English Bull Terriers

Originating from England in the early 1800s, the English Bull Terrier was first bred for dog fighting. Despite its original function and its muscular appearance, this breed is friendly, playful and is commonly kept as an affectionate pet. This category contains information relating to this breed's temperament, appearance, etc.

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What age should you stop breeding bull terriers?

No female should be bred more than three times in her life, if any breeder does their only in it for the money.

A male can breed regularly for his whole life, although it is not suggested over the age of seven.

How do you make the bull terriers ears stick up?

Assuming you're asking about a puppy's ears, there are different ways of getting its ears to stand up and you should ask your breeder or veterinarian to show you the techniques.

Done incorrectly, you can permanently damage the puppy's ears.

What is bull dogged determination?

A "bulldogged determination" refers to one who is adamant about something; it has to deal with the tenacious, often stubborn, dog breed known as the bulldog. There is also a book by this title, written by Rick Gettle.

How long until English bull terrier stops growing?

A Bull Terrier can grow till about 2 years old but its usually in mass rather than height.

How much should an English bull terrier sleep?

It all depends on the dog. If it has a healthy lifestyle it should sleep when the lights are out, as you go to bed. They may also sleep in the day if content.

Are Dandie Dinmont terriers aggressive?

Properly socialized, no.

All terriers CAN be nippy, its in their nature.

Is a male American staffordshire terrier mean?

sometimes yes and sometimes no it depends where you get them and how you and the breeder are you should always get them as a puppy and start training early

remember always be nice!


What is a good companion for a Bull terrier?

human, they prefer to be with people, will tolerate other dogs, but are a peoples dog.

What age do you neuter English bull terrier?

the recommended age for a dog to be neutered is 12 months+ but some vets do it at a younger age. depends on who you go to.

Araby suggests what?

Araby, as in the old twenties song, The Sheik of Araby, refers to the land that is now Saudi Arabia

Why does your dog's skin on his underbelly turn bright red?

Reasons For A Dog's Underbelly Skin To Be Bright Red:
  • when my dog gets runnin around and gets hot she gets like a heat rash kinda on her chest and it turns red...
  • My dog had the same thing and it was an allergy to and we changed the dog's shampoo and diet among some other changes and it cleared up.
  • Use a good brand of dog shampoo with oatmeal in it and wash your dog, giving the dog a good rub-down at the same time for approx. five to ten minutes then rinse well. If the rash continues then see your vet. Animals can be like humans and have sensitive skin or an allergy.
  • Many dogs have allergies, to all sorts of things. Allergies begin in the gut, (yes, all of them) so try Canine Enteric Formula, a supplement, you should be able to get it at a holistic pharmacy or online. I was amazed how much it helped my dog. I used it for about a year then didn't need it again and the allergies (bright pick skin, all over, and itching) did not come back.

What does an English bull terrier mixed with chihuahua look like?

I'm a vet and I can say that I was there when the bull/chihuahua pups came out. Personally I think they look like turd, BUT you can look them up on google images if you really want to see... :)

How do you feed two-week-old mice with no mother?

A 2 week old mouse is still considered a baby - however properly determining the age of a mouse is easy. If the mouse has hair it can usually feed itself. Place food on the floor of the cage to allow easy access. Offer both hard, and soft food (soak hard food in water to make it soft) also keep food in the cage at all times along with water. If the mouse can not eat on its own get some kitten milk from a petstore, warm small portions of it and try feeding it with a dropper usually if they are over a week old they can lick the milk, try place a very small ammount of the milk in the cage be sure its not enough for it to drown! Make a nest for the mouse by tearing a dry papertowl up and placing it in the cage in a pile so the mouse can burrow and stay warm and feel safe.

AnswerA few days ago we got an orphan mouse. We feed the mouse every 2 hours with cow's milk and we warmed it with deluded water and fed it with a medicine dropper. That was our last resort because every pet store was closed. We finally got to a pet store that opened and got kitten formula. We drop the milk on our hands and the mouse licks it up. The mouse has no fur yet and it's eyes are shut. It's very spunky, and it loves snuggling into my hands. When we are not holding her in our hands, we put her in a shoe box with socks and toilet paper. We also have a light over her, but we leave a shady spot...just incase she gets too warm. Hope this helped!!!


If you are sure that it is two weeks old, feed it seeds. I took care of a two week old mouse, and I feed it seeds. It would be about the time that the mother would be feeding it seeds.

How do you stop Bull terriers from eating stones?

The show Dog Whisperer had an episode about a dog who had an obsession with eating rocks. That will give you an idea of what to do.

English bull terrier vs Siberian husky?

Bull Terrier:

- Good Guards

- Affecctionate to their family

- Hostile/ignorant of strangers

- Must be socialized with other dogs when young

- Can be trained easily with a strict owner


- TERRIBLE guards!

- Loving to family

- May or may not acknowledge strangers

- Friendly to other dogs (Husks are pack dogs)

- Wilful and stubborn, often have no recall

Is there a breed of pit bull terriers named gator pit?

No. The American Pit Bull Terrier is a breed and the "Gator pit" or "gator mouth pit" is a term used by back yard breeders to sell puppies. There are two bloodlines of APBT that could be considered "gator". Those are CH Crenshaw's Gator ROM and CH Plumber's Alligator POR. Don't buy from anyone who's saying their dog is a Texas Red Nose, Gator pit, Gator mouth pit, "rare" blue, or a lock jaw pit. To be safe, anyone looking for pups should shy away from someone breeding very young dogs, having many litters, breeding for a specific trait (size, color, pedigree, ect), and anyone who can't get basic things right. It is an American Pit Bull Terrier. Not a pitt bull, American Pitt Bull, or a Pitt Bull Terrier. If someone ever says they have "rare" blue dogs they are full of it. That is the most over bred color there is. Red nose/blue nose/black nose doesn't mean anything. That is decided by the level of pigment in the dog's skin. It has nothing to do with the quality of the dog. And there is no brendle or tigger stripe pitt bull.

Here are the pedigrees on those two legit "gator" dogs I had mentioned before.

CH Crenshaw's Gator ROM -

CH Plumber's Alligator POR -

Hello, great answer about the gator bloodline. There is so much confusion about the colors of pitbulls that´s not even funny.

As for Gator pits you might want to check out this breeder in Russia as well:


Also visit: http:/



Enjoyed the information about the gator bulls. But, the erroneous nature of the comment about there being no brindle (not spelled "brendle") pit bulls leaves the rest of the information suspect.

There are indeed brindle pit bulls, just as there are brindle Great Danes, brindle English bull dogs, and brindle bull terriers, which is the preferred coloration. If you look into your history of APBs, at the turn of the 20th century, or early 1900s, in the America of that time you will find that pitts were referred to as Tiger Dogs (for their coloring) and "The Babysitter" (for their gentle, reliable, protective nature with children).

We have lived with pits (or bulls or bully dogs--not pittys, for goodness sakes!) for more than 30 years. Our first wonderful girl was a purebred brindle Kozminski APB who was with us for 12 years. She was highly intelligent, reliable, and protective. She raised 5 children for me. I could never have asked for a better nanny.



Oh I know there are brindles. I own three brindle APBT and a brindle Cane Corso. lol. I was just saying not to buy from people who advertise using terms like that. Of course there are red nosed dogs too. It's just a byb selling point IMO. I see ads all the time for "brendle pittbulls" or "tiger stripe pittbulls" and to me, anything like that should be a big red flag. If someone doesn't even know the color of their dog or how to spell the breed name (or at least abbreviate it right. APBT for example) they have NO business breeding dogs.