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English to Finnish refers to the process of translating words from English to Finnish. A person wanting to learn the Finnish language may use the β€œFinnish-English Dictionary (Hippocrene Concise)” by Aino Wuolle.

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How do you say 'i will miss you' in finnish?

Very formal: "tulen ikävöimään sinua"

"Minulle tulee ikävä sinua", but as only the news reader speaks like that, in spoken Finnish it is

"mulle tulee ikävä sua" or

"mun tulee ikävä sua", doesn't really matter which.

How do you say Miss you too in finnish?

"Minullakin on ikävä sinua" would be a standard language phrase. A spoken language phrase could be for example "mullakin on sua ikävä".

This kind of a conversation

1: I miss you

2: Miss you too

would be in a standard Finnish

1: Minulla on ikävä sinua / Ikävöin sinua

2: Minullakin on sinua ikävä / Minäkin ikävöin sinua

and in the spoken Finnish

1: Mulla on sua ikävä

2: Mullakin sua

How do you say 'I miss you' in Finnish?

It would be "Minulla on ikävä sinua" in Finnish.

How do you say 'goodbye and take care' in Finnish?

"Näkemiin ja voi hyvin." Or "Näkemiin ja pidä huolta itsestäsi."

The first sounds more natural, but both are usable.

How do you say never give up in Finnish?

"Never give up" is "älä koskaan Anna periksi" in Finnish.

How do you say I am cold in Finnish?

"Olen kylmä" (Means more like I am a cold person)

"Minulla on kylmä" (Means I am cold, as in "I am not wearing enough clothes, therefore I am cold.")

How do you say 'best wishes' in Finnish?

"Parhain terveisin" is one of the most common ways to say it. The literal meaning is "best regards".

How do you say I can't wait to see you in Finnish?

I can't wait to see you could be like "En voi odottaa että näen sinut", but we usually use also the word "En malta odottaa että näen sinut".

Thank you very much in finnish?

Kiitos paljon = Thank you very much / Thanks a lot

Paljon kiitoksia = "Many thanks" literally, as in German: "Vielen Dank"

The latter one should be used in a more formal situation, but there's no significant difference between the two phrases.

What does Nokia mean in Finnish?

Nokia is a town and a municipality in Finland, but the word itself doesn't mean anything in Finnish.

What is the Finnish word for hello?

There are several ways:


Hyvää päivää




On the Telephone it's "Haloo"
Hei, moro, moi, terve (there are many more but those are very common)

On the phone: Haloo

How do you say greetings in Finnish?

Greetings is tervehdys or just terve in Finnish.

But if you're saying greetings from then it's terveisiä lta/ltä. Lta/ltä are suffixes that denote from.

How do you say 'How are you' in Finnish?

The most formal way to say "How are you" in Finnish is Mitä (sinulle) kuuluu? ['sinulle' is often omitted]

answer: Hyvää (minulle) kuuluu, kiitos = I'm fine, thanks.

Huonoa (minulle) kuuluu = I'm bad lol

If you want to ask how someone is feeling right now, then it's Miten (sinä) voit?

answer: hyvin (good) or huonosti (bad)

Miten menee? (a bit less formal)

answer: Hyvin menee = I'm doing well

Huonosti menee = doing not so well

Kuis hurisee (sinulla) ? ['sinulla' is most of times omitted]

(very informal)

answer: Hyvin (hurisee) = im fine

Huonosti (hurisee) = im bad

Puhekieli: most of times you'll hear things like sulle or sulla which is really same as sinulleor sinulla but in spoken language (puhekieli).



To ask in turn 'And you ?/What about you ?' you can ask:

Entä sinulle/sinulla ?

How to choose the right one ? The right one is that used in the question, with Mitä kuuluu ? you'll answer Entä sinulle?

Mitäs sinä?

Used mostly in circle of friends or by acquaintance. This one is more like saying 'sup in English.

Usually answered: "Ei mitään". Meaning: "Nothing special".

How are you doing? (More of a greeting-type)

Kuis menee? (NOTE: Contains slang: Kuis is equal to Kuinka, but it sounds much better this way)