executives and state legislators on odd years for a variety of historical reasons. Kentucky, for instance, has held odd-year elections since 1850 in what was originally...
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What is smallest number of states a candidate needs to win the election?

11 states are sufficient to win the electoral college which requires a simple majority of 270. The fewest states (which would happen to be the most populous) you need are: California - 55 Texas - 38 New York - 29 Florida - 29 Illinois - 20 Pennsylvania - 20 Ohio - 18 Michigan - 16 Georgia - 16 North Carolina - 15 New Jersey - 14 The Democrat candidate could no doubt substitute Virginia (13) for NC, NJ, GA or MI, since Democrats always win 3 votes from DC. ...
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Funny student council slogans?

Say, " Victorias REAL secret ? She votes for (your name)" you can also say " Just do it. Vote for (name) " ...
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Can citizens vote for a monarchy leader?

monarchs pass their crown to next in line so no
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Why is it important to vote?

It's important to vote because we have the right to vote. You should also vote because if you want someone to win an election you might be the deciding vote. If the people who did vote for George W .Bush didn't go and vote for him he might not have become president. That's why it is important to vote. Also if you are 18 or above you are encouraged to go vote. ...
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Which statement most accurately describes a major criticism of the Electoral College system?

it can result in the house of representatives choosing the president
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What does plurality refer to in relation to voting?

Plurality refers to the fact that the candidate with the largest amount of votes wins the election. First-Past-the-Post is a type of plurality voting. ...
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How often are the American presidential elections?

The President and the Vice President of the United States of America are elected together in a Presidential election, these elections are spelled out in the US Constitution. These Presidential elections, in the United States, are held every four years. ...
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Who takes down all the campaign signs on the side of the road after an election?

The responsibility to take down all campaign signs on the side of the road after an election falls to the members of each candidates team. The campaign managers have people assigned to put up and remove the signs. ...
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What is the main purpose of most voting systems?

Voting systems are done in all sorts of things. The most prevelant voting is for elections. The purpose of an election voting is to determine who will run the country. ...
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How do polling companies perform exit polls?

Polling Companies perform exit polls by going to the Polling Stations and asking the voters after they have placed their vote and are exiting the Polling Station exactly how they voted. Warren Mitofsky is said to be the one that invented the exit poll. ...
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Did the electoral votes go to Al gore in Pennsylvania?

Yes. The Al Gore and Joe Lieberman ticket received 2,485,967 votes (50.61%) to George W. Bush and Dick Chaney ticket's 2,281,127 votes (46.44 %) in the 2000 General Election. ...
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How do media and communications affected elections and campaigns?

Media and communications affected elections and campaigns because candidates were able to reach a wider audience. Media and communications also helped by allowing political advertisements to air, which could help change a person's preference. ...
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Why were immigrants not allowed to vote?

Immigrants were not allowed to vote because they were not American citizens. In order to be able to legally vote, you need to be a citizen either naturally or by passing the naturalization test. ...
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Which party was more sucessful in the 1932 elections?

The Democratic Party was more successful in the 1932 election. Franklin D. Roosevelt beat out Republican Herbert Hoover to become the next President of the United States. ...
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How many electoral votes does Illinois have in electoral college?

In the 2012 presidential election, Illinois had 20 electoral votes.
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Can you be 9 to vote in a election?

In the United States, you have to be 18 to vote in the elections.