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What is the Korean Japanese and Chinese translation of Joanna April in writings or symbols or letters?


ジョアンナ = Joanna

エイプリル = April (Eipuriru)

ジョアンナエイプリル (shigatsu) (Tsuki)


四月 (Sì yuè) (si4 yue4) 艾谱莉

乔安娜 (Qiáo ān nà)


월 1 일 (aeipuril) [éiprəl] 조앤나에푸릴

What is 'I love you' in Korean?

There are a few different ways to express "I love you" in Korean. Some common ways are:

  • 사랑해(saranghae)- used for younger people or people of the same age
  • 사랑해요(saranghaeyo)- more polite option
  • 사랑합니다 (saranghamnida)- quite formal; used for people of a higher status

If you'd like to hear a native speaker's pronunciation of these words, see the related links below.

What does the Korean name yuni mean?

written younghi and spoken "yuni" it means swimming girl

What is the Korean word for Pride?

Pride in Korean is 자존심 (ja-jon-shim)

or 자만심(ja-man-shim)too actually

How do you write Connor in Korean?

The name Connor is코너 (koneo) in Korean. The pronunciation is roughlylike "con-naw".

How do you say good night everyone in Korean?

"Good night everyone" would be 다들 잘자요. (dah dool jal jah yoh) so basically if you translate it right in what it says it's basically 'everyone, Good night."

How do you say father and mother in Korean?

Father - 아버지 - ah buh ji

아빠 - appa [Informal]

Mother - 어머니 - uh muh ni

엄마 - umma

"Better speak it in formal form."

How do you say give me in Korean?

if you're talking to adults/ people older than you, say 'joo-sae-yo'

if you're talking to younger children say 'jo'

How do you say good night in Korean?

"Good night" in Korean would depend on who you were talking to:

To adults you would say 안녕히주무세요 (annyeong hee jumuseyo).

But if you were talking to your friend you would say 잘자 (jalja).

What are the English song titles used in Korean drama All About Eve?

Here you go!

1. True Love (Main Theme) - 핑클 / Finkl

2. 지금처럼만 (진선미 [Jin Sun Mi] Theme) - 미나 / Mina

3. 두고온 슬픔 (Sad Theme 1) - 박희수 / Park Hee Soo

4. 사랑을 전하는 마음으로 (형철 사랑의 Theme) - 박희수 / Park Hee Soo

5. Road Runner (허영미 Theme) - Hip Pocket

6. Falling In Love - 미나 / Mina

7. 두고봐 - 미나 / Mina

8. Watching You - 미나 / Mina

9. After (Instrumental)

10. Somewhere (Instrumental)

Hope this helps!! Also, if you are just now watching All About Eve there are a ton of recent K dramas (really good ones) that just came out. Of course you can check out wiki drama and a new resource that I just found with comprehensive info is enjoy!

How do you say doing nothing in Korean?

"doing nothing" translates to, "amu-gut-do-ahn-heh" (아무것도안해) in Korean.

Actually means I'm doing nothing.

Can you translate Claire into Korean name?

I'm not sure but I can try..

I think it's 크레? Keu-le

Keu as in curler and le as in lair

How do you say hi in Korean?

Formal: 안녕하세요 /an-niyong-ha-say-yo/

Informal: 안녕 /an-niyong/

Ahhn niyong ha say yo.


Ahhn niyong.

you could pronounce it like "onion" if it helps you because an-niyoung and onion sound similar