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The first electric windows were introduced in 1940 as an alternative to the hand-turned windows. These car windows can be lowered and raised by pressing a switch or button. Electric windows are designed for convenience and safety.

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How do you repair window wire harness?

You have a problem in one of two places most likely. The switches contacts get worn most often on the driver side and the switch may need replaced or the motor in the door may need replaced. You would have to pull the door panel off and sometimes these motors are difficult to get out. They usually run 40 to 50 dollars at auto zone. If none of these is the problem try a hammer to the window (just kidding).

the wire harness between the doors/chassis always brakes or craks from opening/closing the doors

I found this link with p/n's and pictures along with instructions that appear to be generic to all types of vehicles.


I've had this problem on a couple of old cars. Believe it or not, my boyfriend simply poured rubbing alcohol on the switch (the one that makes the window go up and down) and the windows worked again. He said it cleaned out the "schmutz." whatever, it worked - and it's a cheap thing to try! No need to remove panels or anything else. You can pry up the switch first and hold it away from the door while pouring if you don't want to spoil the leather or fabric.

On most ford or mercury models if you don't use the window often it will stop working. so all you have to do is guess about were you think the window motor is located and hit the door fairly hard with your hand and it should start working. I used to work at a body shop and I saved probably 100 people money with that little trick.

Hate to say it, but the most likely cause us a worn motor. It will kick the breaker off repeatedly. Remedy is not for the failt of heart, but entirely within the perview of weekend mechanics. Replace the drive motor (and regulator, probably). Get lotsa beer and some sympathetic help.

Its probably your window motor. Too hard for the average person to replace- see a mechanic!

I found mine ('90 626) started shuddering. Obviously a lube problem, my mechanic suggested Graphite Powder. Didn't work. Mechanical Oil worked for less than a week.

what worked was....


Brilliant. Slides like a dream for months!

I don't see this response: I spent a few hours learning the hard way that there is, on some cars, a children's window lock switch in the drivers compartment that cuts off power to the rear windows. You don't say which window don't function or if it will roll up. So - if it is off - you can't roll the back windows. RE: 1988 Ford WAgon

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How do you replace a window motor and regulator on a Ford Windstar?

Photo How-to Guide

Here is how I changed my power window motor and regulator with pictures:

(clickable "Related Link" below)


Sidebar: Let's hear a round of applause for D0gB0one! If you benefit from his how-to guide, recommend him and add a note to this page's Discussion.

Parts prices

Autozone has motors alone $45-75, regulator plus motor combinations are $70

All are remanufactured units

Check the fuses first

1995-1998 Windstar - Engine compartment fusebox / distribution center: fuse letter "G"

1999-2003 Windstar - fuse #'s 106 (passenger side) and 113 (drivers side) in the ENGINE COMPARTMENT fusebox control the power window motors.

The above information was referenced in the respective OWNERS MANUAL.

See "Related Questions" below for more

Stuck Armature Brushes

Make sure the motor is in fact bad... Many times they just stop working because the armature brushes hang up and will not make contact with the motor armature. Sometimes you can slam the car door and this will jar the brushes and they will make contact with the armature. If this doesn't work you will need to remove the door panel and reach inside the door where the window motor is located and tap the electric motor with a small hammer or some other suitable object. While you are tapping the motor have someone hold the window switch in a functioning position, either up or down depending on the position of your window. I have done this many many times and hopefully it will work for you and you will not have to replace the motor. Good luck

***I tried the above tapping the motor suggestion (what did I have to lose--didn't think it could be so simple) and THANK YOU VERY MUCH! It worked for my 2001 Windstar.****

***Ditto!! I tried the tapping on the motor solution and the motor sprang to life! This just saved me anywhere from $70 for motor alone to $150+ to have the motor replaced. Thanks again!!!!!

****Double ditto! The hammer tap worked the trick. Thank you for the very good advice


I just replaced the LF window motor / regulator on our 2001 Windstar.

Here are the basic steps it took me to get the new motor / regulator assembly installed.

NOTE: The window doesn't have to come out for this repair.

Remove inside door panel -

  1. remove plastic corner piece - it snaps out, a clip and tab hold it in place.
  2. remove lock stem.
  3. remove plastic fascia piece around door handle, it also snaps out, single clip and tab.
  4. remove 5 panel screws (7mm), 2 at base, 2 in arm rest, and 1 in upper corner, where the corner piece was.

    The door panel can now be lifted off some plastic molded hooks that hold it on the frame.

    1. there are 3 wiring quick disconnects that need disconnecting from window/lock switches on the arm rest
    2. The courtesy light needs to be rotated out from the panel as well.
  5. As you work the panel loose from the door:
  6. Remove the foam from door frame.
  7. You should also remove the speaker - the hole it vacates is useful for working on the regulator / assembly replacement

Now, the regulator is held in place by 4 rivets and threaded stem & nut and 2 tabs. With the panel and foam removed, you can easily see them. It is also attached by rivets to the window in 2 places at the bottom of the window. And, it is attached to a guide bar across the large opening in the frame.

The guide bar needs to be removed first. Remove the 2 nuts (11mm) that attach it to the frame and it can be worked off the regulator assembly and out of the opening.

Then, The rivets need to be drilled out, the 4 in the door frame and the 2 holding the window to the regulator assembly., the window rivets can be a pita - I used a Dremmel with a cutting wheel. Before starting the rivet removals, I used duct tape to hold the window up in place. But once the guide bar, 4 frame rivets, and stem nut are removed, the whole thing, window and all can be moved up/down in the door frame - and need to be to get at the rivets that attach the window to the regulator assembly. Move the window to a place so that you can get to the attaching rivets, you'll obviously have to loosen the tape to do so but then tape it where it works for getting at the window rivets (the pita part of this job).

Once the window rivets are removed, the regulator assembly can be removed through the large opening in the frame. New one goes in as old came out. Attach window to it - I used nuts/bolts, short enough to ensure there wouldn't be any interference. Not too tight, need the bushings to move as window goes up/down. Now - the new regulator assembly i got was slightly different in that the threaded stem was about 1/2" forward of the old one - so the hole the stem goes through had to be opened up toward the front of the van about 1/2" (turned it into a slot). With some time, a few choice words, and patience, the stem and tabs can be put in place in the frame and the new regulator assembly reattached to the frame. Again, I used nuts/bolts and couldn't replace the 2 inner rivets because of space constraints. I figured that the tabs, stem and 2 that I could replace could do the job of holding it in place.

Then, replace things as they came off. Don't for get the courtesy light and quick connects!

I've had to replace both assemblies and I was informed of a shortcut (after my first replacement job) that allows the replacement without having to remove the rivets...

once you have the door cover and foam removed look for two small divets/dents located in the area of the four rivets. Once you locate them drill them out with at least a 1/2" drill bit. Right behind the new holes are the two nuts holding the regulator in place. remove the two nuts and remove the regulator then reverse the procedure to put the new regulator in place.

Removing the door panel is the easy part. A redesign of the regulator means that a new motor will not fit on the old original 2001 regulator. Not only are the mounting holes different but so is the electrical connector. You could perhaps find an old motor at the junk yard but it will most likely fail just like the original design. There are six rivets. Two hold the window to the regulator and four hold the regulator to the door. The new regulator requires you enlarge one of the mounting holes. The difficult part for me was the window being riveted to the regulator. I did not want to drill out the rivets on the window and did not have a rivet gun that could handle a 1/4" rivet. Most homeowner rivet guns are for 3/16" and smaller rivets. The door rivets can be replaced with short 1/4" bolts. After many hours and hassles with wrong parts I opted to take the vehicle to an auto glass business and gave them a new regulator/motor assembly ($87 from Ford). Depending on how nice the glass people are it is still cheaper than having Ford do it. If you have the correct tools and rivets plus don't mind working with the glass it can be done at home.


I just removed mine by drilling 1/2" holes in the metal door over the two 5/16" nuts that hold the gear assembly to the regulator(there were dimples in the door above each nut). That allowed me to remove those two nuts. Then the third fastener was a bolt that projected through the door, which could be removed with a 5/32" socket on the torx type bolt head.Once those three nuts were removed the gear assembly fell away from the regulator without having to touch the glass or remove the regulator.

First you remove the back window corner panel. It pulls right off. Then you pop off the black cover from around the handle. There is a screw on the top holding the panel on , remove screw and remove the screws at the bottom of the panel and lift off panel. Roll plastic down. Drill out the 3 rivets holding the motor in place and remove bolts to swing motor to opening. Install in reverse order .Bolt new motor in place. Be careful with spring inside door can cut you use gloves, and watch out for window track, it locks into place.


Remove the door panel first,and the inside cover you'l see three pilote holes drill these out with a 1/2 inch bit this will expose the three small bolts holding the motor remove them with a small ratchet unplug the motor and replace.

How to check...

To check the motor remove the door trim panel, disconnect electrical connector at motor, using a test light put one end of light into one side of connector and other end into other side of connector, (install light in place of motor), activate window up/down switch, if light illuminates change the motor, if not you have a wiring problem.

I am having the same problem as you are with my 95 Windstar but my windows work intermitantly. First thing I would do is check the fuses. There are separate fuses for driver and passenger windows. If this isn't the problem then I would check the relays for the windows. They might be sticking or something. You can buy new ones from NAPA for about $7 each.

I personally try the cheap approach first. If this isn't the answer, then get a tester and see if you have power to the window motor. If you do have power when the door switch is activated, then you have a bad motor. I would then recommend that a dealer replace because glass breaks easily.

Also Try this!!!

Stuck Armature Brushes

Make sure the motor is in fact bad... Many times they just stop working because the armature brushes hang up and will not make contact with the motor armature. Sometimes you can slam the car door and this will jar the brushes and they will make contact with the armature. If this doesn't work you will need to remove the door panel and reach inside the door where the window motor is located and tap the electric motor with a small hammer or some other suitable object. While you are tapping the motor have someone hold the window switch in a functioning position, either up or down depending on the position of your window. I have done this many many times and hopefully it will work for you and you will not have to replace the motor. Good luck

Stuck Armature Brushes

Make sure the motor is in fact bad... Many times they just stop working because the armature brushes hang up and will not make contact with the motor armature. Sometimes you can slam the car door and this will jar the brushes and they will make contact with the armature. If this doesn't work you will need to remove the door panel and reach inside the door where the window motor is located and tap the electric motor with a small hammer or some other suitable object. While you are tapping the motor have someone hold the window switch in a functioning position, either up or down depending on the position of your window. I have done this many many times and hopefully it will work for you and you will not have to replace the motor. Good luck

Remove the door trim panel. Pull off plastic cover. Unplug the regulator. Position glass by hand until you can remove rivets from door glass. Tilt glass and lift out. Drill out all the rivets holding the regulator in. Remove regulator. Install new regulator. Rivet new regulator. Reinstall glass. Rivet glass to regulator. Plug in regulator.


I have a 1995 Windstar and the passenger power window kept getting stuck and wouldn't come down for weeks at a time,then it would work. I pulled off the door panel there are 1 or 2 screws by the arm rest you need to unscrew,then pull off the electrical connector for the power mirror,locks and window.first check if you have power to the switch with a test light,if yes then switch looks ok,then pull off the connector to the power motor ,put the window switch back together.if test light goes on at the connector when you press the power window switch,power is making it to the motor.To remove the motor you have to drill out the rivets that hold the motor to the door,remove the connector then to replace you have to drill out the rivet holes to a larger size cause you have to replace them with bolts to put the nw motor in. BEFORE YOU REMOVE THE OLD MOTOR try hitting the old motor with a hammer not very hard to damage but give it a good hit,because some times the gears bind and that's why the power window doesn't work even when you have power to the motor. It's a pain in the @#$# to change that motor,the the hammer first. I chg the motor then afterward found out the motor was still good. The gears were binding that's why the window would work sometimes and sometimes not. See "Related Questions" below for more

TAke it to a garage and have them do a wet and dry compression test on it and listen for unusual noises.

Worked for me on 1999 Windstar, Thanks!

Just want to say thanks to all for posting the detailed instructions! I generally limit repairs to things I can do with a can of spray lube and an adjustable wrench. What I feared might blow my whole Sunday afternoon was done in under an hour to reinstall ( i.e. after I determined it was the motor, and had the partl). Wife was totally impressed!

$61 US for full motor-regulator assembly at Advanced Auto in Arlington, VA.

I followed the written and the images shown at


Thanks for taking the time to add detail

Excellent suggestion to NOT remove the channel connected to the window, but rather bend the small metal stops and sliding the nylon rollers out. With this method, you'll need to do the same to remove the channel from the new regulator / motor before installing. This is basically a good 'dry run' for what you need to do for the existing channel inside the door.

I had some trouble sliding the existing nylon rollers out of the window channel because there was a small screw from the nylon clamp holding the window. A slight pry with a screwdriver got it past. The replacement nylon slides are much narrower (perhaps for this reason) and insert easily without hitting this screw.

Duct tape was also a great idea. My window was stuck in the up position. During the install, I needed to lower to about ½ way down get the new motor to line up with the holes and everything put together and tested. Duct tape made this easy to adjust and avoided the need to have a 3rd hand, which was not readily available.

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How do you repair power windows?

First check fuse. Then check switch by test light with power on this will mean if there is power to the swtch if not check wiring. if there is power in the wire. then replace switch. Then check wires. By volt meter. If wire damage repair or re place wire.

A common problem with a Lincoln Towne Car is the gear inside the power window motor fails. The sound that it normally makes when this problem exists is "Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, etc." when the switch is used in both directions. The gear will need to be replaced.

Check the wire harness for cracks in between the door opening, with time it brakes from closing/opening doors

Pour rubbing alcohol on the switch. It cleans the shumtz out and sometimes works.

Nervous about using rubbing alcohol? Try some contact cleaner (check Radio Shack). It won't fog styrene plastics like alcohol will.

With the key -off- (no power), spray the cleaner into the switch (careful of splashing in the eyes) and work the switch a bunch of times.

For the shade tree mechanic there is a heat sensitive circuit breaker in the motor that fails more often than the motor. Jump it out and put an external self resetting 10a breaker in the motor line

A method that somtimes works when you have a bad conecction is slamming the door. It is useful for when you need to close the window eg so people cannot break into your car. Not exactly a long term solution though.

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Where are the fuses for the power windows on a Windstar?

Front Windowss

1995-1998 Windstar - Engine compartment fusebox / distribution center: fuse letter "G"

1999-2003 Windstar - fuse #'s 106 (passenger side) and 113 (drivers side) in the ENGINE COMPARTMENT fusebox control the power window motors.

Rear Windows

1995-1998 Windstar - ?

1999-2003 Windstar - fuse #'s 18 in the PASSENGER - INSIDE fusebox control the power window motors.

The owner's manual identifies 2 fuses, #34 for the drivers side, #40 for the passenger's side. The Fuse panel is located under the dash, driver's side, close to the side wall. Squeeze the fuse cover plate to remove it and use the fuse puller on the underside of the fuse cover plate to remove the fuse. #34 and #40 are 30 amp fuzes and adjacent to each other

TIP: don't focus just on the word "Power" when looking through the fuse charts! In 2002, the book doesn't use that word - "LH Window Motor" and "RHF Window Motor" are what I found. Fuse numbers #106 and 113 in the "Power Distribution" box in the engine compartment.

There is extensive coverage of fuses and the circuits each one protects in the Owners Manual.

See "Related Questions" below for sources of free online Owners Manuals for 1996+ Ford & Mercury products.

See "Related Questions" below for more about Windstar power windows
Under the hood in the power distribution box.

Electric Windows

Were is the fuse for the electric windows on a suzuki swift gls?

I have the exact same problem, i can find all the other fuses except the windows one. Mine are not working so im assuming its either the fuse or the motor. But it would help if i could find the fuse lol! I'm just about to cut some plastic up to put over the window cause its starting to rain! im sorry this isn't an answer but just in case you found out can you please keep me updated via this ! :]

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How much does it cost to install a doorbell?

It depends on what kind of doorbell system you plan to install. If you are replacing one of the same type, it may be easily done following the instructions. A handyman or electrician could be hired to install it if you are uncomfortable with managing electrical wiring and that would probably cost under $100 for the trip charge and up to an hour of labor.

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How do you reset a car-lok anti theft system?

Depends on the vehicle and manufacturer. On GM Passlock, you have to wait about 10 minutes for the system to automatically reset before you try it with the key again.

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Can a regular electric cord be connected to an electric box so it works with a wall switch?

I would venture to say that almost all electrical codes would prohibit you from doing this, though technically possible. A cord-connected lamp is designed to be portable and typical lamp cord is not permitted to be used for a permanent connection. Removal of a cord-plug "disconnecting means" could also void the safety certification of the lamp (if any), making it more difficult to collect on fire insurance.

Instead you should have an electrician add a switched outlet and plug the lamp cord into it. Not only is this up to electrical code, but is more versatile in the long run should you or someone else need to change out the lamp. Be aware that code now requires certain locations to have a GFCI for an outlet and most GFCI-integral outlets cannot be installed on a switch, so it would have to be a GFCI breaker on the circuit.

Alternatively, your electrician can find a similar light fixture designed for permanent installation and wire that to the switch, with or without the switched outlet, possibly using "surface raceway". Without the outlet, no GFCI is required.

Addressing some concerns it is capable to switch a GFCI outlet if the correct type is used and more of a concern than adding a GFCI is adding a combination arc-fault circuit breaker especially for use with lamp cords. If you decide on the second route of a surface raceway to a switch it is still recommended to add either a AFCI breaker or a GFCI breaker depending on conditions of installation. the most recent code changes to the NEC require that almost every outlet circuit (lighting or receptacle) be protected by either an AFCI or GFCI.

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How do you fix an electronic window that will not go all the way up?

See related links for complete step-by-step instructions (with photos) on how to remove a door panel and complete step-by-step instructions (with photos) on how to test a power window motor to determine whether the problem is in the motor/regulator or the switch/wiring.

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How do you repair the power windows of a 94 Intrepid?

I found the easiest thing to do when having power window problems was to change the window motor(I have changed 3 out of 4 on my 94 intrepid).This is actually quite easy to do as long as you take the time to ensure you have removed all the screws on the interior door panel and be carefull when you take the trim off as the speaker wiring and the wires for the locks and windows will still be attached. good luck

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How To

How to diagnose and repair a power window that won't work on a Taurus - Sable?

Same on my 97. You'll need about 2-hours, a Phillip's a flat, and an 6 or 8mm (I think) socket/ratchet.

  • Pull the driver's door panel.
    • Start with the little panel behind the inside door handle--pry out gently from the top, slide it to the right, and pull it out.
    • Remove the screw at the bottom of the door handle--it's probably full of dirt and crud and whatever else has accumulated in there over the years.
    • Now comes the fun part--pry off the door panel. Most of it can be pulled by hand, but you've got to pull!
  • Next carefully remove the wire connectors--push in the tab, pull apart the connector.
  • Now use a meter to ensure the window switch works. Check for power at the connector.

If the switch works and you've got power - you probably got a bad window motor.

I think it was 3 or 4 small bolts and a wire connector (don't forget the tab!). Came out easy.

A new/rebuilt motor is about $75--or if you're a tightwad like me and need the jaws of life to open my wallet, pull the motor out of one of the back doors and drive on.

See "Related Questions" and "Related Links" for more information

Remove the door panel. Which involves removing all the screws on pull items plus pushed in retainer items to get to the window motor.

NOTE: Check the motor supply voltages with a voltmeter to be sure they are there when you try to operate the window up or down.

The plus and minus is reversed to make it go up and down.

The switches are prone to fail or loose connection before the motor goes bad.

There is a heat fuse circuit breaker inside the motor that fails most often. You can take it apart and repair it rather than install a new motor. Or jumper across it and install a fuse holder in the supply line inside the car for easy replacement later. get a new window switch

There are other fuses in line with the window motors supply. Locate and check those fuses.

if the other windows work it could be a broken wire where the wires go from the door to the dash

You need to drill out the rivets and have a rivet tool to install a new window not to hard to do if you got the proper tools

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How do you remove a 1993 Toyota Camry rear door panel to check the power window motor?

Door Panel Removalok, here we go. first, open the rear door. then look at the window switch. put a small screw driver in from the front and it comes out. Disconnect the window switch. There should be a Phillips screw under there, unscrew it. there are 2 small Phillips screws on the bottom of the panel, unscrew them. now there are 2 small plastic clips on the rear of the panel. push the center of them and pull them out from the ends. to reinstall them, pull the center out again more than they were, put in the slot and push the small button till flush. now there are afew white clips inside the panel. you need a "crows foot" or a simple strong flathead screwdriver. put it between the panel and the metal of the door and start prying little by little going aroung from right under where the 2 plastic clips were. then once all the clips are disconnected, push the panel up. now you will need a 10mm socket and ratchet to remove the gold screws. good luck.

You will most likely need to replace any plastic fasteners as these tend to break even when removing them carefully. These 'plastic clips' are not expensive and can be found at any Toyota dealership.


There is a procedure to remove the front interior door panel on a 1996 Camry with photos at this URL. The 1992 - 1996 Camry's are the same, so this procedure will work on the 1993 Camry too. It shoud be very similar for the rear door. The hardest part is removing the bezel. Once you know how, though, it is not too hard. No need to break anything. You can paste this URL into your web browser or click on the Related links below. Good Luck!


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How do you repair a power window on a 1992 Toyota Camry?

I have a 1993 Camry and I had to remove the door panel and replace the window regulator motor and assembly. It is on about 5 screws to remove the assembly.. ~ 30 minutes work after the door panel is removed.

If you don't know how to remove the inside door panel, this link is very helpful:


In addition to the advice at the above site, I found another trick to removing the trim around the inside door handle. The above article refers to putting a screwdriver UNDER the door handle and pushing down ... to release a "secret latch". That's the first step. The second step (which is not in the article) is to insert the scredriver ABOVE the door handle ... vertically above the spot in the above article. Then gently press the screwdriver handle down. With the screwdriver acting as a lever, the tip of the screwdriver will push UP on the top part of the trim. That will lift the trim up off a small pin on the handle mechanism. With both the bottom and top of the trim piece now "unlatched", slide the trim toward the back of the car, while you open the inside door handle (as mentioned in the article). The trim will come right off. Be sure to slide the trim toward the back of the car, as you move the trim away from the door panel. (There is a "hooked" piece of plastic on the back of that trim that prevents you from just pulling it out perpendicular to the door panel.) 'Hope these fine points help.

PS. My 1996 Camry had 2 screws on the bottom of the door that also were holding the interior door panel in place. That wasn�t in the article.

For a 92 rear door, the following is what I found/did:To remove the inside door panel, you need to look for 4 buttons on side edges - push in on the center and use a small screwdriver to pull out the plug. When replacing, pull the center out, insert the outer part and then push the inner part back. you need to remove 2 screws that are in the door pull part - one has a small cover you need to remove. Use a screwdriver at the top and bottom of the window switch to pry it out and disconnect the power cord from the switch. Remove the trim around the door handle, by inserting a screwdriver at the pivot point above the handle to pop the trim off the handle,and then repeat below the pivot point as noted above. There are 3 pieces at the bottom of the door that are glued to the panel and hooked over plastic knobs inside the door. I pulled on the bottom of the door and accidentally broke those free from the panel - but used adhesive caulk to reglue when I replaced it. They were installed so you would have to pull the panel down to disengage, but the top requires pulling up - not sure how to do that right. Then pull the door panel up to free it from where it hangs over into the window opening at the top.

In addition on the power window. The motor for the power window might not be broken at all check the fuse under the steerin wheel. You would have to remove the panel under the steerin wheel. It has about 6 screws to it. All the screws are 10 mm socket, and 2 Philip screws. Remove the ashtray on the right and there are fuses behind that too. There you'll find the radio and clock fuses too. The power window and lock is the 30 amp fuse (pink) you can get that at any auto part store. Hope this help you out.

My 92 Camry had two windows go out because the cable that pulled the window up broke. A common occurrence, I've been told. That required replacing the power window motor assembly.

Electric Windows
Honda Odyssey

How do you repair power window Honda odyessey?

Electric Windows
Car Fuses and Wiring

What would cause multiple fuses to blow?

A fuse always blows for excessive current. Either the device it is protecting is going bad and drawing excessive current, or you have a short in the wiring (or device).

Are you using the right value of fuse ? If this involves your brake lights or turn signals, it could be the bulb itself. Quite often the filaments short internally inside the bulb when they blow, and short the brake wiring to the turn signal wiring. Check for a bulb with a white residue inside it. If you find one, replace it. It will probably have two contacts in the base, one for each filament.

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How do you replace the window regulator on a Toyota Previa?

I drove one about 600k. They do not usually go bad. Once the door panel is removed, there is about 4 bolts holding an "x" type assembly(heavy metal old style regulator used by many manufacturers, including GM). Motor itself can fail, and is attached by a couple of screws, and is in a black plastic enclosure(replace the whole plastic assembly). If you live in the snow belt, and you try to lower the window when it is still stuck to the rubber moulding, it will strip out a few teeth, and will not go all the way up. Usually about an inch still open. One cure for this is to remove the "x" assembly, and take it to a weld shop. They can braze you a couple of spot drops in place of missing teeth. Basically a couple of drops of weld. You can then file them down to look like the rest of the teeth on the assembly. Grease all the teeth real well, and you will be in good shape for many years. More than likely, your problem is the latter.

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How can you fix a driver's side door window yourself?

how do you change out the left back door window in a 1989 Toyota corolla?

Electric Windows

Driver side power window is not working properly is there a site that can show you how to do this?

Here are complete step-by-step instructions (with photos) on how to remove a door panel:



Here are complete step-by-step instructions (with photos) on how to test a power window motor to determine whether

the problem is in the motor/regulator or the switch/wiring


Electric Windows
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How do you fix an electric window that won't go up?

First make sure that the fuses are all OK. Then check the window relays. Then check to see if the other windows move up-down. If they do then the problem is with that window only.

It could be the motor is jammed. A jammed motor can somtimes be enticed to work by holding the window switch in the up mode while slamming the door. It could be the control switch is dirty. It could be that you have to take the door panel off and check to see what is binding the lift mechanism. Many such motors have a thermal cutout when they can't close the window they tend to overheat and then disconnect - cutout. It may be that it is opened.

If the car is older there is more dirt accumulated at the control switches. You may have to take that apart or off and buy some CONTACT cleaner or tuner cleaner from Radio Shack or somewhere and spray INTO the switches while moving the switches.

It is also possible that one of the control wires fell off - highly unlikely but possible.

I would go to the library and borrow a book on how to remove the door panel.

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How do you fix a driver's side window that has slipped off the track and how do you get the manual window crank off?

the window handle is held on with a c shaped ring that is placed on the handle then pushed onto a splined rod with a recess in it to hold it on there is a tool for this but usually it can be pushed off the handle with a screw driver placed between the door panel and the handle the hard part is seeing it to push on one or both ends of the "c" ring to reinstall you simply put it on first then push it in as for the window falling off you won't know what caused it till you get a look at it

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Should you get checked if you get electrocuted by a wall socket?

There is probably no need. If you suffer no prolonged pain or other symptoms, you should be fine.

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How do you re-install the power window assembly on a 1994 Dodge Intrepid?

You don't - The window attaches to the track with a high temperature compound that has to be done at the dealer.

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How do you fix an interior lamp that remains on all the time?

It's possible that this is due to a faulty time delay switch

It could be a shorted wire. Some companies use low side switching. If the wire that is being switched by the door pin gets shorted to ground you will never be able to turn off the inside light. Good luck.

NewDon't forget the obvious...Check that the switch isn't in the "ON" position by placing it in the "DOOR" or "OFF" position...BB
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How do you repair a power window that will not roll up?

Here are complete step-by-step instructions (with photos) on how to remove a door panel:


Here are complete step-by-step instructions (with photos) on how to test a power window motor to determine whether the problem is in the motor/regulator or the switch/wiring


I've fixed a couple - all on GM products.

You have to first find the source of the problem - there are about 4 possible sources: (not given in any particular order)

A) no power (+12V) to any of the power windows. The easy one here is from a fuse - check that first. Could also come from the wiring between the fuses and the main switch (located in the driver's door). Haven't run into this yet, but it's possible.

B) Bad switch. If a passenger window is the problem, there are 2 switches involved - the 'master' and the 'passenger' switch. If the driver's window works OK, it may be the passenger switch. Usually, playing with a bad switch will get the window to work - a little bit.

C) Bad motor. Had one of these. After replacing a switch didn't solve the problem, replaced the motor w/ built in gearing. (In hindsight, the tired motor may have damaged the switch, since the switch appeared to have overheated contacts.) The window would go down, almost all the time; but it wouldn't go up. Pulling the glass up by hand, and waiting between attempts, would eventually get the window closed (not something to do in a rainstorm!). The motor would run, kinda, but didn't have enough umph to raise the window. I bought an aftermarket replacement for about 1/2 of the dealer part price. I found that I did NOT need to do all the teardown (this on a 96 Astro van) the factory repair manual said! Just drill out the old rivets, unhook the electrical connector, (after removing interior door panel, etc.)connect the new motor, and bolt the new motor in place. Note that you'll need to get the window glass most if not all of the way up (somehow) to do this.

D) Wiring problem between the switch & motor - had some of this with an 85 Suburban. Check for this, before replacing the motor. Wiggle the wiring / connectors while attempting to operate - if something happens, inspect wires / connectors closely.

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How do you replace a power window motor on a 1991 Ford Explorer?

This is a work in progress - replacing rear passenger side window regulator with broken cable on '91 Ford Explorer:

Caution: Expect the entire exercise to take the larger part of your weekend.

Remove all interior door handles, trim, plastic backing and speakers; remove all exterior trim including the rubber gaskets, small rear window section and window guides. If you do not how to get here, I suggest that you do not attempt this task because it is probably beyond your capability. No insult intended, Ford made it rather difficult to perform the next step.

Remove window: drill out aluminum rivets attaching the window mounting bracket to the slide. This is a rather difficult task if you do not have acordless drill and several small (1/16) drill bits. Drill a series of holes in the aluminum material of the rivet (the center is a relatively hard steel shank used to expand the rivet on the inside). Punch out the stem, break apart the rivet remnants and extract pieces. Do the other one. Have someone hold the window or use the window suction cup holder to keep it fro crashing down. Carefuly extract the window.

Remove rivets holding the bottom of the slide rail the same general way as above.

Remove three rivets holding the motor bracket to the interior door skin (same as above).

Disconnect the motor connector

Remove two nuts holding the upper end of the window slide.

Extract the slide and the motor through the rear inside opening in the inside door skin.

As they say. reassembly is a reverse process of disassembly. Use 1/4"-20 0.5" bolts/flat washers/lockwashers/nuts to replace the infernal rivets. Make sure you lubricate the slides, cables and all moving paqrts with (???? - non-hardening grease). Test everything, align if necessary before closing up the door.


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