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What does the British phrase to be seconded mean?

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To be seconded means to be loaned from one organization to another or from one part of a business to another
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What are 5 words that begin with post?

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The following are some of the words that begin with "post": postage postal poster postmodern postmortem
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Should Aramaic replace English as the international language?

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Not very many people speak Aramaic ... so, no.
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Does office is closed in preparation for holiday party make sense?

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Yes as above and also not the best idea to advertise to the public you are too busy to deal with them because you want to party-more info than they need. Just post a sign stating holiday hours closing early and time etc
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Does this Cambridge book exist in the world?

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Tell us the name of the book, or at least what it's about, and we'll try to help you find it.
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How can I get better grades on my English class?

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Read! What interests you? Fiction? News? History? Religion? Something else? Read something (besides FB!) every day. Keep a book in your pocket or bag so that you can read whenever you have the chance. Read fiction. Read about religion. Read the newspaper. Read aloud to children. Try reading out loud when you're alone. When you're reading for practice, don't bother to look up the meanings of words. You'll understand the meanings of many words without having to look them up, and you'll enjoy reading more as it gets easier. Secondly, write! One of the best ways of improving your writing is to keep a notebook with you and write whenever you're waiting for something. You can write about school, work, history, religion, sports, or anything else that interests you. Try writing in a small notebook when you're waiting for something. Describe the places and people around you. Describe your feelings, wishes, fears, dreams. I personally like reading and writing stories when I don't have work to do. Give it a try! It's like swimming: the more time you spend doing it, the easier and more enjoyable it will becocme.