English Alphabet History

The English alphabet history traces its root back to fifth-century Anglo-Saxon runes and Latin alphabets. The combination of the two evolved into the current 26 letters of the English alphabet.

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English Alphabet History

What is the dot above the lowercase 'i' and 'j' called?

My friend, you are in for a treat: That tiny little dot is, I kid you not, called a tittle. It comes from the Latin word titulus, which means inscription or heading. The humble tittle started off as a larger mark in 11th century Latin manuscripts, helping to differentiate the letters, and shrunk to the dot we know and love with the invention of typeface in the 1400s.

The word is seldom used today, which is a real shame, but it does have ties to the phrase "to a T"—it started off as "to a tittle." I don't know about you, but I think we should bring it back.

English Alphabet History

What is the meaning of each alphabet of love?

  • A- Adoring
  • B- Bride
  • C- Caring
  • D- Darling
  • E- Elegant
  • F- First sight
  • G- Groom
  • H- Happiness
  • I- I love you sayings
  • J- Joking
  • K- kissing
  • L- LOVE
  • M- Making out
  • N- Never Apart
  • O- Only one
  • P- Poems
  • Q- Quietness
  • R- Romance
  • S- Sex
  • T- True Love
  • U- Universal
  • V- Violin music
  • W- Wild
  • X- eXotic
  • Y- You're the One
  • Z- Zany
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Alphabet History
English Alphabet History

In what country was footballl invented?

If your mean Soccer:

England invented a game of running around kicking a ball in the mid-19th century (although the Chinese claim to have played a version centuries earlier). They called it “football,” not because the ball is played with the feet, but because the game is played on foot rather on horseback.

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English Alphabet History

What are the alphabet backwards?

This is easy, you just say it backwards:


Or in non caps: zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba.

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English Alphabet History

What capital letters look the same in the mirror?

  • A
  • H
  • I
  • M
  • O
  • T
  • U
  • V
  • W
  • X
  • Y
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English Alphabet History

What is orthographic alphabet?

Orthographic means a method of representing the sounds of a language by written or printed symbols, such as a letter or a book or the ancient writings of Egypt as found on ancient tombs or buildings.

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Alphabet History
English Alphabet History

Which alphabet letter is a part of a face?


English Alphabet History

Which letter of the alphabet has the most water?


English Alphabet History

What is imagery in poetry?

Imagery in poetry is what the words of the poem make the reader 'see' in their imagination. it is the colors, sounds, and sometimes feelings evoked by the poem.

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English Alphabet History

Which alphabet letter is a question?

Y do U ask?


the answer is (h) ok!

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English Language
English Alphabet History

Which is the hottest letter in the English alphabet?

T might be 'ot, but 'L might be 'otter.

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English Alphabet History

What letters of the alphabet have right angles?


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English Alphabet History

When did the letter p enter the English alphabet?

All letters of the English version of the Latin alphabet entered at the same time, except for J, U, and W.

English Alphabet History
Vowel Sounds

Is the letter y in happy a vowel or consonant?

It is a vowel.

Sometimes, the letter y is a consonant, and other times it is a vowel. The rule for telling the two apart is simple: The letter y is a consonant when it is the first letter of a syllable that has more than one letter. If y is anywhere else in the syllable, it is a vowel.

English Alphabet History

When was the alphabet song written?

The theme of the song was used by Mozart as early as 1781 for his piano variations on the French folk song "Ah, vous dirai-je, Maman" which dates to before 1761. This tune is the same used for "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star".

The first copyrighted version of the ABC song was published in 1835 by Charles Bradlee of Boston. Its long title was "The A.B.C., a German air with variations for the flute with an easy accompaniment for the piano forte."

English Alphabet History

The ninth word in the phenetic alphabet?

sorry if u thought that was right but I is actually India... go onto google and type in phenetic alphabet. India is I.

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English Alphabet History
The Difference Between

What is the difference between a certified letter and a registered letter?

AnswerCertified letters travel with regular mail; you get a receipt "certifying" that you sent it, along with tracking which shows it has been delivered. If you also purchase the "return receipt" (the little green card they attach) you will not receive a physical article saying your item has been delivered. Most people get the "return receipt" at small additional cost. "Return receipt" isn't necessary unless you are unable to enter the tracking number online.

"Certified" is cheaper than a "registered letter", which travels outside the regular mail flow, it is signed for and individually handled at every stop in the process. It therefore takes more time to be delivered and is more expensive. Because it is considered more secure, valuables are often sent "registered" rather than "certified." If lost, there is a "log book" record of the travels of the registered letter (or package) at every stop, making recovery more likely.

Certified mail is not insured unless you buy extra insurance from the post office at additional cost. Registered mail is insured up to $25,000, or more with the purchase of additional insurance.

A "certified" letter will be delivered to anyone at a particular address if they sign for it (a secretary at an office, for instance), but a "restricted certified letter" will be delivered only to the person whose name appears on the envelope.

The legal system: courts, lawyers, etc. generally use certified mail with return receipt to prove that their documents were both mailed - and received.

Regular first class mail is the cheapest, followed by "certified", with "registered" being the most expensive.

English Alphabet History

What letter in the Alphabet is always waiting in order?


English Alphabet History
Family Feud

Something people alphabetize?









address books

English Alphabet History

What is the most beautiful letter in the alphabet?

M ; K and F

English Alphabet History
APA Format
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Would a real narcissist tell you that you could do better than to be with them?

Narcissists continually test their companions/mates/spouses - "If she knows my true character will she abandon me"? It would be a mistake to attribute this kind of behavior to altruistic motives. From my experience with an N, they would never say that anyone is better than them. It is probably just a trick to get supply out of you, make you feel sorry for him, because believe me, they don't think anyone is better than them. Yes, to manipulate you.

English Alphabet History
English to Greek

How do you say music in Greek using the English alphabet?

You say: musiki (μουσική).

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English Alphabet History

What does the literary term 'remote setting' mean?

It means that it is far away. Perhaps in some foreign country.

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English Alphabet History

What do these letters represent O B A F G K M N?

OBAFGKMN represents the spectral types of stars in order as seen on the Hertzsprung Russell Diagram.

A common mnemonic device for this is: Oh Be A Fine Girl Kiss Me Now.

They stand for the diffrent classes of stars. They are put in these classes depending on what color they are and how hot they are.

The letters refer to how prominently hydrogen is visible in a stars spectrum. It originally existed on a full scale: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNO

As the physics of stars became better understood, many of the letters (CDEL) were rendered obsolete and it was realised that very hot stars have less prominent hydrogen lines, so that the order was re-arranged with O (no lines) then B before AFGKMN.

The reasons for O and B at the top is that in hot stars the Hydrogen becomes ionised which gives a different set of characteristic lines.

As such, they are now in order of overall surface temperature (and color), from white-blue stars more than 33,000K, down to red N class, at less than 3,500K.

Also, as long as we talk about main sequence stars, stars in their main stage of life, it generally indicates size as well, with O class stars being the largest (50+ solar masses) to N being the smallest (0.5 solar masses or less)

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English Alphabet History

What are the importance of computer in business?

it has an efficient and effective control over human error.it saves a lot of time. it also serves as a useful tool for fast communication through e-mails, chatting etc,.it is possible to calculate or summarize quantitative information.


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