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Questions about Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game and other novels in the same series (such as Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide, etc.). Also the place for questions about the Shadow series (Ender's Shadow, etc.), which are parallel to the Ender series, in the same reality, or "Enderverse," but which don't involve Ender as a main character.

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Is Enders game good?

Ender's Game is definitely a good book, but it has a few negatives: it has some inappropriate elements in it and several bad words. Another thing is that about half of the book is Graff and Ender, or some other people, talking about the war, which I found a little long and boring. But it is a good book. Very well written and it has a good storyline.

Does ender die at the end of enders game?

No - Ender does not die at the end of "Ender's Game". He survives to go with the first wave of colonists who are heading out to colonize all the worlds previously occupied by the Formics. He suffers death, of a sort, in one of the later books of the Enders quartet.

In Ender's Game what is the significance of the bugger egg?

The Bugger egg is the last surviving member of the Bugger race (also known as Formics) after Ender unwittingly commits xenocide and kills off the entire race. So the egg is that race's last hope. Plus, Ender, being guilty about what he's done, carries the egg as a sort of redemption.

What is the main theme of Ender's Shadow?

The book is basicly telling us how Bean grew up and got into Battle School becoming Ender's strategist

How is the problem solved in the book Ender's Game?

By Ender destroying all the aliens on their homeworld and every where else. He thought it was a game.

The ultimate problem -- Ender's guilt in destroying the alien race -- was resolved at the end of the novel and in its sequel, Speaker for the Dead. In order for Ender to really know his enemies well enough to defeat them, he inevitably had to come to love them. For this reason, he understands the buggers' intentions better than anyone else on Earth and is left with immense guilt in for destroying them (despite the fact that he didn't realize it was real). He becomes the anonymous Speaker for the Dead and reveals the true nature of the buggers to humanity (ironically damning himself as "Ender the Xenocide" in the eyes of the human race), and he's given a chance to rebuild the alien race he thought he had wiped out entirely when he finds a last hive queen egg.

How did the teachers in Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game manipulate Ender?

Ender's teachers used a computer program called 'the mind game' which generated environments and scenarios based on Ender's thoughts which Ender spends his free time interacting with. His teachers also manipulate him in the later stages of his time at Battle School by telling him that he is moving on to a new practice battle system with his peers, when in fact they are actually commanding real fleets against the buggers. Eventually the computer game from Battle school becomes self-aware and obtains an aiua of its own and becomes the entity called Jane which exists in the ansible networks and becomes a companion of Ender. Also Ender finds out how the teachers manipulated him and is profoundly shaken by his knowledge that he comitted xenocide which leads him to write his books and become a speaker for the dead.

Who does ender kill in ender's game?

bonzo madrid


Bonzo Madrid and Stilson are killed by Ender (unintentionally) in Ender's Game. Ender is tricked by Hyrum Graff and Mazer Rackham into killing the entire species known as the Formics or 'buggers'.

In ender game How did Ender provoke Bonzo?

Ender did not deliberately provoke Bonzo, but he still managed to do so by offending Bonzo's excessive sense of "honor". When he actually saved Bonzo from defeat in battle by taking superior tactical action despite Bonzo's instructions that he remain inactive, Bonzo took it as an affront to his honor to be shown to be in error and require the help of someone he had discounted and sought to marginalize.

In Ender's Game how did ender get his name?

When Ender was little, his sister Valintine couldn't pronounce the name Andrew, so she called him Ender. And the name stuck.

Setting of Ender's Game?

First it is set on Earth, then Ender goes out to to Battle School in the Belt. After that he goes back to Earth, then back to battle school, then on to Command School on Eros. Later, he leaves for the bugger planet.

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What is the theme of Ender's Game?


Here are some ideas:

Games, the relationship between adults and children, compassion, ruthlessness, and Humanity.

What are the three themes in 'Ender's Game' by Orson Scott Card?

the theme of isolation, theme of good and evil, and use historical context such as when referring to the Warsaw pact and demosthenes.

Who are the important characters of Enders's game?

The most important characters in Ender's Game are:

- Andrew "Ender" Wiggin

- Valentine Wiggin

- Peter Wiggin

- Colonel Hyrum Graff

- Mazer Rackham

When does the setting of Ender's Game take place?

It is not stated exactly when it takes place, but it is known that it is in the future, probably the twenty-first century.

Ender's Game-What valuable skill does Petra teach Ender?

She teache him how to steady his aim in order to hit moving targets accurately from a distance between a tenth of a second and half a second.

What instructions does bonzo give ender concerning battles?

Not to fire his gun. Not to participate in the battle.

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How does the bugger war happen - enders game?

The Buggers fly in from space and start attacking the humans

What is the name of the author that wrote the sci-fi novel Ender's Game?

The 1985 novel, "Ender's Game," was written by Orson Scott Card.

What does the quote perhaps it is impossible to wear an identity without becoming what you pretend to be mean?

The quote means that whilst someone can take on an identity, they will start to behave so much like it, that their mind will adapt to the identity and start actually bacoming it.

What is the plot of Ender's Shadow Chapter 1?

The book opens in the Netherlands, in Rotterdam, and a street urchin named Poke sees what she thinks is a two year old who is starving, but who hasn't given in to death. She can tell he is thinking, and trying to figure things out. She has a crew that she is trying to keep alive, and doesn't want him... says he isn't worth a bean.

The starving child has been observing the streets, trying to figure out why people are doing the things they are doing, and letting himself starve until he figures it out. He makes his move now, and comes up with an idea of how to keep her crew alive and safe without having to pay tributes of food to other starvelings that come along. She realizes that it might be a good idea, and actually give her crew a chance to survive long term, so she feeds him a few peanuts, and her crew decide he is worth one bean, which then becomes his name.

The crew tries his idea and they attack a bully, but the bully is really smart and it works out differently than they expected. The bully, Achilles, takes over the group by getting to know them and sharing some food with them. The chapter ends there, with Bean worried about whether the new crew boss will kill him.

Can you talk about the violence in Ender's Game?

Well, there is bullying directed toward Ender from Ender's brother, and from kids at school, and from kids in battle school.

Ender defends himself and kills two people. Both of the deaths are accidental, but are very violent on purpose. Ender knows that if he only lightly wounds either enemy that they will turn around and hurt him again... so much that his life would be in danger.

There is a lot of violence against aliens as well, although Ender doesn't know that it is real. He is just trying to win the game.