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Translating English words into French. How you say and spell English language words and phrases in the French language.

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How would you say Teresa in French?

Teresa is related to the French first name "Thérèse", but French people surely would use it as it is.

What is 'Would you like to dance with me' when translated from English to French?

Formal: Est-ce que vous voulez danser avec moi? / Voudriez-vous danser avec moi?

Informal: Est-ce que tu veux danser avec moi? / Voudrais-tu danser avec moi?

Street talk(Formal): Vous voulez danser avec moi?

Street talk(Informal): Tu veux danser avec moi?

What is the French word for beginning?

To begin is commencer in French. The beginning is 'le commencement' or 'le début'

What is the French word for engineer?

An engineer is "un ingénieur" (masc.) in French.

What is 'Pas de question' when translated from French to English?

Pas de question in French is "No question" if the speaker has nothing to ask and "No more questions?" if the phrase ends in a question mark in French.

What does the name veronica mean in french?

Véronique is the French spelling of Veronica

How do you say math teacher in french?

professeur de math

professeur de mathématique

How do you say tall and thin in french?

Tall and thin is 'grand et mince' in French. The feminine is 'grande et mince'

How do you write private in French?

private (adjective related to 'privacy') is spelled "privé, privée" in French. Private (meaning a soldier) is translated 'un soldat' in French.

Translate the french les noces into English?

les noces means "the weddings" in English. If you want to say "the wedding", it would be la noce.

Is sunglasses in french male or female?

Sunglasses (lunettes de soleil) are feminine in French.

How do you spell will you marry me in french?

You can spell veux-tu m'épouser in french for the English phrase will you marry me?